Jelly Comb Large Gaming Mouse Mat Review 2018

Building a gaming computer is like a rite of passage in the life of most gamers. It’s something that computer enthusiasts do at least once in their life, in order to actually experience the true potential of PC gaming. It takes quite a bit of money (though less than actually buying a prebuilt computer), and a bit of know-how to undergo this task, but in the end, it’s usually worth it, as you will create a gaming platform more powerful than any console, and with more versatility to boot.

But with all the components available on the computer, most of which can be used in some way to complement your build, the single most overlooked accessory is the mousepad. The mousepad is the quintessential gaming accessory for most computer enthusiasts. It’s the kind of item that you really can’t miss until you try one out. If your gaming mouse is the arms of your computer, then the mousepad can certainly be considered its legs, as its presence can guarantee a smooth sliding experience and create an optimal environment for both working hard, and playing hard.

Like with most things related to building computers, there are a ton of mousepads available on the market, which complicates matters for the uninitiated that are looking to build their very first PC. Choosing the right accessory to complement your build can be a very frustrating matter, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The good thing is that, unlike with gaming mice, mousepads are usually more straightforward in terms of benefits, and require less scrutiny in order to find one that’s best suited to your needs.

Today we’re talking about a mat made by Jelly Comb, which is a mousepad that takes both portability and ergonomics and combines them in a very interesting package. However, before we jump into our Jelly Comb Large Gaming Mouse Mat review, let’s briefly discuss a few things to consider when buying a mousepad.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mousepad

Jelly Comb Large Gaming Mouse Mat

Unlike with gaming mice, mousepads seldom have a ton of features that are designed to improve the gamer’s performance. Nonetheless, a good choice of mousepad can definitely make things easier for the user, and provide an overall better experience throughout the whole session, whether while gaming or when simply trying to get some work done. The absolute most important things you have to keep in mind when buying a mousepad are the material it’s made from, its portability, whether it has a wrist rest or not, and its size. Taking into consideration all of these aspects will ensure that you receive a product that is best suited to your mouse, and that can prevent the onset of hand and wrist injuries due to excessive and inappropriate use.

Jelly Comb Product Overview

This mousepad is manufactured by Jelly Comb, a company that is dedicated to producing gadgets and accessories for all types of electronics. This includes car phone chargers, accessories for consoles, budget headphones, mice, and mousepads, among others. This product, in particular, is arguably one of the most comfortable mouse mats you will ever use, featuring an ergonomic wrist rest made of a special soft material the reduces the pinching of the median nerve caused by regular mouse use. Customers that use this mousepad have reported experiencing less wrist pain after prolonged work sessions.

This product is just the right size for gaming; it comes at a decent 11.8 inches wide and 12.6 inches long. The wrist rest is around 0.7 inches tall, which puts it in an ideal spot to provide wrist relief while operating the mouse, which in turn prevents the onset of carpal tunnel and other nasty conditions. The dimensions of this mat are ideal for working and even gaming.

The top of this product is made of a soft cloth with a waterproof coating, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally spill a drink on it. Furthermore, the edges of the pad are lined with leather and pressed, to avoid fraying and general wear and tear, which is common in these products. Although the wrist rest is somewhat large, this mousepad is thin enough to be rolled up for easy transportation, which is ideal for gamers that like to carry around their gear.

Jelly Comb Pros

Jelly Comb Large Gaming Mouse Mat
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Leather pressed edges for increased durability
  • Can be easily rolled up for portability
  • Soft waterproof fabric
  • Anti-slip bottom

Jelly Comb Cons

  • The mousepad could stand to be a bit bigger​


This is a very good mousepad for those users that constantly sit down for long computer sessions, and are worried about the health of their hand and wrist. The presence of a wrist rest is a very welcome addition for most customers, and will certainly help prevent the onset of negative conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, the anti-slip bottom, coupled with the waterproof soft coating on top make this a very comfortable mousepad to use. The mat could be a bit bigger, especially for those games that require wide mouse movements, but in all honesty, this isn’t much of an issue for us. If you are still not convinced, check out the other best mouse pads on the market.

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