Xbox Elite Series 2 Is The Perfect Controller

When it comes to game controllers, personal preference plays a huge part in choosing the right accessory for the job. You either like the way a controller feels in your hands, or you don’t. However, so-called ‘pro-controllers’ are relatively easy to form an opinion on by answering the question of what they offer on top of regular controllers. Suffice to say, the Xbox Elite Series 2-controller offers quite a lot of extra functionality, but it does come with a hefty price tag.

The user-friendliness that comes with years of fine-tuning the DualShock-controllers, the simplicity of the SNES-controller, the layout of the Xbox One-sticks or the added functionality of the VMU-display in the clunky Dreamcast-controller: everyone has their own favorite controller. If you’re a fan of the Xbox One-controller, the Elite Series 2 can easily be classified as a must-have, if you’re able to shelve out the 180 bucks to purchase one of course.

The first Xbox Elite-controller already was one of the most premium controllers ever made. Not only did the controller fit snugly in most hands, but it also offered heaps of extra options, like pedals on the backside and analog sticks that could be replaced. Microsoft has listened to the feedback from its users: the Elite Series 2 does a better job at everything that was well received with the first version and adds some great new features on top. You can tweak almost everything to ensure you get your preferenced amount of accuracy, speed, rigidity on the sticks and response time on the triggers.

The four pedals

The most eye-catching part of the Xbox Elite Series 2 is the removable pedals and analog sticks, which were already a part of the original Elite-controller. The Elite Series 2 comes with four pedals that can be placed on the back of the controller with a satisfying click. The controller comes with easy to use software for your Xbox One or pc where you can assign buttons or combinations of button presses to the pedals. This gives you quite the advantage in genres like shooters and fighters, even though it takes some getting used to having four extra inputs at your disposal. It’s worth mentioning you don’t have to use all four pedals; even assigning a function to one of them is a possibility.

The layout of the Elite Series 2 has also changed. The pedals are a bit smaller than on the original Elite-controller, which is especially noticeable when participating in longer, continuous gaming sessions. With the original Elite, during long sessions, you sometimes would have trouble holding the controller in a way that would avoid pressing one of the pedals by accident. Thanks to the smaller pedals, this is a thing of the past. Longer sessions are now also more carefree thanks to the bigger battery, which lasts an impressive forty hours. These are big improvements for gamers that really want to sink their teeth in games.

Replaceable sticks and d-pads

For competitive play, the Elite Series 2 is a must-have thanks to the replaceable analog sticks and d-pads. The controller comes with two d-pads: a faceted one that is ideal for fighters, and a regular one. The analog sticks come in a whopping six variations: two standard ones, two classic ones, one that is raised and one that has extra curving on top. The flexibility of the sticks can be adjusted by tweaking the screws, and their sensitivity can be altered with the software. You can save up to three profiles that can be chosen with the controller, ideal for (the type of) games you play a lot. It is even possible to minimize the amount of pressure you have to put on the triggers so that it’s faster to fire a gun.

This is the big advantage of the Elite Series 2: not only is the controller shaped perfectly for most hands, all the extra options, pedals, and analog sticks, combined with the easy to use software, add tremendously to your personal preference when playing games. The material of which the controller is made is also of the highest quality, which ensures it lasts you a long time. The Elite Series 2 comes with a sturdy storage case that has a handy opening in the back so that you can use a USB-C-cable to juice up the controller when not in use. You don’t have to worry about dust entering the case, though: the opening is closed off on the inside thanks to a magnetic charging block.


180 dollars for a controller is a lot of money, but the Elite Series 2 is, without a doubt, worth it. This is one all-round accessory for playing your games on the Xbox One or – thanks to Bluetooth – wireless play on pc, tablets, and smartphones. Especially when keeping in mind that the Elite Series 2 also works on the upcoming Xbox Series X, there’s really no reason to not invest in what might be the best controller ever. If we were Microsoft, we’d make this the standard controller of the Xbox Series X! As a gamer, you owe it to yourself to play games with the Elite Series 2.


  • Excellent quality

  • Loads of options to tweak

  • Bluetooth support

  • Very comfortable to hold

  • Long battery life (40 hours)


  • Hefty price

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