Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse Review 2018

For some time now, Corsair has been one of the most important companies in the business of PC components and peripherals. Among their vast repertoire of items, some are even regarded as must-haves by die-hard computer enthusiasts. Especially when it comes to their line of components; their RAM modules are some of the best in the market, and with very attractive price tags as well. They also design and manufacture other products, such as computer cases, power supply units, heatsinks, coolers, and speakers, among others.

Their line of peripherals is also worth mentioning since they offer great quality that can stand toe-to-toe with products from other companies, such as Razer. Their Vengeance line of components and peripherals is especially noteworthy for its processing speed, the high operating frequencies of their RAM modules, and for their vast amount of keyboards, mice, and headsets especially tailored for gamers.

As opposed to the M65 we reviewed on another page, the Raptor M45-5000 is not part of the Vengeance line of products. This doesn’t mean that it’s not a formidable product by itself, but we feel that for its price tag, this piece of hardware leaves quite a few things to be desired. Considering that there are cheaper products that offer the same or more features than the M45, at a less expensive price range, Corsair might have to go the extra mile and shed some light on precisely what makes this product merit the steep price tag.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of equity, let’s open the box and find out what makes this gaming mouse tick.

Criteria For Reviewing A Gaming Mouse

When it comes to general-purpose gaming hardware such as the M45, we must broaden our horizons and take into account all the features that the mouse offers, while also putting special emphasis on the features that are included especially for gamers. For a gaming mouse -or any mouse in general- we need to first examine its sensor. After all, even if a product has tons of features, its purpose is rendered moot if you can’t even track properly with it. Other important aspects we consider when performing our evaluation is the number of additional buttons, weight adjustment capabilities, the quality of its microswitches, its ergonomics, its overall durability and, less importantly, the aesthetics and design. Call us old-fashioned, but when it comes to gaming mice, we care more about beating the competition, and not so much about looking good while doing so.

Corsair Raptor M45 Product Overview

In all the categories mentioned above, the M45 certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s an all-around great mouse that offers seven programmable buttons that can be mapped to perform certain actions or macros. Enough for it to make our top fps gaming mouse list. Judging from the number of buttons, we can safely assume that this mouse can be used for all types of games, but leans towards the MOBA and FPS genre of gaming, which seldom requires lots of buttons to improve your gameplay experience. MMORPG gameplay, on the other hand, can really benefit from having 10+ buttons on your mouse, so the most important skills can all be set at finger’s reach. If you like to exclusively play World of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy XIV, then you might want to consider looking for a mouse with more buttons than the M45.

This mouse comes equipped with an optical sensor which can be adjusted as high as 5,000 CPI. The amount of sensitivity offered by the M45 is sufficient for all but the fastest-paced games. For FPS games, some players may require additional sensitivity to complement the game’s rhythm. In our particular case, we have no qualms with having a 5,000 CPI cap. But we can understand why some might drop this product for another with more sensitivity, especially considering that there are cheaper alternatives in the market that can reach more than 10,000 CPI. Disregarding the CPI limit, this optical sensor will ensure that your mouse tracks with fluidity in precision in most surfaces.

In terms of design and customization, the M45 has plenty to offer. Its 3-piece weight adjustment system can be used to tweak both the mouse’s weight and its center of mass, for those gamers that want to operate their mouse in specific ways. The design favors an ergonomic palm grip. The grooves on the product’s left side offer a resting place for your thumb, which comes as a godsend, especially for those long gaming sessions. However, the comfort provided by the thumb rest also helps to make us wish we also had a rest for the pinky finger, a feature that this mouse is sadly missing. Furthermore, even if the mouse favors a palm grip, we found that it’s overall a bit small, which means that users with big hands might have a hard time getting a proper grip. If you’re planning on buying this mouse, we recommend operating it with a claw grip; you’ll have a much better experience.

Corsair Raptor M45 Pros

The features offered by this mouse make it useful for a wide variety of games. Its sensor is precise and tracks on all surfaces, the design is comfortable as long as you don’t have overly large hands, and its seven programmable buttons will allow you to excel in a competitive environment. We particularly enjoy the micro-switches on this mouse, which deliver a satisfying, crisp clicking sound under our fingers.

Corsair Raptor M45 Cons

In a nutshell, we can describe the M45 as an all-around good mouse. But for a high priced product, we feel that users will be buying more of the brand than a high-end gaming mouse. There are tons of gaming mice that offer more features than the M45, and at a fraction of the price. Nevertheless, if you’re inclined to purchase a Corsair mouse, then you pretty much can’t go wrong with the M45.


Choosing a gaming mouse to complete your computer setup can be a daunting task, especially considering the vast amount of products available on the market. However, we hope that our article helped to explain some of the most important features to look for in a mouse. And if you’re inclined to purchase this item, in particular, be sure to consult with our Corsair M45-5000 review before sealing the deal.

Happy shopping!

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