Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse Review 2019

The Ouroboros by Razer reason is a good example of why you should drop the extra money to purchase a great gaming peripheral, instead of sticking with your generic $20 clicker. But in a world where there are tons of mice available on the market, all with their strengths and weaknesses, how do you, as a manufacturer of gaming hardware, convince someone to purchase your $150 product, instead of shelling out $40 for a cheaper variant and calling it a day? Well, stick around for long enough and you’ll find out exactly what makes the Ouroboros so great.

The Ouroboros was released in 2012, which is the same year that the Mamba 2012, the Taipan and the Naga Hex were released. Compared to its peers, the Ouroboros doesn’t feature any nifty additions such as tons of buttons and flashy LEDs. Despite this, it is still among the the best gaming mice I’ve had the honor of testing. Mind you, there are still quite a few people that complain about this mouse, claiming that, for its price, the Ouroboros doesn’t offer nearly enough features as it should. Nevertheless, if I have to mention one thing that this mouse does exceedingly well, it’s definitely providing the comfort factor. This product forgoes all the flashy features and unnecessary knick-knacks, and condenses all the Razer mouse technology into an elegant ambidextrous package that provides great comfort and ease of use, without looking bulky or overdone.

There’s still quite a lot to say about this mouse. But in the spirit of providing a fair review of the Razer Ouroboros Elite, let’s first touch upon the criteria we use to judge the products that come under our hands.

Criteria For Judging Gaming Mice

We create our reviews based on certain features that we believe most -if not all- gaming mice should provide. Things like additional buttons, high-performance sensors, customizability, quality of build, ergonomics, and design aesthetics, among others, are some of the most important factors. Since in this particular case we’re talking about a wireless mouse, then we also need to factor in battery life, power usage, and weight; the last one because wireless mice tend to be heavier than their wired cousins.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Product Overview

In most of these aspects, the Ouroboros excels. Like we mentioned above, this mouse is not about cramming tons of features onto its back and offering itself to the user. This one is more about providing a wide range of amenities, while retaining an elegant design and overall aesthetics. That’s not to say that this isn’t the most comfortable mouse you will ever use in your life; because it is. The amount of grip and form customization offered by the Ouroboros make it one of the most versatile pieces of hardware currently available on the market, rivaled only by a few creations of quirky manufacturers such as Mad Catz, but that’s a whole ’nother story. But I digress; this mouse is equipped with the possibility of modifying both its length and its side rests. The result is an ambidextrous peripheral that can be easily adjusted to hands of all shapes and sizes.

Owning such a hybrid mouse that can function both wired and wirelessly, you will still need to access this product’s battery compartment. And here we come across one of the Ouroboros’ flaws; you need a screwdriver to replace the batteries. The compartment is closed with a screw that needs to be removed before accessing it. This isn’t an oversight of any kind; the international version of the Ouroboros is equipped with a spring latch that provides easy access to the battery. The US release, however, requires the aforementioned screwdriver. In any case, if not for replacing the battery, you would still need to whip out your tools, because it’s the only way to adjust the mouse’s length and side rests, which is something you’ll definitely want to do.

For a wireless mouse, this product sure boasts a long battery life. Razer states that the Ouroboros can last up to 12 hours of continuous gaming which, in our opinion, is actually a pretty impressive feat, considering that this mouse is powered by a single AA battery. When your mouse juice starts to run low, all you have to do is stick the device on the port, and let it charge up. If you’re in the middle of combat and can’t dock the mouse, all you have to do is plug it via USB to the computer, and keep on gaming as the mouse recharges. The latter solution is also a handy way to turn your Ouroboros into a wired version of itself, for those who like to game on their desktop, but that also value the comfort of wireless peripherals.

This mouse is equipped with an 8,200 CPI laser sensor, which allows tracking on all types of surfaces with no interference. The tracking capabilities of the Ouroboros are complemented by Razer’s own 4G technology, which optimizes the mouse’s tracking precision even through high-speed maneuvers. Another great thing about this peripheral is its DPI Clutch Trigger, which allows the user to toggle sensitivity at a whim, for those moments where precision above speed is paramount to achieving victory. To use this feature, all you have to do is hold down the button when you need to perform precise moves, and let it go once the deed is done.

Last but not least, this gaming mouse features a decent amount of buttons, 9 to be exact. There are 2 on each side of the mouse and 5 on top. The problem with an ambidextrous mouse with buttons on either side is that, for most users, one side of the gadget will be rendered useless, unless said user has extremely dextrous ring and pinky fingers. Nevertheless, the amount of buttons provided by this mouse would make it a good candidate for FPS games, which don’t make much use of these extra clickers. For MMORPGs, you’ll be more well off with a better mouse, which is easier said than done because, dang, you just can’t beat that comfort.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Pros

  • Powerful 8,200 CPI laser sensor ideal for playing a wide variety of gaming genres, or for simply browsing the web​
  • A total of 9 fully customizable buttons
  • Length adjustment capabilities for adapting to most hands
  • 12 hour battery life, with the option of recharging via docking or USB connection
  • Ambidextrous design via the removable side panels; you switch dominant hands by adding or removing the side panels, or simply leave them off for quick switching between hands

Razer Ouroboros Elite Cons

  • This mouse is fairly large, and forces your hand into a palm grip, which could take some getting used to at first​
  • Some might not like the idea of using a wired mouse
  • The price will definitely put this mouse out of reach for many users


The Ouroboros offers a great deal of features for the gamers that want to get the most out of their gaming setup. The elegant design, coupled with ambidextrous capabilities, a decent amount of buttons, and unbeatable comfort factor, make this mouse one of the best choice you can make.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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