E-Blue Mazer Type-R Review 2018

When it comes to gaming peripherals (or peripherals in general) most products fall into two categories; the regular kind, and the budget variant. As their names might suggest, the former category encompasses all the items which are designed for a specific purpose (such as gaming, working, leisure, etc), while the latter are made up of generic variants that try to be a jack-of-all-trades, yet on most occasions end up falling flat on their face. However, the boys at E-Blue shown us that a tight budget doesn’t always equal mediocrity and that you don’t always have to spend a boatload of money in order to score good PC peripherals. Keep reading to find out why this mouse made our list of the top 10 gaming mice of 2018.

Manufactured by the Chinese-Japanese company E-Blue International Corporation, and commercialized by VicTsing, the Mazer Type-R is a decent budget mouse, especially when considering that it’s sold by a rather lesser-known company. Beneath a bland surface that reflects simplicity lies a mouse that is much better than it seems; it is a very comfortable peripheral, even though its form factor is mostly flat, its wireless capabilities allow it to be easily used in any situation. The fact that it’s so inexpensive is just one of many strong points that make it ideal for playing most games.

When browsing for gaming peripherals, you will most likely encounter brands such as Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, or even Corsair. But while you may not have heard of E-Blue, you should know that this is one the fastest-growing brands in the east, specifically in China. Products from this manufacturer are already installed in more than 600 internet cafes, and they are also the official sponsors of the renowned League of Legends champions, EDward Gaming. And while this company also offers high-end gear for competitive gaming, their core business angle is to get the best possible gaming peripherals in the hands of every gamer, at the lowest price possible. 

But before hopping into our E-Blue Mazer Type-R review, let’s clear up a few things related to the criteria we use to build our reviews:​

What We Looked For In The E-Blue Mazer Type-R

As we mentioned above, the market of peripherals (particularly, the market of budget gaming gear) is littered with thousands of potential candidates that we could use as our next mouse. This wide variety of products can make choosing your next gaming mouse a rather challenging endeavor. And since trying out every single mouse before making your decision simply won’t do, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to build the most informative product reviews possible. In order to create our content, we test out every piece of hardware that lands in our hands by following a certain set of standards; ones that will allow us to create unbiased and objective reviews without leaving out a single feature of the product in question.

In that sense, gaming mice such as the Type-R are expected to come equipped with a specific set of features; ones that are meant to help the user improve their game skills. Features such as a number of additional buttons, a sensor that is better than that of a generic office mouse, a comfortable and ergonomic form factor that is fit for long gaming sessions, and an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eye; because we all love to look good while owning some scrubs. Furthermore, wireless gaming mice like the Type-R are also expected to have certain measures in place in order to prevent interruption of service due to drained batteries.

In all the regards mentioned above, the Type-R doesn’t exactly excel, but it provides a more than decent enough performance to make this mouse your new permanent gaming peripheral. The 2.4G wireless technology allows it to be used reliably without any need for cables, and without any type of interference, even in signal-heavy places like internet cafes. The mouse also features a number of additional buttons and a good enough sensor which can be adjusted to multiple levels of sensitivity. Furthermore, its curious form factor allows it to be used with great comfort, even through long gaming sessions. Let’s dive right into our E-Blue Mazer Typer-R review:

E-Blue Mazer Type-R Product Overview

The E-Blue Mazer Type-R is equipped with enough features to safely dive into the world of gaming without any kind of limitations, and with the comfort that you can only get with a reliable wireless peripheral.

The Type-R is presented within a clear plastic case. On said container we can glean a first look of the mouse in question and, by reading the many lines of the information printed on its faces, we can discover most of this mouse’s strongest features. On the backside of the container, there is relevant information about the manufacturer, E-Blue, as well as references from the manufacturers of the components of said mouse, such as Avago, and the manufacturer of the optical sensor used by the Type-R. Upon opening the lid of the container, which is fastened to the sides by 4 clasps, we find the contents within, which are comprised of 2 AA batteries, a wireless USB receiver, and the mouse itself embedded within its plastic frame.

Upon taking a look at the mouse, we can see that it is made of mostly sturdy plastic with a design in shades of black and blue. The LED lighting offered by this mouse instantly lights up upon plugging it into a USB port and shines intensely in shades of electric blue. The form factor of the mouse is flattened and wide; almost resembling a squashed frog. Animal comparisons aside, the Type-R actually feels quite comfortable in the hand. and fits neatly into the palm once grabbed. The design of the shape favors a palm grip immensely, and its button layout serves to drive the point even further, as the side buttons can only be easily reached with this type of grip.

Speaking of buttons, this mouse is equipped with a grand total of 6 clickers; the standard 3 on top (right, left and middle mouse buttons), an additional 2 on the left side just above the thumb rest, and 1 last button behind the scroll wheel which allows you to switch CPI on the go. Like we mentioned above, the layout of the buttons is fairly standard, but the position of the side buttons make this mouse better suited for a palm grip, as they are easier to reach when operating the mouse with this style.

The tracking device that powers the Type-R is an Avago optical sensor which can be adjusted in up to 4 sensitivity settings; the absolute lowest being 500 CPI, while the highest sensitivity it can be cranked up to is 2500 CPI. These levels of sensitivity make this peripheral a highly versatile mouse which can be used for a wide variety of gaming genres. For slower-paced games such as RTS and MOBAs, the user could easily use a medium-sensitivity level; somewhere around the 1250 CPI mark. For faster games such as shooters, the user can easily set the sensitivity to max and start racking up kills.

One of the biggest downsides of this mouse stems from its use of 2 AA batteries which, besides adding to the total weight of the mouse, can make it a real hassle to swap them out, especially in the middle of a match. Luckily, the mouse can be set to different modes of operation to prolong battery life: Off, On (no lighting), and simply On. This feature can really help to save battery, as well as ensure that they don’t run out in the middle of a session. It goes without saying that the Type-R is one of those mice that can really benefit from the use of 2 pairs of rechargeable batteries, so you can hot-swap them and use the other pair while the former recharges.

In terms of durability, there a quite a few measures in place to ensure that this mouse has a long and fruitful lifespan. For starters, the Omron microswitches installed beneath each one of its buttons bestow the Type-R with a lifespan of over 5-million clicks. Furthermore, the Type-R is equipped with 4 Teflon feet to ensure a smooth glide on most surfaces, with or without the use of a proper mousepad. These features are topped off with a small USB receiver that is surprisingly sturdy for its size, and that you can plug into your computer and forget about it until the time comes when you want to switch this mouse for another.

E-Blue Mazer Type-R Pros And Cons


  • Ergonomic design fit for the longest gaming sessions
  • Wireless capabilities with no interference, at up to 10 meters of distance from the USB receiver
  • Avago optical sensor with multiple adjustable CPI levels
  • Inexpensive alternative for those in search of a wireless gaming mouse


  • A bit weighty
  • Non-rechargeable; requires swapping batteries every so often

Final Verdict On The E-Blue Mazer Type-R

After thoroughly testing the E-Blue Mazer Type-R, we can say that, despite being created by one of the lesser-known manufacturers (at least in the West), this peripheral has given us quite a few pleasant surprises. Its design is perfect for long gaming sessions and fits perfectly in small to medium-sized hands. However, using it for precision-heavy tasks, such as designing or drawing, may cause certain fatigue. As far as gaming goes, this mouse performs very well, being apt for both fast-paced FPS, and precise enough for the slower games at low sensitivity levels.

The only downside about this product is its weight, as well as its reliance on constantly having to swap its batteries when they run out of juice. But for its small price tag, it’s well worth the tradeoff.​

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