Redragon M701 Lavawolf Review 2019

​In the last couple of years, the gaming peripheral industry has been gaining popularity and fame, from the usual hardcore gamers, entry-level users, and the casual crowd alike. Today there are lots of hardware manufacturers competing for dominance in the market, with tens, if not hundreds of products populating it 24/7. Consequently, choosing the perfect peripheral suited to your needs can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t know what to look for. If you’re like the average user, you could just opt to shell out a few extra bucks to invest in a good brand and be done with it. But if you’re anything like us (stingy), then you’ll want to scour the market for the absolute best deals that will give you great value for your money. This mouse was also featured in our best cheap gaming mouse guide.

Redragon is the epitome of budget gaming hardware. This Chinese company was founded in 1996 as a manufacturer of electronics and components for other organizations. At the turn of the century, they upgraded their American factories with manipulator production lines, and started created their own line of budget gaming peripherals that offered similar quality to the big fish such as Razer or Steelseries, but at a fraction of the cost. In most cases, cheaper price means less quality or durability, but Redragon has somehow managed to find the sweet spot between these 2 elements, and have managed to create a whole line of products that both perform well, and can stand the test of time.

The M701 Lavawolf belongs to Redragon’s mid-range of products and acts as a great general-purpose mouse that can also provide a certain degree of versatility on the battlefield. The main strengths of this peripheral are the decent CPI settings and quite a few programmable buttons. While its main weaknesses revolve around its lack of features compared to other mice, its simplicity is not unexpected, considering that the Lavawolf is a cheap mouse.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mouse

Whenever we create a new review of any given mouse that comes into our hands, we always need to consider a few aspects in order to provide an objective and informative opinion. In that sense, and for general purpose mice such as the M701, we have to examine several key areas, the most important of which include the quality of the sensor, the mouse ergonomics, and the amount of additional buttons provided by the hardware. Other less important features include design aesthetics, and weight adjustment capabilities, among others.

Redragon M701 Lavawolf Product Overview

Without diving too much into specifics just yet, let’s start this Redragon M701 Lavawolf review by saying that this piece of hardware is a great product. One would not expect that a cheap mouse like this would provide performance that could rival some of the big fish in the industry. Nevertheless, this peripheral can easily stand tall among its peers.

The Lavawolf is equipped with a decent Avago optical sensor, which means that it can track on most surfaces with great precision. The exception to this would be reflective surfaces such as glass tables or polished wood since the sensor can’t track on these properly without a laser. The sensor can be adjusted to a maximum sensitivity of 3,500 CPI, which is more than enough for most users. Granted, some might prefer to be able to squeeze out higher sensitivity levels from their peripherals (and there are quite a few mice that can provide absurd levels of sensitivity), but in our particular case, we actually didn’t mind the low ceiling. Furthermore, this mouse is fitted with Omron micro-switches beneath each of its buttons, which provide a long lifetime of up to 20 million clicks without flaw. The braided cable and smooth Teflon pads are just icing on the cake, and make this peripheral as sturdy and durable as most high-end mice.

The M701 features 7 fully programmable buttons, which can be configured to execute different actions or macros through Redragon’s software. Admittedly, the number of buttons is somewhat meager but is still more than enough for shooter games, or MOBAs, where there is seldom need for extra buttons. However, if you wish to buy a peripheral to increase your performance in MMORPGs, then you might be better off with a mouse that offers more buttons, such as the M901 PERDITION by Redragon.

The aesthetics of the Lavawolf are really nothing to write home about. If you’re familiar with Redragon products already, you might notice that there is a pattern in terms of design; most of their products look and feel similar to each other. This is because, in a way, all their gaming mice feature only a few variations upon a standard design. This fact only affects the aesthetics, because, in terms of ergonomics, these peripherals are actually quite comfortable. The M701 features small grooves on the sides where your fingers can get a good grip. These crevices also serve as finger rests for added comfort.

Redragon M701 Lavawolf Pros

  • Avago optical sensor that can be adjusted up to a max sensitivity of 3,500 CPI​
  • Omron micro-switches tested for up to 20 million clicks
  • Contoured form for maximum comfort and grip
  • 7 fully programmable buttons
  • Braided wires and sturdy construction for maximum durability

Redragon M701 Lavawolf Cons

  • Compared to other mice on the market, the M701 is lacking in features​
  • The lightning bolt design may not appeal to everyone


Redragon products are famous for providing great quality at very cheap prices. The M701 is not an exception to this premise, and as such, is a very good mouse, designed for entry-level gamers, seasoned veterans, or simply people who want a reliable tool to get some work done in the office. The main drawback is its lack of features when compared to other mice on the market.

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