Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review 2018

E-sports as a discipline is continuously building their way into global renown. This is a sector that is constantly drawing in professional and talented contenders, and these, in turn, demand the very best gear and accessories in order to achieve victory. For this reason, the evolution of the gaming mouse was an unavoidable byproduct of the ever-growing online competition industry. Nowadays, you can find a vast variety of different models, some of which offer a faster response time and precision than their counterparts.

There are many companies that are on the technological vanguard and work hard to create the very best peripherals to enhance the user’s inherent skills. One of such companies is Logitech. This Swiss organization is a group dedicated to electronics and the manufacture of computer peripherals, mainly mice and keyboards (both gaming and standard variants), as well as headsets, and other cellphone and tablet-related accessories. Their products are among some of the best currently available on the market, alongside items from other important groups such as Corsair, SteelSeries, or even Razer. However, despite boasting a catalog with a lot of quality products, this company was yet to create a gaming mouse to surpass the competition. That is until the G900 rolled into the stores.

To achieve this feat, representatives of this company sat down with some of the world’s most important professional gamers in order to find out exactly what they needed in a mouse to succeed at their trade. On one side, many claimed that they were bothered by their mouse being constantly held back by their wires, while others expressed their suspicions of wireless mice, arguing that these devices would create input lag or botch commands in the heat of battle. In essence, their comments boiled down to “we want a wireless gaming mouse that offers the performance of their wired counterparts”. It seems the guys at Logitech had their work cut out for themselves.

The G9 series of gaming mice is Logitech’s current flagship line of gaming rodents. The proliferation of these mice started with Logitech’s announcement claiming that they were creating a professional-grade gaming mouse with an ambidextrous design and wireless capabilities. The mouse in question would be called the G900 Chaos Spectrum and would go on to be one of the best mice created by this company, according to Ujesh Desai, the manager of Logitech’s gaming division.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before getting started on our Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum review, let’s go over a few things to consider when investing in a gaming mouse, as well as our personal criteria for reviewing said peripherals.

How We Review Our Gaming Mice

Since we’re talking about a gaming mouse this time around, we expect to find several features, all of which are meant to assist the user in one way or another during the course of the game and helping him or her to beat the competition. In this sense, gaming peripherals such as this one are expected to offer amenities such as additional programmable buttons, CPI adjustment capabilities, a powerful sensor, an ergonomic form factor, and an aesthetically pleasing design, among others. Since the G900 is also a wireless mouse, we’re also expecting certain improvements in place in order to increase battery life, and reduce the downtime required for recharging the battery.

As far as these aspects are concerned, the G900 Chaos Spectrum passes with flying colors. At a glance, we can definitely say that this is among the absolute best gaming mice we’ve had the honor of trying out. And I know we say this a lot since we tend to review big contenders in the gaming review industry, but the difference this time around is that we’re talking about a wireless mouse that is equal (or even better in some cases) than their wired cousins.

That being said, let’s dive under the hood and take a closer look at what this bad boy has to offer.

Logitech G900 Product Overview

The G900 comes in a deceptively simple box which that, like with most other gaming mice, features pictures, and information about the mouse in question in all of its faces. The front and back are particularly worthwhile to look at, as it features a big picture of the G900 and a ton of information on the mouse’s greatest features, respectively. Upon opening the box and taking a look inside, we can find the G900 tucked tightly into its cardboard mold. Coiled around the same mold is this mouse’s USB cable, which can be used to charge the battery by plugging it into the computer. Other items included with this mouse is the USB wireless receiver, as well as the interchangeable mouse buttons and detachable finger rests for both the right and left side.

Contrary to other mice from Logitech, the G900 doesn’t borrow any of its design traits from any other previous models. This means that the Chaos Spectrum is built from the ground up as a standalone series of gaming mice. In this sense, we can really say that Logitech definitely hit the nail on the head in terms of design; this mouse is both easy on the eyes, as well as on the hands. Its neutral form factor allows an ambidextrous grip, and with the use of the removable button plates, we can literally customize the mouse to be used however we see fit. Don’t want to use the buttons on one side of the mouse? just attach a plate to said side and forget about them. The same goes for the contrary; if you want to use the buttons on one side, all you have to do is attach the plastic buttons to the mouse’s magnetic receptacle, and boom, 2 extra buttons ready for use.

Speaking of buttons, this mouse features a wide slew of customizable clickers at the disposal of the gamer. With all the buttons activated -including the pair of buttons on each side- the G900 has a total of 11 programmable buttons. Although most gamers will frequently use only 9, considering that, depending on the hand you use, 2 side buttons will always be awkward and difficult to reach. The form of this mouse makes it so that the main 3 buttons (left, middle and right click) are easy to reach and use at all times no matter what type of grip you use. This is achieved due to the palm rest being designed as a different part than the front of the mouse.

The peripheral itself is 13mm long, and 67mm wide, with a height of 40mm. These dimensions make this mouse just the right size to fit neatly into most users’ hands without having to make awkward adjustments to the grip. And the best part about this mouse’s dimensions is that it only weighs 107 grams, which is unprecedented in wireless mice of this price range. The weight difference is almost as high as 30% compared to other peripherals, and said difference translates beautifully into practice; the G900 feels very light, almost as if you’re handling air instead of a mouse. Pair this with a good speed-type mousepad like the Razer Goliathus, and you’ve got a match made in heaven for gamers that enjoy shooters or other fast-paced games.

This mouse comes equipped with a Logitech proprietary sensor that goes under the denomination PMW366. This optical LED sensor allows the user to track with great precision, on a wide variety of surfaces, at sensitivities of up to 12,000 CPI. Said sensitivity can be adjusted in customizable increments, from a minimum of 200 CPI. The customizable cursor speed offered by this mouse makes it great for both slow games like Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, to the fastest twitch-based shooters like Unreal Tournament, CS:GO, or Overwatch. The sensor of the G900 features zero mouse smoothing or any other type of complements that could interfere with the mouse’s precision.

We mentioned earlier that this mouse encompassed the strengths of both wired and wireless peripherals, but without the inherent flaws present in both. The way Logitech managed to pull this off is by including a lightweight battery which can last up to 32 hours of continuous use. Furthermore, they gave this mouse the capability of plugging into the computer in order to recharge the battery, effectively allowing the user to continue using it while charging, and eliminating the mouse’s downtime entirely. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the battery can be charged from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours. So you only need to use the USB cable for a couple of hours each time your recharge the G900.

Last but not least, we really recommend using the Logitech Gaming Software in tandem with the G900, as this program lets you customize virtually every aspect of your peripheral; from button mapping and sensor setting to CPI levels, lighting options, and even macro creation and assignment. This mouse has seemingly every single feature a gamer could need and boasts a great build quality to boot. Granted, we can’t expect less, considering it’s heavy price tag.

Logitech G900 Pros

  • Comfortable and ergonomic form factor​
  • Detachable side buttons for a truly ambidextrous experience
  • Powerful proprietary Logitech sensor
  • 32 hours of battery life with only 2 hours to charge it from 0% to 100%
  • The possibility of using the mouse while recharging which translates into 0 downtime

Logitech G900 Cons

  • While the price is well worth the investment, it may put this mouse out of reach for entry-level and casual gamers​


When coming up with the cons for this mouse, we actually struggled to find something that resembled a negative aspect about the G900. As it turns out, the only bad thing we can say about it is related to its price tag. Other than that, this mouse is definitely the absolute best option available for gamers who want the very best in gaming peripherals.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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