Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse Review 2018

Corsair is one of the most important peripheral manufacturing companies to date. Leaning more towards gaming components and equipment, this organization has dedicated its trade to creating items such as high-speed RAM modules, power supply units, heatsinks and coolers, and a wide variety of peripherals, such as headphones, gaming mice, mouse pads, and so on. Its official name is Corsair Components Inc. and they are based out of Fremont, California, while also keeping a production facility in Taiwan.

The only reason we’re mentioning this small piece of history is to show you that we’re not talking about a small company here. Corsair produces some of the best peripherals and components in the market. For instance, their RAM modules are some of the most sought out by gamers, both for their high speed frequencies, and for their accessible price. And the same could be said of most of their other lines of products.

The bottom line is that Corsair produces quality; and any product designed and manufactured by this company will seldom leave anything to be desired.

Case in point, the M65 Gaming Mouse was clearly created for FPS gamers and made our list of the top fps gaming mice. Its ergonomic grip, coupled with lightweight aluminum frame, weight-tuning system, and dedicated sniping button will bestow the user with the edge needed to outplay the competition. But before we get into the review, let’s discuss a bit what makes a gaming mouse stand out among the competition.

Criteria For Judging A Gaming Mouse

As we mentioned above, this mouse was created for FPS gamers. In that sense, the presence of additional buttons won’t be considered as heavily towards this mouse’s overall score as much as, say, an MMORPG mouse, where extra buttons can really come in handy. Other aspects that we usually consider when reviewing a gaming mouse is its sensor type, CPI adjusting capabilities, ergonomics, quality of build, and aesthetics.

In a nutshell, the M65 delivers on all these fronts. We’re talking about a product specifically built for appealing to a certain gamer demographic, FPS player. As such, most of the aspects of this mouse will be tailored to provide an edge in these type of games. However, the obvious purpose of this mouse and all the components that make it what it is are encased in an elegant shell, with a conservative design that can fit even in the workplace without drawing any unwanted attention. If you’re looking for a mouse that can help you beat the competition both on the battlefield and in the office, then the M65 might be the one you’re looking.

Let’s take a closer look at what this mouse has to offer:

Corsair M65 Product Overview

It occurs to me that the best way to start a Corsair M65 gaming mouse review is by pointing out its sniper button. This feature is what makes this mouse great for FPS games, as it allows users to instantly lower the product’s CPI for improved aiming on those long range sniper shots. When you need precision over speed, all you have to do is keep the button pressed, and let go after the shot has been taken to return to your regular sensitivity. Anyone that has played an FPS knows the hardships of long-range sniping, and will openly welcome this feature.

Nevertheless, improved sensitivity settings don’t mean anything if you don’t have a good sensor to back it up. The M65 is equipped with a high-grade 12,000 CPI optical sensor, which offers professional-level tracking capabilities on most surfaces. Optical sensors tend to be a bit more precise in their tracking compared to their laser counterparts. The obvious tradeoff is that optical sensor can’t track on certain reflective surfaces, while laser sensors can perform optimally on any surface. In any case, you should still always use a mouse pad, as they can prevent debris and grime from building up under the mouse, extending its lifetime in the process.

When it comes to additional buttons, this mouse only has a total of 8, which make it more than suitable for FPS games, but lagging behind on other genres, such as RPGs. That being said, if you’re in the market for a general purpose gaming mouse, then you’d be best off with other options, such as the Logitech G303 Daedalus. If, however, you need a peripheral that will help you garner respect on the battlefield and keep fragging the competition, while avoiding being fragged yourself, this is your mouse.

Another cool feature about the M65 worth mentioning is that it allows the user to carefully tweak its center of mass and weight via its weight-tuning system. This feature consists of 3 small weights that can be attached to certain slots on the bottom of the mouse.

Corsair M65 Pros

Now that we know what this mouse has to offer, let’s recap on its highlights:

  • Highly precise optical sensor which can be adjusted up to 12,000 CPI​
  • Weight-tuning system to adjust both the weight and center of mass of the mouse
  • Dedicated sniper button to land those tricks shots on the battlefield
  • Just enough buttons for FPS games
  • Ergonomic shape to promote a good grip with no wrist strain

Corsair M65 Cons

Like with most medium-range peripherals, the M65 suffers from a few shortcomings that, depending on your preferred gaming genre, could potentially dissuade you from purchasing this mouse:

  • While having just enough buttons for FPS games, the M65 falls behind on other genres, such as MMORPGs, where more buttons can give you an edge​
  • The Corsair software used to customized this mouse’s features can be somewhat unintuitive and difficult to navigate
  • No left-handed option


Despite its shortcomings, we can say for certain that the M65 is a great mouse both for gaming and for office use. Its advantages far outweigh its weaknesses, and its high-quality components will ensure that you will receive your money’s worth in a good product. And speaking of quality, this is one mouse that you won’t be replacing anytime soon; The Omron micro-switches installed beneath each button are tested for over 20 million clicks, effectively bestowing the mouse with a lifetime that could extend to years of gaming.

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