Razer DeathAdder Chroma Review 2018

I believe Razer as a company requires no introduction. But in case you don’t know who they are, let’s give quick rundown. Razer Inc. is a company founded by Singaporean entrepreneur and ex-lawyer Min-Liang Tan. With its headquarters in Irvine, California, this organization specializes in producing gaming hardware and peripherals with the highest standards of quality, for the most demanding gamers out there. Among Razer’s repertoire of gaming products you may find everything from gaming mice and gaming mouse pads, to gaming keyboards, headsets, and much more.

But what exactly sets Razer apart from other similar companies, considering that the manufacture and sale of gaming peripherals isn’t exactly a new technological branch? Well, for starters, they pioneered the high-end gaming peripheral industry back in 1998 with their first computer gaming mouse, the Boomslang. And ever since that day, they have been innovating with new tech, as well as improving upon their most profitable releases. Their products are almost always meant for hardcore gamers, although some of their creations are destined for both professionals, as well as entry level players, both for their build quality, and the price tag.

Case in point, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is by far the most popular gaming mouse in the world. At a glance, it seems that this mouse doesn’t provide anything out of the ordinary; it’s a plain, 5-button gaming mouse with a few LED lights for decoration. But in order to fully appreciate this product’s effectiveness, you have to consider the time when it first came out. The original DeathAdder released in late 2006; a time where there was no defined standard of what made a gaming mouse great. Razer singlehandedly set the standard by creating a product that is both functional, effective, and ergonomic. This fact alone made the DeathAdder series of gaming mice the most popular in the world, preferred by a number of professional gaming crews around the globe, such as Team Liquid, Team SlayerS, Evil Geniuses, Team Dignitas, and Team Titan, to name a few.

What Makes A Gaming Mouse Great?

Before we get into our impressions of the DeathAdder, let’s take a few moments to explain our criteria for evaluating gaming mice. For general purpose gaming mice such as this one, we like to consider a wide range of features at the time of writing our reviews. Things like the number of additional buttons, the type and quality of its sensor, the mouse’s ergonomics, and the general aesthetics are all taken into consideration before we give our verdict.

In this sense, we have to admit that, despite being a good and functional piece of technology, the DeathAdder is more of a cherished relic with a great legacy than a high-end gaming mouse. Its latest iteration, the DeathAdder Chroma, is still as barebones as its predecessor, featuring its titular 5 button layout, its big buttons and scroll wheel, and hugely ergonomic right-handed design. Despite its simplicity, the DeathAdder is still as functional as it’s ever been, and will rarely leave you hanging in the heat of battle. The main problem is that many other gaming mice will most likely have other features to offer for a similar price. You will gain access to one of the world’s most famous and best selling gaming mice, one that offers tons of durability and a quality performance throughout its lifetime.

But no Razer DeathAdder Chrome review is complete without a look under the hood. In that sense, let’s briefly elaborate on what makes the DeathAdder tick:

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Product Overview

The DeathAdder Chroma is a leap forward from its predecessor because of an improved optical sensor. Said sensor can be adjusted up to 10,000 CPI, which makes it a great mouse for FPS games, or other genres that require quick reflexes and pinpoint precision in each move. The optical nature of this mouse’s sensor allow it to track precisely on most surfaces, excluding reflective ones such as glass tables, and polished wood surfaces. This drawback can be circumvented by using a mouse pad, which is something you should be doing anyway as this can reduce the amount of debris that gathers beneath your mouse and shortens the lifespan of the sensor.

The only other improvement over the previous DeathAdder that the Chroma offers is the RGB illumination capabilities, which allows the user to customize the color of the mouse’s LED logo in over 16 million combinations. Compared with other mice’s color customization features, the Chroma is pretty tame, which is somewhat disappointing, considering that the point of personalizing a mouse’s color is to make it look flashy and unique, rather than being limited to modify a single small area of the peripheral.

Other than that, the DeathAdder Chroma is still as simple as ever. As we mentioned above, it still keeps its titular 5-button layout, and features a large back that promotes a palm grip.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Pros

In short, we can safely assume that the DeathAdder offers quite a few benefits to its user, among which are the following:

  • Comfort and elegance in a single package; the DeathAdder fits neatly in most gamers’ hands and features a conservative black design​
  • 10,000 CPI optical sensor that tracks on many surfaces with great precision
  • The microswitches of this mouse are built to last, and each click delivers a satisfying sound as feedback to the user
  • If buying into a brand is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Cons

  • Compared with other gaming mice, the DeathAdder has little to offer in terms of features
  • RGB lighting customization is somewhat limited
  • The shape of the mouse favors palm grips, and limits the feasibility of other grips


The DeathAdder is the DeathAdder. The Chroma version of this mouse is as good as it’s ever been. The only difference from the previous version is the improved sensor and illumination capabilities. If you’re on the fence about which mouse to buy, and can’t decide because of the vast amount of options available on the market (we’ve all been there), then the DeathAdder is a safe, if a bit lackluster option.

In any case, the legacy of this mouse is undeniable, and for that reason alone is why this peripheral has won a place within our hearts.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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