iZEEKER’s Extra Large Mouse Review 2018

Let’s start off this review by stating the obvious. If you’re not in the gaming scene, then odds are you haven’t heard of iZeeker, and with good reason. This company is not exclusively dedicated to producing computer peripherals and accessories. As a matter of fact, they manufacture a wide variety of products, which go from basic kitchen items like plastic drinking glasses and vegetable slicers, to curious technological gadgets such as VR kits, headlamps, and, of course, mousepads. So what exactly makes a product from a company that doesn’t even dedicate exclusively to PC peripherals worth mentioning? That it’s freakin’ great! Check out the rest of this article to see why it was named to our best mouse pads on the market list.

The term “gaming mousepad” sounds like something a corporate executive made up to sell things to a user that doesn’t even need it. But for hardcore competitive gamers, all it takes is a few minutes in the game to instantly know why accessories like these are crucial in the heat of battle. In the 90’s, mousepads were important because they provided a smooth, uniform surface where the mice -most of which used a trackball as a sensor at the time- could easily track the user’s hand movements, and translate them into precise cursor movements on screen. But that was before, when mice actually needed a smooth mousepad in order to function properly.

​Nowadays mousepads aren’t as mandatory as they were a few years back, and depending on the tasks you usually perform on a computer, you might not even need one at all. However, and I believe many gamers will agree with me on this, the use of an appropriate mousepad can actually make or break a player. The pads of today are used to optimize the gaming environment because they provide some awesome benefits such as improved tracking capabilities, increased mouse lifespan, improved surface calibration, textured surfaces, liquid resistance, and so on. Mousepads today are about improving an already great product (the mouse), and the use of these products can make the difference between a crushing defeat or a glorious victory.

​But in all seriousness, iZeeker hit the nail on the head with this pad. This product embodies everything that a mousepad should offer, and is one of the best products you could purchase to complete your gaming rig. But before we jump into our iZeeker XXL Extra Large Gaming Mousepad review, let’s first go over a few things to consider when purchasing a mousepad.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Gaming Mousepad

When browsing the market for a gaming mousepad, it’s easy to believe that any simple slab of leather or rubber would do the trick. After all, we are talking about mousepads; it’s not rocket science. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind in order to purchase a product that is best suited to your requirements. Namely, the material they’re made from, the size of the pad itself, the product’s portability, and whether the pad is textured or not. By analyzing each of these aspects individually, you will be able to accurately pinpoint which product better suits your needs.

iZEEKER’s Extra Large Product Overview

The iZeeker XXL gaming mousepad is huge. In an attempt to pay homage to its namesake, this product is a whopping 31.5 inches wide by 11.8 inches tall. This size makes it ideal to fit both your keyboard and your mouse, providing an anti-slip surface to improve your performance with all your peripherals. A big tracking surface is essential, especially in shooters and other games where you need to move the mouse a lot and in rapid fashion, and you will need to pick it up less in order to span a wider territory, potentially giving you an edge over your rivals.

The bottom of this product is coated with an anti-slip rubber agent, which keeps the pad in place, avoiding the need to constantly readjust it, especially after a particularly intense series of movements. The top, on the other hand, is made out of a waterproof cloth fabric which provides a smooth glide that promotes both speed and control. In a more personal perspective, we can say that this pad feels good; it’s awesome just to touch it, and it provides a very smooth gliding experience for your mouse. Using this mousepad almost feels like sliding your mouse across thin air.

Despite its big size, this accessory is also really portable, as it can be rolled up and stored just about anywhere, which makes it an ideal product for gamers on the go. The edges of the XXL gaming mousepad are stitched to avoid fraying as well as general wear and tear. Furthermore, the cloth of this product is machine-washable, in case you accidentally spill your drink or food on it.

Essentially, it’s a great mousepad all around.

iZEEKER’s Extra Large Pros

  • Big surface area to cover more cursor space without having to lift the mouse as much​
  • 3mm thick, both durable and lightweight
  • Anti-slip bottom and waterproof cloth surface
  • Rolls up into a fraction of its size for easy transportation

iZEEKER’s Extra Large Cons

  • Simple, bland design


When it comes to gaming mousepads, the iZeeker XXL Extra Large gaming mousepad is as good as it gets. It’s simple, to the point, and provides your mouse with an optimal tracking environment, as well as plenty of space to slide it across. The design is a bit simple, consisting of a large, black space with no recognizable features but, for the price, we’re willing to take the fall on this one.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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