HAVIT HV-MS733 Review 2018

If you’re not actively invested in the world of gaming peripherals and accessories, you might now know about Havit. This is one of the least recognized companies, which is understandable, considering that it’s a Chinese government-funded manufacturer, importer and exporter of equipment for both PC and mobile gadgets. They have a significant presence in over 80 countries, which include the United States. They also have branch headquarters in Miami, as well as a production facility specialized in the manufacture of several international brands of products, including their own. For the other mice for left-handed players, see our dedicated resource.

Despite being a mouthful to pronounce, the HV-MS line of peripherals is Havit’s proposal to the gaming market, featuring decent yet inexpensive equipment for gamers that run on a tight budget. The MS733 us their attempt to create a mid-range gaming mouse that’s a step up from its predecessors. The result is a peripheral that boasts an aggressive color pattern (like most mice from this company), which makes it easy on the eyes while also sporting a rugged look that exudes durability.

But this is just on the outside. If the mouse is as good on the inside as it looks on the outside, then we’re in for a treat. And for the low price, this product might be just as good as it sounds. Let’s take a closer look at what this rad rodent has to offer.

How We Judge Our Gaming Mice

The MS733 is a gaming mouse through and through, and all gaming mice are expected to offer certain features that are meant to enhance the player’s abilities, or simply makes things a bit easier for them. After all, there wouldn’t be much of a point to including the “gaming” prefix to your peripheral if it doesn’t actually add anything to your gameplay. In this sense, gaming mice should offer things like additional buttons, a good quality sensor that allows for fast movements without interference, ergonomic form to prevent hand and wrist injuries, and certain durability features such as braided cables, durable micro-switches, and rugged exterior coating. And it is the quality and/or existence of these features that makes up the base of our reviews.

As far as these aspects go, the MS733 delivers in a manner that can be regarded as mostly satisfying. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its high-end counterparts, but the fact is that it’s actually not supposed to. This price range is mostly reserved for generic office mice and equipment; definitely not for gamer gear. The fact that this mouse can be used to enhance a person’s skills on the battlefield, without breaking the bank, is a testament to Chinese manufacturing standards.

But I digress. Let’s get this Havit HV-MS733 review started!

HAVIT HV-MS733 Product Overview

Most Havit products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality, and the MS733 is no exception. The first thing about this mouse that immediately grabs our attention is its design. Featuring a sturdy plastic build and with sci-fi neon lines it looks like something straight out of a TRON movie. The lines are lit by LED lamps that change color depending on the level of sensitivity selected. Despite being made mostly out of plastic, this mouse’s body is textured for improved grip. The form of the MS733 is elongated, and the back is big. This shape favors a palm grip, as the mouse is designed to fit neatly into most users’ hands.

As we mentioned above, additional buttons are a feature that is expected from most gaming mice. The MS733 is equipped with 2 extra clickers on the thumb rest. The buttons are easy to tell apart without having to fumble blindly, and they can be easily reached without needing to reposition your hand. Unfortunately, their functions can’t be reassigned; they are mapped by default to the forward and back functions of your browser. Nevertheless, most games recognize these buttons as Mouse 4 and Mouse 5, meaning that most actions and skills can be mapped to these 2 buttons.

Another great feature of this mouse is the possibility of modifying its weight. With the use of a set of 4 weights that insert into the bottom of the peripheral, the user may freely add or remove from the weight of the MS733, as well as adjust its center of mass. This function is great for those gamers that like to tweak their gaming gear to the fullest.

And now, the most important feature of all; the sensor. Any gaming mouse can house a bunch of knicks and knacks. But if it doesn’t have a good sensor, then its function is rendered moot. The guys at Havit know this, and for this reason, they decided to use a powerful Avago optical sensor for the MS733. The high-end 5050 optical engine used on this mouse ensures that the user receives the most accurate tracking experience possible and on a wide variety of surfaces, excluding reflective materials such as glass or polished wood. The sensitivity of this mouse can be changed on the fly, up to a maximum of 2,800 CPI, by using the onboard CPI switch located behind the scroll wheel. The color scheme of the mouse changes with each CPI level; purple lighting for 2,800 CPI, red for 2,000 CPI, blue for 1,200 CPI,and no light for 800 CPI, the lowest sensitivity setting.

In terms of durability, you can really tell this mouse is built to last. The rubberized texture coupled with its tight build make this mouse feel rugged and compact. The micro-switches used for each of this mouse’s buttons are tested for up to 5 million clicks of life, and the cord is braided to avoid tangling and prolonging the life of the peripheral. This is one mouse you won’t be replacing anytime soon.


  • Affordable price tag, ideal for entry level gamers​
  • Adjustable 2,800 max CPI optical sensor
  • Aesthetically pleasing LED lighting that changes depending on the CPI level
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort throughout the longest gaming sessions


  • Compared to other mice, the MS733 can feel a bit flimsy or be lacking in certain areas​


All things considered, the Havit HV-MS733 is nothing to write home about. However, it performs admirably for its price, and its decent amount of features make it a great choice for entry-level and casual gamers, or for those that simply need a reliable peripheral to perform their day-to-day tasks.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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