Promotional photograph of a person wearing the Razer Project Hazel mask, complete with RGB lights.

Razer Project Hazel “smart mask” launches in Q4 of 2021

Originally unveiled at CES 2021, Project Hazel seemed like Razer’s yearly concept product. The highly relevant smart mask was unveiled without a promise to actually launch. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan later promised that the high-tech mask would be mass-produced, with a release window only now in sight. Razer expects the Project Hazel smart mask to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.  

Razer cited the release window when tweeting about Project Hazel, inquiring interested gamers to sign up for their program. Over on the official webpage, users can opt-in for notifications on a “limited drop” of the high-tech mask. The product page itself is also updated with images of a slightly altered design, with some older imagery now labelled as “Concept Only”.

It’s unclear whether the feature set has been altered too. Project Hazel was originally unveiled to feature active ventilation, full air purification, integrated microphone and voice amplifier, and Razer Chroma RGB lighting. In addition, Razer announced the mask with seperate carrying case, that would wirelessly charge the device and sterilize it through UV light. 

Product render of the Razer Project Hazel smart mask.

Of all these features, at least RGB is prominently visible in the updated imagery. An updated render also shows some kind of air filtration pad that appears to be replaceable, with a fan underneath. Whether this is the final design, is unsure at this point.

Razer didn’t give any further indication of when we should expect Project Hazel in Q4. As for the price, that too remains a mystery. The smart mask is already running a bit late for some regions of the world, so business-wise, Razer might have to make a lot of tough choices. We will keep you posted, should Razer make any big announcements on Project Hazel — or whatever the mask ends up being called.

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