Zelote 5500 Review 2019

In the world of gaming peripherals, most products usually fall into one of two categories: expensive gaming gear, and their alternatives, for gamers that operate on a tight budget. The former usually features high-quality components and a carefully thought-out design which provides an enjoyable experience to the user. Meanwhile, the cheaper variants of peripherals usually have to cut some corners in order to provide maximum functionality to the user while also minimizing costs, both in terms of manufacturing and final sale price. As a result, cheaper products either tend to die faster, or simply don’t offer the amenities that are common in medium to high-end peripherals.

However, in a world where gaming as a competitive and very lucrative industry is growing at a faster rate than ever before, do users really need to spend a ton of money on pricey equipment in order to outmatch the competition? There are quite a few companies around the world that have dedicated their trade to creating the very best peripherals at the lowest possible price, so that gamers can get their hands on quality equipment without having to break the bank. Needless to say, Zelotes is one of such organizations, and the Pro Gaming Mouse is their proposal to thousands of gamers in need of an inexpensive quality mouse to complement their natural talents.

That being said, can the Pro Gaming Mouse actually stand tall against its high-end competitors? We’re skeptical to believe that it can actually fare well against the competition. However, for that price, if it can actually provide a decent gaming experience, we will be thrilled to have it as a temporary replacement in case our main mouse suddenly expires. But let’s go over our criteria for judging such mice before we get into our Zelotes Pro Gaming Mouse Review.​

What We Looked For In The Zelotes 5500 USB Pro

In order to provide objective and unbiased reviews on all the products that come into our hands, we need to adhere to a certain set of standards. That’s why, in most of our reviews, you may notice that we judge our gaming mice based on specific features including, but not limited to a number of additional buttons, the quality of the mouse’s sensor, the aesthetic design, and the overall comfort and ergonomics during use. Some mice might feature other important aspects that will be mentioned in the review proper. However, the specifications mentioned above are the most common in gaming mice, and thus will be held in higher regard than others at the moment of creating this review.

As far as these aspects are concerned, the Zelotes Pro Gaming Mouse is a mixed package. On one hand, we have the very comfortable form factor which, for the price of the mouse, makes it a complete godsend to operate, even through the longest gaming sessions. On the other hand, the lack of customization options (this is a Plug N’ Play peripheral with no drivers in existence, after all), coupled with a worse-than-average tracking sensor can complicate making precise moves, especially after taking the mouse out of standby.

In any case, let’s give this mouse the benefit of the doubt and get started with our Zelotes Pro Gaming Mouse review.​

Zelotes 5500 USB Pro Product Overview

Similarly to most low-end gaming mice, the Pro Gaming Mouse comes in an unimpressive package, consisting of a soft cardboard box that’s mostly black, with orange lettering and Zelote’s fiery logo proudly displayed on the front of the container. Unlike its expensive cousins, this mouse doesn’t include any type of accessories, booklets, or informational pamphlets of any kind. Upon opening the box, we’re presented with only the mouse which, admittedly, is somewhat cool, considering that the booklets and other addendums usually end up in the trash or gathering dust inside the box for years on end.

Upon laying eyes on the mouse for the first time, we’re immediately drawn into its form factor, which features individual grooves on its body to accommodate every finger of the user. Despite not looking like it, the grip of the Pro Gaming Mouse is somewhat similar to Razer’s Naga, in that the fingers fit neatly into each groove, providing a comfortable palm grip with plenty of control and with nary a sign of fatigue even after hours of usage. The mouse is completely made out of plastic, with the notable exception of the thumb rest, which features a rubberized coating to promote a better grip. The fact that only the thumb rest features this rubbery coating just makes us wish that the mouse had it in other places, such as the pinky and ring finger rests, in order to create an even better grip.​

The Pro Gaming Mouse features only a few additional buttons, specifically 4, of which all are configured to perform certain functions and none of them are reprogrammable out of the box. Granted, the lack of customization options can really limit your enjoyment of this mouse, so users are encouraged to download third party software that will allow them to re-bind the functions of each button and bring out the true potential of the peripheral. But I digress; the buttons located above the thumb rest are mapped by default to the “back” and “forward” functions of your browser. Meanwhile, the button located just beside the left click is used as an alternative method of double clicking, which makes navigating through the folders of your browser a breeze. The last additional button can be found just behind the scroll wheel, and it can be used to cycle between the available sensitivity levels of the mouse, all of which come with a different LED lighting scheme.

The sensor installed in this mouse is by far its most notable weakness. It seems that, in order to create an affordable peripheral, the guys at Zelotes actually tried to cut corners on one of the most important parts of the mouse; the sensor. It’s not that it’s actually bad; the mouse can actually track hand inputs with great precision, even at high sensitivity levels. The main problem originates when waking the mouse from standby mode. After 30 seconds or so of inactivity, it seems that the Pro Gaming Mouse’s sensor actually shuts down, which leads to a slight delay in output when operating the mouse straight out of standby. This fatal flaw won’t do much harm in regular usage, but during gameplay, it can definitely make the difference between defeating your target or failing miserably. We have to admit that if this mouse wasn’t actually marketed as a gaming peripheral, we’d have no trouble with this issue. But since we’re talking about a product that’s supposedly meant to be used by pro gamers, we definitely can’t let it slide. One last tidbit about the sensor is that it can be cycled through 5 levels of sensitivity, from as low as 1000 CPI to the maximum of 5500 CPI. This range of sensitivity makes the Pro Gaming Mouse ideal for all types of gaming genres; from the slow-paced grand strategy games to fast-paced RTS and MOBAs.​

Zelotes 5500 USB Pro Pros And Cons


  • Very cheap, ideal as a backup mouse in case your main peripheral dies unexpectedly
  • Highly adjustable levels of sensitivity
  • Impressively comfortable form factor


  • The sensor has a slight delay after coming out from standby mode
  • Non-customizable illumination settings
  • Requires the use of third-party software to reprogram its additional buttons

Final Verdict On The Zelotes 5500 USB Pro

As a gaming mouse, we’re inclined to downvote the Zelotes Pro Gaming Mouse to oblivion. However, considering that this is a peripheral that is very inexpensive, we can actually recommend it as a backup mouse. The fact that it’s so darn comfortable to use only serves to further improve the appeal of this mouse.

Bottom line, don’t get this mouse for gaming; get it because it’s cheap, comfortable and would make for a great temporary replacement in case your main decides to have a heart attack in the middle of the game.​

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