Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse Review 2019

Redragon as a manufacturer of gaming peripherals has always been one for keeping to the sidelines, quietly creating products that are both of good quality and affordable for gamers on a tight budget. The company itself isn’t new by any means. Redragon has been around in the United States since 1996, building products for other brands. In more recent years, this company has decided to forgo the use of a middleman in the effort to provide the Redragon experience directly to the consumer. This means that the organization turned from researching and producing components for other companies to manufacturing high-quality gaming peripherals for both entry-level and professional gamers alike.

That being said, the Mammoth comes off as a cheap gaming mouse, and judging from the low price, we really can’t blame the user for jumping to conclusions. This price range is usually reserved for generic office mice or other similar components; finding a good gaming mouse for this price was next to impossible, until Redragon stepped into the scene. With this company’s expertise in creating great peripherals for low prices, you can rest assured in knowing that the M801 is much more than meets the eye.

Decent gaming mice are expected to offer certain features that sets them apart from the work-oriented counterparts, such as color customization capabilities, adjustable sensitivity settings, and so on. Redragon has managed to fit these elements (and many more) into inexpensive products that would cost 2, or perhaps 3 times as much, were it produced by another company. But we’ve rambled enough about the price already; I know what you’re thinking: “Just how does this mouse stand up against mice from higher price ranges?” and we’ll get to that. But first, let’s briefly elaborate on the criteria we took into consideration when creating our Redragon M801 Mammoth review.

Criteria For Reviewing Gaming Mice

As is expected from reviewers such as ourselves, we can’t base our content solely on personal opinions, lest we run the risk of rendering our work irrelevant to the reader. In that sense, we have defined a set of standards for use when reviewing peripherals such as this one. In short, general purpose gaming mice like the M801 are expected to deliver on a few aspects, such as like the ones we mentioned earlier: color customization, adjustable sensitivity, alongside others such as general ergonomics, weight adjustment options, an amount of additional buttons, and design aesthetics.

A decent effort by a manufacturer in these areas would allow them to create a mouse that is useful in most gaming genres, while also boasting colorful visuals and aesthetics to appeal to most users.

Now that the criteria are established, let’s dive into the review proper.

Redragon M801 Mammoth Product Overview

​Right off the bat, by taking a quick look at the mouse, we can tell that this is a sturdy piece of hardware. The peripheral is completely made of plastic which, in most cases, would be regarded as a flimsy construction. In the Mammoth’s case, the plastic is also covered with a rough coating that adds extra grip and ruggedness. The micro-switches used by Redragon for the main buttons are a bit flimsy; in rare cases, the mouse would register clicks when I was distractedly sliding my fingers on the buttons. Furthermore, each click is met with a dull sound, instead of the crisp clicking sounds that are commonly found in other mice.

The design of the mouse itself is standard; if you look at all other mice from Redragon, you will notice there is a common factor in terms of ergonomics; they all share a similar shape. This isn’t to say that the product is uncomfortable, because it isn’t. The design itself is very ergonomic, with finger rests on both sides; for your thumb and for your ring and pinky fingers. Although comfortable, this design choice results in one rather bothersome drawback; the rests on both sides of the mouse encourage a palm grip. Gamers that prefer holding the mouse in different ways might encounter difficulties getting used to the M801 Mammoth.

For added comfort and customization, the M801’s weight can be adjusted using an 8-piece weight tuning system. By attaching up to 8 weights to a holster which fits into the bottom compartment of your mouse, you can add or remove weight, as well as modify the center of mass of the mouse. This feature is great for gamers that like their peripherals to feel weighty so it can slide smoothly on the tracking surface.

Despite all the extra features a gaming mouse can offer, they are all irrelevant if the peripheral itself has poor tracking power, resulting in imprecise and jerky cursor movements. The tech experts at Redragon know this, and consequently, they equip their mice with some of the best sensors currently available on the market. The Mammoth features a laser sensor which can track with great precision on most surfaces. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted at up to 16,400 CPI which, admittedly, is much more than you’ll ever need. But still, it’s nice to have a mouse that can climb up to those absurd levels of sensitivity.

The LEDs, as well as most aspects of this mouse’s internal workings, can be customized via Redragon’s software which, surprisingly, is actually more intuitive than other companies’ software. Among a few of the things you can adjust using Redragon’s app we found the following: sensitivity, LED colors, button mapping, mouse acceleration, scrolling speed, double click speed, and polling rate. What’s more, the configurations can be saved in up to 5 profiles, for easy swapping between different gaming genres or tasks.

Redragon M801 Mammoth Pros

Here's what you get:

  • Highly-precise laser sensor which can be adjusted up to 16,400 CPI​
  • Great ergonomic design, with finger rests on both sides of the mouse
  • 9 programmable buttons which can be customized using Redragon’s software
  • Great quality of build; this mouse is tight, compact, and doesn’t feel flimsy at all

Redragon M801 Mammoth Cons

  • The main buttons’ micro-switches can feel a bit lightweight at times​
  • The finger rests encourage the use of a palm grip exclusively


I know that, during the course of this review, we’ve been rambling non-stop about the price of this peripheral. But, in all honesty, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else, considering that the features offered by this the M801 Mammoth rival those of its higher-priced counterparts, such as those offered by Razer or Logitech. If you’re in the market for a great gaming mouse but are working on a tight budget, then be sure to give Redragon’s catalog a look; you might just find what you’re looking for and save a few bucks in the process. 

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