Samsung 860 EVO 500GB


Price About $80, at least at this very moment
Capacity 250GB / 500GB / 1TB / 2TB / 4TB
Connection Sata 6 Gb/s
Max speed 520 MB/s write, 550 MB/s read
Controller Samsung MJX Controller
Flash memory Samsung V-NAND 3bit MLC
Encryption 256bit-aes


  • Cheap
  • Quick (for SATA standards)
  • Solid design (which you don't really need but still)


  • Barely better than the 850 series (which was amazing already)
  • SATA protocol is losing the speed game


The only reason why we weren't ridiculously hyped about the Samsung 860 EVO series, is because its predecessor was already stone-cold amazing. It's a mad amount of quality for not even a hundred bucks, and there's simply no way you'll need to look elsewhere if you're in search of a SATA III SSD. Just... either start looking for PCIe or get this one and be done with it, will you? 

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11 Mar, 2020

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