Corsair Sabre Review 2018

Corsair is one of the most renowned companies that has dedicated its trade to producing top-quality computer components for gamers. Their catalog includes products such as RAM modules, power supply units, computer cases, fans, coolers, and much more. Among their most sought out items are the RAM modules we mentioned above; both for their high operating frequencies and low price tag. These 2 features make these components must-haves for most medium to high-end gaming systems.

The gaming peripheral market is probably the busiest in terms of the amount of products and user density and, understandably, is also the hardest to properly turn a profit on without proper R&D. Contrary to the component industry (where Corsair holds a significant stake), in the peripheral market there are only a handful of companies competing by creating a moderate amount of products destined for a niche audience; gamers, and while this audience is a rather large demographic, are still a niche that can be catered to nonetheless.

Case in point, even though Corsair has significant dominance over the component market, they still have their own entries in the peripheral industry, which are often overshadowed by other organizations dedicated exclusively to creating the best products in this category, such as Razer, Redragon, or Logitech. That’s not to say that Corsair doesn’t have its fair share of decent gaming mice, headphones and the like (the Sabre is a good example of this), but most people tend to look at Corsair for their components and turn elsewhere when looking to upgrade their peripherals.

That being said, let’s take a look at the Corsair Gaming Sabre. This gaming mouse is, in our opinion, one of the most modest entries in Corsair’s catalog, but strong enough to make it one of the top choices for an fps gaming mouse. Featuring an accessible price tag, coupled with a moderate amount of features, this is one mouse you should take a look at if you’re looking to complete your gaming setup or upgrade from a previous product.

Criteria For Judging A Gaming Mouse

Before hopping online in hopes of finding a mouse suited to your needs, we first need to understand what aspects of said products to look for in order to make the best-informed decision. The Corsair Sabre is a general purpose mouse; one that, due to its form, amount of buttons, and other features, lends itself to perform adequately on a wide variety of gaming genres. If you’re looking for a mouse that’s both versatile and user-friendly, then you’d be better off shopping for a product in this category.

That being said, in order to provide an objective assessment of the products we review, we need to break down our analysis into fragments that are both informative and easy to digest. In that sense, we need to take into consideration several aspects of the mouse in question, such as the sensor quality, the aforementioned amount of buttons, its durability, ergonomics, and general aesthetics.

Corsair Sabre Product Overview

We mentioned above that the Sabre was one of Corsair’s most modest entries in the peripheral market for a reason. In terms of design, this mouse keeps things simple; it features a black body with a matte finish, nothing fancy. Where this mouse really breaks the mold is in its size; it’s much bigger than other mice not only in its price range but in general as well. The only mouse we can think of that’s slightly larger than the Sabre is the Naos by Mionix. This mouse’s size can be a blessing for most users, but a curse for a select few, given that its design largely favors a palm grip. Users who prefer other types of grips might have a hard time adjusting to the Sabre due to its sheer size. However, on the plus side, beneath this mouse’s size lies a very lightweight frame. At only 100g total weight, this product is very maneuverable without causing any type of wrist strain or hand injury due to prolonged use.

This mouse is equipped with a laser sensor which can be adjusted to a maximum sensitivity of 8,200 CPI. This level of adjustment allows it to be used on a wide variety of genres, from FPS games to the slower-paced RTS, MOBA or MMORPG games. The max sensitivity setting allows users to perform fast, reflex-based plays, while the lower settings permit them to act with precision and outplay the competition. The laser technology implemented in this mouse allows it to track with great precision on any surface. Despite this fact, players are still recommended to use a mousepad to support the mouse, as it can remove any sort of interference that stems from chipped or damaged surfaces, as well as prevent excessive debris from building up beneath the mouse itself.

The Sabre offers a modest amount of buttons; 8 in total. This fact makes it more suited for MOBA and FPS games, as they don’t benefit a whole lot from having tons of buttons. MMORPG games, on the other hand, could see greater benefits from a mouse with more buttons, as all the character’s spells and abilities can be mapped to them for easy access. In terms of in-game performance, 8 buttons is still a handy feature, but you could do a lot better for a similar price.

Speaking of buttons, all of this mouse’s clickers can be completely customized and reprogrammed using Corsair’s Gaming Software. This nifty piece of software also allows you to modify many of your mouse’s features, such as LED coloring, in a very comprehensive manner. In terms of user access, we found that Corsair’s software is one of the most complete, compared to the other manufacturers. So if you enjoy tweaking your mouse to the fullest, then Corsair’s got your back. Other than that, it’s also worth mentioning that each of this mouse’s main buttons is equipped with high-performance micro-switches, which are tested to last for up to 20 million clicks without flaws; this is one mouse you won’t be replacing soon.

In a nutshell, we can summarize our Corsair Gaming Sabre review with the following:

Corsair Sabre Pros

  • Very lightweight for its size; only 100g total weight​
  • Simple yet effective design
  • 8 buttons that can be fully customized using Corsair’s software
  • 8,200 CPI laser sensor which tracks on most surfaces
  • Durable micro-switches tested for up to 20 million clicks

Corsair Sabre Cons

  • The mouse’s large size might complicate the use of grips other than the palm​
  • For its price, this mouse offers little upgrade from other, less expensive models
  • RGB lighting capabilities are somewhat lackluster for a mouse in this price range


We recommend purchasing the Sabre only if you have large hands and feel uncomfortable using any other gaming mouse. And even then, you could still do a lot better for a lower price. Nevertheless, if you’re a die-hard Corsair enthusiast, then you could actually do a lot worse than this mouse.

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