Logitech MX Master Review 2018

The latest version of the MX Master is the product of Logitech’s efforts to reinvent and adapt their line of high-end mice to today’s standards. Released in 2015, this mouse encompasses the design and ergonomics expected from any peripheral of this price range, with the added feature of being able to link it with multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously and being able to swap them easily by using a switch built into the bottom of the mouse. These quality-of-life upgrades, coupled with the mouse’s many other features have certainly won the MX Master its name.

In case you don’t know already, Logitech is a Swiss company that specializes in the manufacturing of computer and mobile accessories, which include peripherals for PCs, such as keyboards, mice, microphones, and gaming controllers, among others. They also produce audio devices like headsets, speakers, headphones, Bluetooth audio devices, and other accessories for MP3 players and cellphones. Now, this is what this company does in theory; in our personal experience, we can attest to Logitech’s quality in all their products (or at least the ones we’ve tested). This fact makes this company’s items a perfect alternative for those looking to make an upgrade on their current setup, but don’t exactly know what to look for.

But I digress; just like the MX Performance mouse, its predecessor, the Master is also equipped with Darkfield sensor technology, which allows it to effectively track on all surfaces, including glass, polished wood, and other reflective materials. The fact that Logitech takes its sweet time to make any kind of update on their existing hardware makes the arrival of this mouse a godsend to this company’s loyal followers.

But before we get started on our Logitech MX Master review, let’s briefly go over the criteria we use to judge all the mice that fall into our hands:

How We Review Our Mice

General purpose mice like the MX Master, as opposed to their gaming counterparts, are expected to provide certain amenities to the users. These features are obviously meant to improve the user’s experience, and involve several areas of the mouse’s usage. For starters, these mice almost always offer several additional buttons that can be customized to perform different functions. More often than not, these peripherals also value form and function in equal amounts, which results in products that are both elegant and easy on the eyes, as well as on the hands, even through the longest sessions.

When it comes to the features mentioned above, the MX Master definitely earns its title, and then some. Its moderate yet powerful amount of perks and benefits were carefully designed by Logitech to provide the best possible usage without any of the side effects that other mice may have, such as causing wrist strain after several hours of continuous use, or being packed with so many features that the final product is an unsightly blob.

Let us tell you exactly why you should consider the MX Master the next time you’re in the market for a new mouse.

Logitech MX Master Product Overview

Right off the bat, we can say that the Master is definitely the MX Performance’s successor. In terms of looks, they’re basically the same thing, with the Master featuring small tweaks and adjustments to its form in order to promote a better and more comfortable grip. The huge thumb rest is still there, with a similar amount of extra buttons at thumb’s reach. On the top of the mouse, we can find the usual amount of buttons; the left, middle and right clickers are still there. The wheel still boasts the hyper scroll function, which allows the user to switch off the “clicking” in order to provide a frictionless and high-speed scroll through long documents or email conversations. As opposed to the MX Performance, the wheel of the Master doesn’t provide horizontal scrolling capabilities anymore. Instead, this mouse is equipped with another wheel on the thumb rest that can be used as an alternative for horizontal scrolling.

A new addition to the Master is an extra button in the thumb area that, when held down, allows the user to execute several commands via mouse gestures.This feature was received with mixed responses from the users due to the button’s awkward positioning. Located on the front of the thumb rest, this feature is somewhat hard to use if you have a small hand or a short thumb. It’s not that the feature doesn’t work; the shortcoming of this aspect of the Master revolves around its difficulty to access by some users.

Since this is not a gaming mouse, the sensitivity customization options are limited to those provided by Logitech’s software. There’s no way to adjust CPI on the go; instead, users need to run the app every time they need to make modifications in this area. Nevertheless, the Master’s laser sensor is as strong as ever; complemented with the same Darkfield technology used on the MX Performance, this mouse can track on any type of surface with great precision, with zero interference or jittering. Similar to the Performance, this mouse’s max sensitivity setting is limited to 1,600 CPI which, if not a whole lot by a gamer’s standards, is more than enough to perform any type of activity at the workplace.

A common complaint that the MX Performance -and most wireless mice as well- received made reference to its meager battery life, which forced the user to recharge it daily or, for the truly hardcore users, at least twice a day. Logitech addressed this issue by installing an advanced power management system to the MX Master, which provided up to 40 days of use on a single charge. Additionally, its fast charging system ensures that, even when your mouse runs out of juice, it doesn’t have a significant period of downtime; all it takes for this peripheral to obtain a day’s charge is a 4 minute recharge period. Forgot to charge your MX Master overnight? Don’t worry; plug it in for a few minutes and you’re set.

Last but not least, another feature worth mentioning about the Master -as well as most of Logitech’s wireless peripherals- is its compatibility with the unifying receiver, which allows the user to pair this mouse with multiple devices simultaneously, and switch between paired devices with the flick of a switch.

Logitech MX Master Pros

  • Powerful laser sensor with Darkfield technology, for improved tracking on all surfaces​
  • Several additional buttons, including a secondary thumb scroll wheel for horizontal navigation
  • Elegant and ergonomic
  • Unifying receiver allows the Master to be paired with multiple devices simultaneously
  • 40 hours of battery life, with a 4 minute recharge period for a whole day of charge

Logitech MX Master Cons

  • The gesture feature can be hard to access for users with small hands​
  • A bit pricey, but worth every penny


This Logitech MX Master is the working man’s mouse. It is very similar to the critically acclaimed MX Performance, but with several extra features in place to provide the user with the best experience possible. If you find yourself struggling to navigate long emails or spreadsheets, or simply need a reliable tool to complement your trade such as for architects or engineers that constantly have to create or review blueprints, this mouse is definitely for you.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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