Roccat Tyon Review 2019

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been creating reviews of a wide variety of gaming mice that have come into our hands. One of such gaming mice was the Kone XTD, which was made by Roccat. Up until early 2014, this mouse was the flagship peripheral of the German company and was replaced by none other than the TYON. This mouse offers a whopping 16 programmable buttons to the user, which can perform around 31 preconfigured functions, including the Shift[+] function exclusive to Roccat products. According to the company’s spokesperson, the TYON was designed to adapt to the needs of any user that requires absolute control in all types of games. Whether the player is controlling a soldier on foot, soaring high through the clouds, breaking waves on the sea, or simply floating by in space, the engineers at Roccat have made sure that the TYON will respond accordingly to any type of situation.

Those that don’t follow closely the industry of gaming peripherals might be more familiar with companies like Logitech, Razer, Corsair, or SteelSeries, and not so much with Roccat. For those that don’t know, Roccat is a German manufacturer of top-grade gaming peripherals that is exclusively dedicated to building the very best gear to satisfy the needs of both professional gamers and entry-level enthusiasts as well. The Roccat TYON falls into the latter category of products and offers amenities that can help you outsmart the competition in all situations.

In short, with the purchase of the TYON, you are investing in a product that will enhance your skills, help you to be the best gamer you can be and, with all its bells and whistles, make you look great both on and off the battlefield. But before we get started on our Roccat TYON review, let’s first go over the criteria we use to create our gaming mice reviews.​

What We Looked For In The Roccat TYON

Gaming mice receive this classification because, compared to generic office mice, they offer a wide variety of features, all of which are designed to, in one way or another, enhance the player’s skills and help them beat the competition. Where office mice usually offer your standard 3-button setup coupled with an average sensor, most often than not, their gaming counterparts are equipped with a generous amount of extra buttons, a powerful adjustable sensor, and other features to improve the gamer’s experience. Consequently, our reviews often revolve around the quantity and quality of these features, if available, and our personal rating will shift accordingly depending on said features.

As we mentioned above, the TYON is a mouse that was clearly built for the most demanding gamers out there. It offers a whopping total of 16 fully programmable buttons, as well as a powerful 8200 CPI laser sensor. This peripheral is also designed with a very comfortable form factor that, when using a palm grip, allows the user to easily reach all the buttons without having to make awkward hand adjustments. Furthermore, it features an awesome yet elegant design that would not look out of place in the workplace, for those that want to enjoy the comfort of a gaming mouse in the office.

Roccat TYON Product Overview

The Roccat TYON comes in a sturdy cardboard box decorated with the company’s classic colors: black, gray and teal. The frontal face of the box is hinged and can be swung open to reveal the mouse behind its plastic protective coating, as well as several pieces of information about the product’s features behind the lid. On the box’s many faces, we can also spot more tidbits of information, as well as the mouse’s specifications on the back. The only bad thing about fancy boxes like this one is that it can’t be reused as a container to carry other objects. Other than that, the packaging is spot-on and definitely helps set the tone about what kind of peripheral we’re about to unbox.

After removing the TYON from its plastic container, we’re instantly drawn to its button layout; it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. As we mentioned earlier, this mouse offers 16 programmable buttons, which can be freely customized using Roccat’s software. This is pretty much standard as far as most gaming mice are concerned, but what really stands out on this peripheral is the way the clickers are spread out. On top of the mouse, you can spot the usual 3 buttons: left, middle, and right mouse buttons. On the left and right sides of the left and right buttons, respectively, there are a pair of additional buttons, for a total of 4 extra clickers so far. Furthermore, behind the scroll wheel is of the TYON’s unique features: a “dorsal fin” which can be clicked to either side and can be programmed to perform any function. The other feature exclusive to this mouse is the inclusion of the X-Celerator, an analog stick located on the thumb rest that can be shifted up, down, left, or right, and set to perform different functions for each direction.

Besides the aforementioned features, this mouse also has another 3 buttons located on the thumb rest, just beside the X-Celerator stick. As you can see, the TYON has a unique button layout and, regardless of how they’re spread out, they can be easily reached at all times, without having to contort the hand into awkward positions. Consequently, this mouse has the added benefit of being extremely comfortable as well as ergonomic to prevent the onset of hand and wrist injuries, even during those long gaming sessions.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the TYON also has the unique Shift[+] function which, with the click of a button, shifts between two sets of button assignments. This means that, on a single user profile, this peripheral offers up to 32 buttons, which can be configured to perform any function, making the TYON a very versatile gaming mouse.

However, despite all its features, a gaming mouse is only as good as its sensor. After all, if the peripheral can’t even track movement properly, then all its benefits are rendered moot. The guys at Roccat know this and have consequently installed an awesome Pro Aim (R3) laser sensor on the TYON. Said sensor can be adjusted to a maximum sensitivity of 8200 CPI and can be freely customized to any value, which makes this mouse perfect for any genre of games. The laser design of the sensor also allows the mouse to track with great precision, even on surfaces where regular optical sensors would fall short, such as glass tables or polished desks.

Last but not least, we need to mention Roccat’s software, because it is easily one of the best features about the TYON, as well as any other gaming product made by this company. The fact that this mouse is fully customizable has to do with its repertoire of buttons, user profiles, and illumination settings; which are stored safely on the TYON’s onboard 32-bit ARM processor. However, in order to regulate said features, we have to make use of the software developed specifically for the TYON. This program has 6 tabs, which allows the user to customize virtually any aspect of the mouse, including the main controls, button assignments, advanced control settings, and illumination settings, among others. All of these settings can be stored in up to 5 different user profiles, ideal for hot-swapping between different genres of games, or for when you want a profile for work, and others for gaming.

The possibilities are endless with the TYON!​

Roccat TYON Pros And Cons


  • Powerful Pro-Aim laser sensor
  • Generous repertoire of 16 fully-programmable buttons
  • Elegant design and comfortable form factor
  • Professional-grade performance


  • A bit pricey, which makes buying this mouse a bit of an investment

Final Verdict On The Roccat TYON

The Roccat TYON is the perfect choice for both casual and professional gamers alike. We’re talking about a gaming-grade piece of hardware with a ton of additional buttons, designed for both fast and slow-paced games, that can be fully customized to adapt to the user’s requirements.

Its powerful laser sensor, along with the customization options, is complemented with the proprietary X-Celerator technology as well as a nifty Dorsal Fin, which all allow the user to react accordingly in any type of situation. Furthermore, the TYON’s gaming software is both very intuitive, and very user-friendly, easily permitting the peripheral’s customization, even if the user is not well-versed in computer lingo.​

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