Marvo M-315 Review 2018

Up until now, we have taken a look at many of the gaming mice out there on the market, some of which are labeled with heavy price tags, while other feature more accessible costs, ideal for entry-level gamers that need a decent peripheral to either get some work done, or rake up some kills in their favorite FPS games. This time around, we’ll be taking a look at a product that belongs to the latter category; the Marvo M-315.

The Marvo brand belongs to the Shenzhen Mark Technology Co., which is a Chinese manufacturer of budget peripherals, including but not limited to headphones, keyboards, speakers, computer cases, and all sorts of mobile and automobile accessories, among others. This brand was launched in early 2010 as a means to provide the international market with solid, yet affordable peripherals, especially for the gaming industry. According to their website, the company’s quality products come from a mix of professional research technology and a strong marketing team. Marvo is currently present in over 40 countries, including those from the EU, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, China, and the United States, among others.

Marvo is a brand that doesn’t try to imitate the stronger competitors in the market such as Razer, Logitech, or Corsair. Instead, this group of professional developers and designers market their products as they are; an inexpensive alternative to acquiring a reliable peripheral. While their products usually lack the features which make the other big fish of the industry shine, they provide solid performance nonetheless.

Case in point, the M-315 is a peripheral that doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to performance. Right off the bat, we can definitely that its main limitation will stem from the lackluster sensor, which can provide a reliable tracking experience with a maximum sensitivity of 1600 CPI. This value, while not sufficient for most users (especially gamers) is still enough to perform basic tasks, such as browsing the web, creating documents, or general office work. Despite this limitation, the M-315 has plenty of features that can help it perform better than your standard generic office mouse.​

What We Looked For In The Marvo M-315

When it comes to creating our product reviews, we usually follow a set of standards in order to provide the most objective and unbiased content possible, so that our users can make informed decisions about which peripheral is best for them. To this end, we usually break down our reviews into pieces which elaborate on different aspects of said product. For a gaming mouse like the M-315, the way our articles usually boil down is in several paragraphs, which revolve mainly around the aforementioned features, such as the number additional buttons offered, the quality of the sensor used in said peripheral, the form factor (a gaming mouse needs to be comfortable to use), and the design aesthetics.

​That being said, the M-315 by Marvo is definitely one of a kind in that it takes certain features from high-quality peripherals such as a truly ergonomic form, cloth braided wire, and durable microswitches, among others, but with a fatal flaw in the form of a mediocre entry-level sensor. It seems that the boys at Marvo chose a wrong place to cut corners with this mouse.

In any case, let’s see how this mouse measures up, and get started with our Marvo M-315 review.

Marvo M-315 Product Overview

As is usual with these gaming peripherals, the M-215 comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, with a rather attractive design. The box sits horizontally on our desk; upon inspecting the lid we can see a picture of the titular mouse resting on top of the mouse pad that comes included with the purchase. On both sides of the container, you can spot the name of the mouse in question in big white letters and, on the back of the box, we can read all about the product’s features and specifications, including the list of buttons alongside a wireframe diagram of the M-315 and some other useful tidbits of information.

Upon opening the box we are immediately treated to a view of the M-315, kept neatly tucked in a slot of the cardboard mold, and inside a white plastic bag for added protection. In the only other slot of said cardboard mold is the mousepad, which is tightly rolled up. The mousepad itself is nothing special: it is made of cloth, with an anti-slip rubber coating on the bottom for added stability. Its design consists mainly of the big Marvo logo placed squarely in the center, with a design in shades of red and black covering the rest of the pad. The good thing we noticed about this mousepad is that, despite being tightly rolled up in its container, it quickly unfurled upon taking it out, and sat flat on our desk mere moments after setting it down. This is awesome, considering that some mousepads can often take up to 24 hours in order to sit completely flat on the desk.

The mouse itself definitely seems to want to appear like more than it actually is. Its design is actually quite amazing, with finger grooves on the left and right mouse buttons for ease of use, and finger rests on the right side for both your ring and pinky fingers, which promote comfort and help to create an extra strong grip. If we had to compare the comfort of this mouse, we could relate it to the Razer Naga; while that mouse is actually bigger than the M-315, the grip created by its finger rests and grooves actually feel similar to Marvo’s peripheral. That being said, we can definitely state that this is one comfortable mouse to use.

On top of the mouse’s ergonomics, it is also equipped with a number of additional buttons which, sadly, cannot be freely remapped to perform specific functions. Instead, these buttons are programmed by default to execute certain actions: the 2 side buttons, which are located above the thumb rest, are mapped by default to the “forward” and “back” functions of your browser, while the button on the far left is used as a “quick-fire” key, which allows the users to fire full-automatic weapons in bursts, for increased accuracy. The last additional button can be find just behind the scroll wheel and is used to cycle between the 3 levels of sensitivity built into the mouse.

However, despite its comfortable form factor, the mouse falls flat on its face due to the fatal flaw we mentioned above; the lackluster sensor used for tracking movement. The optical sensor, while allowing precise tracking in most surfaces, is limited to a mere 1600 CPI of sensitivity which, for most gamers, is low enough to cripple their skills. Of course, one could always get used to playing at low resolutions, but for fast-paced games such as shooters or MOBAs, one is always left wishing for a mouse that would allow us to move faster across the screen. Nevertheless, the M-315 still offers a pretty solid performance on those games that don’t actually require swift movements, such as point n’ click adventure games, grand strategy games, or turn-based RPGs, among others. For these games, as well as for office work, we would heartily recommend the M-315 as your go-to inexpensive peripheral.

Marvo M-315 Pros And Cons


  • An inexpensive alternative to high-end gaming mice
  • Comes with a mouse pad included with your purchase
  • Very comfortable form factor


  • Lackluster sensor makes this mouse ill-equipped for fast-paced games

Final Verdict On The Marvo M-315

Despite its big flaw, the Marvo M-315 offers a solid performance in those tasks that don’t require fast mouse movements. The comfortable and ergonomic form factor make this product an ideal choice for those that usually spend countless hours on the computer, either for work or simply for getting their game on. Furthermore, the presence of several additional buttons actually adds versatility to the mouse and can help improve the quality of life of the user during several activities, such as browsing the internet or working on documents. If this ergonomic mouse wasn't for you, be sure to check out the other contenders for best ergonomic mouse.

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