Cooler Master CM Storm Recon Review 2018

Today we’re going to take a look at Cooler Master’s CM Storm Recon gaming mouse. CM Storm is this company’s line of gaming peripherals, dedicated to enhancing the abilities of those who use them. This mouse, created with an ambidextrous design and a rubberized finish to increase grip, is equipped with Japanese Omron micro-switches, and an Avago optical sensor. Using Cooler Master’s software the player can store up to 36 macros and 5 different profiles, for hot-swapping functions when switching games. Furthermore, the RGB LED lighting can be customized in up to 16.7 million color combinations.

For those who don’t know, Cooler Master is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of gaming peripherals and aftermarket PC components, which include power supply units, heatsinks, and coolers, among others. The quality of this organization’s products -especially their coolers- is without compare, and this has made Cooler Market the de-facto cooling solution OEM for big-name companies, such as Nvidia, AMD, and EVGA. This company’s reputation, coupled with the unerring quality of their products, makes Cooler Master a force to be reckoned within the component industry.

With all the things mentioned above, we know without a doubt now that CM produces some of the best components out there. But, for a company that makes such great computer parts, how do their line of peripherals measure up?

​Take a look at our CM Storm Recon review and find out.

How We Judge Our Gaming Mice

Depending on the type of product we’re handling, our criteria for building reviews will vary accordingly. For gaming mice such as the Recon, we expect to find some features that can be used to increase the gamer’s quality of life and, in essence, enhance their skills. In practice, this translates to increased care put into aspects such as the quality of the mouse’s sensor, a reasonable amount of additional buttons, an ergonomic design to promote comfort throughout the longest sessions without causing any type of wrist strain and an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

The CM Storm Recon excels in most of these areas. Its versatility, coupled with a decent sensor and powerful software make this mouse a great choice for those looking to upgrade their current setup.

But don’t take our word for it; let’s take a closer look at what this product has in store for us.

CM Storm Recon Product Overview

The first thing that always grabs our attention about gaming mice is its design; mainly because it’s the very first aspect we get to see after taking it out of the box. In this regard, the Recon has an aggressive aesthetic, featuring a rugged exterior, combined with a rubberized texture to improve the grip of the user. The result is a mouse that feels both sturdy and comfortable at the same time, with subtle contours to help this ambidextrous mouse fit snugly into either hand. The wire of the Recon is your standard black rubber cable, which could potentially cause tangling problems in the long run. Furthermore, rubber tends to break, and breakages can cause severed cables, leading to an untimely demise if the user doesn’t take proper care of it. This fact only makes us wish this mouse was equipped with a nice braided cable.

Given that this is an ambidextrous mouse, the design is symmetrical, featuring 2 additional buttons on each side of the peripheral, adding up to a grand total of 9 buttons, including the two CPI switches located behind the scroll wheel. The only downside we can find about the button layout -which also applies to all ambidextrous mice with this design- is that, unless you have unusually nimble fingers, there will always be 2 hard-to-reach buttons, which are the ones located on the pinky/ring finger rest. Other than that, the button availability is really nothing to write home about; 3 main mouse buttons, with 2 CPI switches and 2 easily-accessible buttons on the thumb rest is as standard as it can be for a mid-range mouse like this one.

Down below on the underside of this product is where the magic happens. The Recon features 3 Teflon pads to ensure a smooth glide across all surfaces, and the Avago sensor provides a magnificent tracking experience on most surfaces. Said sensor can be adjusted to a max sensitivity setting of 4,000 CPI, from a minimum of 800. In our opinion, this is more than enough sensitivity to effectively perform any task, or play any game for that matter. Nevertheless, there are some gamers that might prefer a higher sensitivity ceiling, especially considering that there are mice that offer up to 16,400 CPI for a similar price tag.

Most aspects of this mouse’s functions can be customized using Cooler Master’s software which, oddly enough, isn’t included with the purchase. In order to gain access to this feature, users must go to CM’s website and download it. After installing it, we noticed that we can change almost everything about the Recon’s functions, which includes, but is not limited to button mapping, illumination settings, custom CPI levels, macro creation, profile swapping, and so on.

CM Storm Recon Pros

  • Comfortable ambidextrous design​
  • Reliable Avago sensor with maximum sensitivity of 4,000 CPI
  • Aesthetically pleasing LED illumination capabilities.

CM Storm Recon Cons

  • The lack of a braided cable, coupled with micro switches tested for a reliable lifespan of 5 million clicks, make this mouse somewhat frail under the hood


The CM Storm Recon gaming mouse has an appealing and colorful design, alongside a decent amount of features. Despite having a rather low sensitivity ceiling, we found that 4,000 CPI was more than enough for most tasks, including playing fast-paced shooter games. However, the lack of durability features, coupled with awkward button placement, make us think that this was not one of Cooler Master’s greatest creations. Instead, we believe this was just the company’s efforts to grab a slice of the peripheral pie. Nevertheless, it’s a decent mouse all-around and, for a reasonable retail price, you could actually do a lot worse than this one. If you didn't quite find what you were looking for, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the top best rated left handed mice for gaming,

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