SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad Review 2019

In a time where powerful laser and optical sensors are commonplace, and browsing the internet on tablets and phones is the norm, creating a review of a gaming mousepad can come off as a bit redundant. However, I assure you that today, more than ever, a good mousepad can improve your overall computing experience. And in the case of professional gaming, a great mat to slide your mouse on can actually mean the difference between a crushing defeat or glorious victory. And, with the state of modern competitive gaming, where the most talented individuals can actually make a living off of their hobby, we really can’t blame them for wanting to have the very best peripherals and accessories in order to improve their performance. No wonder this was named to our best mouse pads on the market today.

Case in point, SteelSeries is a Danish company that specializes in manufacturing gaming peripherals of all kinds, from headsets and gaming mice to keyboards and, of course, gaming mousepads. Their actual selection of goods is obviously larger than what we’re letting on here, but what you really need to know about this company is that when it comes to accessories and peripherals, SteelSeries is among the best of the best. Their products are in constant rivalry with other prestigious groups such as Razer and Logitech and, on more than one occasion, they’ve actually managed to get the upper hand in the race to create the best products.

The SteelSeries QcK takes all the quality and dedication behind this company’s brand and invests it all on a mousepad to outshine all others. The result is a product that is renowned for both its high build quality and general appeal to the gaming masses. Suffice to say, this is the go-to mouse accessory for both gamers and general users alike. However, in a world where most modern gaming mice can successfully perform on any and all types of surfaces, how could a mousepad garner so much attention and fame? Well, stick around and we’ll tell you all about what makes the QcK so great.

But before we hop into our SteelSeries QcK review, let’s first briefly elaborate on why you should have a mousepad in the first place.

Why Do I Need A Mousepad?

Mousepads may not seem as important now as they were a couple of decades ago. Back then, these mats were essential to ensure the proper performance of the mouse because they didn’t use optical or laser sensors. Instead, they tracked movement with a ball which was installed on the bottom of the mouse that moved as the user operated the mouse. This ball would benefit from a mousepad’s smooth surface and would perform optimally when used with one.

Nowadays mousepads aren’t as essential, but they’re still quite important as they can optimize the mouse’s performance as well as prolong its lifespan. The former is achieved by providing a smooth, debris-free surface on which the mouse’s sensor can track without interference. This is particularly important with laser mice, as their powerful sensors can easily track even the smallest cracks or pieces of debris on the desk, which can result in jittery movement and interference when used without a mousepad. The latter, on the other hand, is obtained by reducing the amount of trash and debris that sticks to the bottom and creases of the mouse, which can prolong the mouse’s life considerably.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mousepad

Like with most other peripherals and accessories, the user must take into consideration various elements in other to purchase the mousepad best suited to their needs. When it comes to gaming mouse mats, the most important things a user has to consider are the materials it’s made from, its size, the portability of the mat, whether it has durability measures in place to prolong its life and, for the gamers, the general aesthetic design of the pad.

The QcK by SteelSeries delivers in most of these aspects. It provides a large tracking surface where your mouse can easily slide. Its size is more than big enough (12” x 10”) to operate the mouse on, even at lower CPI settings where the user has to make wider arm movements in order to cover more distance with the mouse cursor. Let’s take a closer look at what this amazing pad has to offer.

SteelSeries QcK Product Overview

Disregarding its size, this mousepad is actually quite enjoyable to use, which is mostly due to its smooth cloth surface which provides an unimpeded and frictionless sliding experience for your mouse. Unlike some other products of the same price range, this mousepad doesn’t have a waterproof coating, nor does it handle our natural skin oils very well, which is a big negative since gamers tend to sweat a lot in the palm and wrist areas, especially during those heated matches. However, the mousepad can be easily cleaned but, again, since it’s not waterproof, it can’t be machine washed, so the user will have to manually use a wet wipe or a damp cloth.

The bottom of the mousepad, on the other hand, is made with a sticky rubber agent which, once fully stretched out, ensures that the pad won’t budge even an inch from where it’s set, even in those situations where you find yourself moving the mouse quickly back and forth in order to outmatch your opponents. This pad excels also in the portability department, as it was designed for gamers on the go. The mat can be easily rolled up and stored in any laptop bag or backpack. The product itself is packaged in a thin box that can be reused as many times as desired, though the container itself might be a bit cumbersome to use, and most users will want to discard it in favor of just storing it directly in a bag or backpack.

In terms of design, this mousepad is as minimalist as it gets. The mat is completely black, except for the bottom left corner, where we can see SteelSeries’ logo in contrasting white color.

In short, the mousepad itself is pretty darn amazing to use, but it does have its drawbacks. It takes about a full day for it to lie completely flat on the surface after unrolling it for the first time.

SteelSeries QcK Pros

  • The smoothest tracking surface you’ll find on the market​
  • Large enough tracking space for both working and gaming
  • Cheap and reliable

SteelSeries QcK Cons

  • Requires constant cleaning​
  • Easily gathers stray dust and lint


We would recommend the SteelSeries QcK to add the finishing touches to any computer setup. This mousepad provides a great surface for your mouse to track upon. The fabric used for the top of this mat is unparalleled in its smoothness, and the heavy duty rubber used for the bottom ensures that it will stay in its place until kingdom come.

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