Havit HV-MS735 Review 2018

As the gaming industry progresses in great strides, so too do the technologies that support them. Nowadays video games are becoming such competitive platforms that manufacturers are constantly developing equipment and gear to give the players an edge over the competition. Case in point, Havit is one of the lesser-known developers of computer and handheld peripherals that has been in the business since 1998. This Guangzhou-based company is renowned for creating products that are both of great quality and affordable in their own right due to being made with support from the local government. The resulting creations are ideal for entry-level users who also want to receive the very best perks without having to break the bank in the process. Make sure to check out the alternatives with our dedicated mmo mouse buying guide.

That being said; the HV-MS735 is hands-down one of the best budget gaming mice currently on the market. So good, in fact, that it’s frequently out of stock on Amazon. This mouse was created as a result of Havit wanting to pitch a product to the demanding MMO gaming market, and most of its characteristics are designed to give the players an edge in this genre of gaming. Unlike most other games, the gameplay of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV can benefit from several specific features of the mouse, most important being the presence of additional buttons. In this regard, the HV-MS735 delivers tremendously, with its wide array of buttons set in a grid on the left panel of the mouse.

It’s always an awesome occasion when a product can provide so many amenities for such a low price. Similar examples include the G600 by Logitech, the Razer Naga, and the Redragon Perdition, all of which offer the iconic 12-button thumb grid. The HV-MS735 actually costs a lot less and offers a solid performance when compared to its high-end counterparts.

That being said, we can definitely tell just by looking at the box of this mouse that we’re in for a quite a treat today. So let’s open up this bad boy and see what it has to offer.

How We Review Our Gaming Mice

When it comes to creating reviews, we always build our content following a set of guidelines in order to provide the most unbiased and objective information possible. Said guidelines differ depending on whether the peripheral is a generic office mouse, a gaming mouse, or a hybrid. For specimens such as the HV-MS735, we obviously need to judge it as a gaming mouse and, in that sense, we expect to find a degree of focus on the part of the manufacturer on features such as additional buttons, improved mouse ergonomics, a powerful and precise sensor, and a reasonable amount of aesthetic appeal.

We already mentioned that this mouse, in particular, has a generous amount of buttons. As far as the other aspects are concerned, the HV-MS735 also fails to disappoint. From the carefully designed form factor and the comfortable button layout to the awesome LEDs, and satisfying “clicks” of the microswitches, this mouse is definitely one of the best we’ve had the honor of testing.

Havit HV-MS735 Product Overview

This mouse is presented in a container, not unlike a gift box, which adds to the experience of taking it out for the first time. The box itself is fairly simple; a picture of the mouse on the front, along with the product’s name, and a few icons. On the back, we can find a stencil silhouette of the mouse, along with the product’s specifications. After opening the box, we can see that the mouse is covered by an antistatic sheet, and after taking our new rodent out, we find the quality feedback sheet, the product warranty, and driver CD tucked neatly in a compartment beneath where the mouse used to sit. The text in this material is fairly standard and nothing to really write home about; the instruction booklet may be able to help a few newcomers to the world of computing (if such a person still exists in this day and age). The driver is especially important, because, even though this is a Plug N’ Play peripheral, you still need the software to activate the additional buttons and customize virtually every feature of the mouse.

The HV-MS735 is equipped with a powerful optical sensor that lets you track with great precision on a wide variety of surfaces. However, due to the limitations of optical technology, tracking on reflective material such as glass is not possible. This isn’t much of an issue, considering that mousepads are dirt cheap these days and their use is pretty much recommended by everyone for their ability to prolong the life of your mouse. But I digress; the sensor of this peripheral can be adjusted up to a maximum sensitivity of 12,000 CPI which, in all honesty, is more than you’ll ever need for any task, from working to gaming. What’s more, the sensitivity can be changed on the go with the click of a button, specifically, the buttons that are located behind the scroll wheel; they can be used to either increase or decrease the CPI level. The LED lighting of this mouse changes based on its sensitivity level, and these colors, in turn, can be modified using the software included with your purchase.

The main feature of any MMO mouse, which actually identifies it as belonging to this category, is their vast amount of buttons; often such mice feature a grid or some other layout of 10 or more buttons in a single place. The HV-MS735 features a 12-button grid on its left panel, which can be used to put your character’s most important spells and skills at thumb’s reach. These buttons are equipped with mechanical switches to provide feedback to the player and allow them to easily identify which button to press for any given situation, without having to fumble blindly on the grid. On top of the mouse, there are the usual 3 clickers, which are the left, middle and mouse buttons, along with a highly-sensitive scroll wheel. If we count the 2 CPI buttons mentioned above, the total button count of this mouse adds up to 19, which is a very impressive amount for a peripheral in this price range. However, be advised that in order to activate and customize the thumb grid, as well as all the other buttons, you need to install the software (I’m sure you’re starting to see a theme here).

The main drawback that these mice suffer stems mainly from their ergonomics, or lack thereof. Due to the designer's vision of cramming these peripherals with buttons and other features, there is usually little space left for comfort or spaces where you can get a proper grip. The guys at Havit know this and designed the HV-MS735 with a contoured shape to fit neatly into the hand. Furthermore, they added a groove beneath the left panel where the thumb can rest easily, improving the grip on the mouse, as well as reducing the risk of misclicking by accidentally squeezing on the grid. On the right side, we also find a few grooves where both the ring and pinky fingers are supposed to rest. These grooves force your hand into a palm grip, which can come as a welcome addition to some but can also take some getting used to for others. However, with a degree of skillful manipulation, this mouse can easily be used with a claw grip as well.

The general presentation of this mouse exudes high quality, even though we’re basically talking about a mid-range peripheral. The build is solid and made out of plastic with a matte finish and rubberized texture for improved grip. The wires are braided and feature a magnetic shield which is meant to improve the lifespan of the mouse. Furthermore, the microswitches used in this peripheral are tested for millions of clicks with reliable performance. This is one mouse you won’t be replacing anytime soon; not that you’d want to anyway, considering it’s one heckuva mouse.

Havit HV-MS735 Pros

  • 12-button mechanical thumb grid; staple in any MMO mouse
  • Multiple customizable CPI settings, which can be switched on the go with the click of a button
  • Contoured shape to fit neatly into any hand
  • Very affordable price, especially considering the amount of features offered by the HV-MS735

Havit HV-MS735 Cons

  • For a mouse with this many features, Havit’s software is a bit too simple, especially when compared to others such as Razer’s Synapse, which even provides add-ons designed specifically for certain games.


As we mentioned above; for the price, this peripheral is hands-down among the greatest gaming mice we’ve had the privilege of testing. Everything from the vast amount of buttons, the powerful sensor, the customization options, and even the LED lighting is just spot-on. You can really tell that Havit was hot on the trail of the big fish of the industry with this mouse. But where so many other copycats fail, this company managed to provide a great take on the standard MMO mouse that was once pioneered by Razer. If you’re in the market for a great gaming mouse and want to experience the absolute best features that these peripherals can offer, without breaking the bank, then this mouse is definitely what you’re looking for. In any case, whatever your decision may be, we just hope you enjoyed reading our Havit HV-MS735 Gaming Mouse Review.

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