Pictek FPS Gaming Mouse Review 2018

Pictek is a Chinese manufacturer of inexpensive, yet surprisingly reliable computer peripherals, HDTV antennas, and products for the home and kitchen, among a few others. Admittedly, this company is one of the lesser-known organizations in the business, and their reduced catalog of goods is somewhat designed for niche audiences, instead of the general populace. Nevertheless, their repertoire of gaming peripherals has some pretty good examples, among which we can find the Pictek FPS Gaming Mouse which was designed for, you guessed it, bringing the best out of the player in shooter games.

Most people believe that, in order to acquire a quality product that will help you perform better, you need to invest an exorbitant amount of money. Companies like Pictek are created to let the users know that this is not entirely true; if you know where to look and what to look for, then you might find a peripheral that’s suited to your needs and have plenty of money to spare for other things. 

However, don’t let the cheap price fool you, this is one mouse that offers a decent amount of features, all of which are created to assist the player in some way. Among some of said features there are: a fire button, 2 additional side buttons, adjustable CPI, and many others which we’ll explain in deeper detail later on.

How We Review Our Gaming Mice

Products like the FPS Gaming Mouse are meant to provide assistance to the players in aims of enhancing their skills. To that end, gaming mice such as this one are expected to offer certain features, such as the ones we mentioned above. Specifically, we’re talking about additional programmable buttons, customizable CPI levels, a good quality sensor, an emphasis on ergonomics, and a good aesthetic design so that the player can look good while outplaying the competition.

As a budget peripheral, the FPS Gaming Mouse by Pictek is somewhat limited when it comes to these features. However, for its very affordable price tag, the owners of this mouse will have access to a product that offers many more options than a generic office mouse, specifically in terms of ergonomics, design, and sensor power.

Let’s take a closer look at what this mouse has to offer.

Pictek FPS Product Overview

To start off this Pictek FPS Gaming Mouse review, we definitely need to mention its design. This mouse is built like nothing you would expect from a peripheral in this price range. You can really tell that the manufacturers had comfort in mind when creating the FPS Gaming mouse’s shape, as it fits neatly into the palm of the user. The contoured shape of the buttons creates a comfortable pocket for both your index and middle finger to rest above the left and right mouse button, respectively. Furthermore, the shape of the side panels of this mouse is complemented with textured finger rests to improve the grip of the user. The right side, specifically, is ideally shaped so that your ring and pinky fingers can easily rest upon it. If you’re familiar with gaming mice, we can say that the side panels of this mouse are reminiscent of the ones on the Razer Naga, which are very comfortable in their own regard.

The amount of additional buttons offered by this mouse leaves a bit to be desired, especially considering the fact that they can’t be reprogrammed. This mouse has 2 additional buttons on the left panel, which are mapped by default to the back and forward functions of your browser. Furthermore, it has a fire button located near the left clicker, which can be used to double or triple click in fast succession, ideal for FPS games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or any of the military simulators currently available on the market.

The optical sensor used to power this mouse’s tracking capabilities can be adjusted to a maximum sensitivity of 7,200 CPI. The optical nature of this component ensures precise tracking on a wide variety of surfaces, excluding reflective materials such as glass tables or polished tops. There is a button located behind the scroll wheel which can be used to cycle between 6 levels of sensitivity, in increments of 400 CPI each. Each level of sensitivity is tied to a specific color of the LEDs, Red for 7,200 CPI, white for 5,400, blue for 3,200, and so on. Sadly, these colors cannot be customized, although they serve as a great visual aid to help determine which sensitivity level the mouse is currently on.

There are certain measures in place that are aimed to prolong this product’s life. For instance, the microswitches installed in each button are tested for a lifespan of 5 million clicks. Additionally, the long braided wires, coupled with Teflon feet, ensure a smooth experience for all users throughout the entirety of this mouse’s life. Make sure to check out the other options for best gaming mice under $50.

Pictek FPS Pros

  • Affordable price tag​
  • Long lifespan
  • Fire button for increased performance in shooters
  • Ergonomic design to avoid the onset of hand and wrist injuries

Pictek FPS Cons

  • This mouse has nothing special, just a decent specimen all-around​


Manufacturers like Pictek dedicate their trade to provide the most amount of features in their products at the absolute lowest price possible. The FPS Gaming Mouse is a good example of this, as it provides a good user experience while leaving plenty of budget space to invest in other areas of your computer, such as an extra RAM module, a better GPU, or something else. If you’re looking for a good entry-level mouse, then you should look no further than this peripheral. At least until you can scrounge up the budget to upgrade it.

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