Razer Mamba Review 2019

The Mamba by Razer resembles an advanced version of the DeathAdder, with a similar button layout, identical ergonomics, and a similar frame, while still keeping a few tricks under its sleeve to dazzle users who are currently browsing the market for a great professional gaming mouse. And it’s no wonder that the standard wired Mamba is appointed by Razer as the Tournament Edition of its kind; this company clearly pulled out all the stops in order to create a product that is useful not only for general purpose gaming, but that delivers quality performance in a competitive environment as well.

That being said, the Mamba features a few key differences that set it apart from its predecessor. For starters, this mouse has two versions, a wired and a wireless variant, which is great, considering that not all gamers play in their home, sitting at their desk, and instead enjoy gaming outside on their laptops, where maneuverability and comfort are key to achieving victory. Another difference with the Adder is that the Mamba has a textured scroll wheel that juts out from between the two main buttons. The Mamba also features improved lighting customization which allows the user to not only customize the logo’s LED lights, but the side LED panel’s colors as well.

In a nutshell, judging solely on appearance, this mouse is just an elegant version of the DeathAdder. However, beneath the hood lie several improvements that make the Mamba a much better alternative for those looking to excel on the battlefield.

Before we get into out Razer Mamba review, let’s take a few moments to elaborate on our criteria for judging these products. See what it took to be one of the best fps gaming mice on the market.

Criteria For Reviewing A Gaming Mouse

For a general purpose mouse like the Mamba (the fact that it’s a gaming mouse doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for anything else), we like to consider several aspects that make it great for a wide variety of tasks, include gaming in multiple genres. Aspects like the sensor type and quality, the amount of extra buttons, customization options, ergonomics, and general durability are all things we keep in mind every time we write a product review.

In terms of usability, this mouse is perfect for any environment, from the workplace to the weekly CS:GO tournament. However, when it comes to gaming, its moderate amount of buttons (9) make it better suited for FPS games rather than MMORPGs, where more buttons mean increased probability of achieving victory. This is further backed by the Mamba’s powerful laser sensor, which allows it to track with great precision at high levels of sensitivity; perfect for those situations where you need to make split-second high-speed moves, the likes of which are very common when playing shooters online.

Razer Mamba Product Overview

As we mentioned above, the Razer Mamba is equipped with a powerful laser sensor, which can be adjusted up to a maximum sensitivity of 16,000 CPI. This is a direct step up from the DeathAdder, which can only be adjusted to 10,000 CPI. Additionally, Razer states that, in terms of precision, this sensor is among the world’s most powerful components in this category. A statement which is backed by the fact that it can track up to 210 inches per second. In layman’s terms, this mouse will not jitter or show any kind of interference, no matter how hard or fast you slide it across the tracking surface.

The Mamba is equipped with 9 buttons, all of which can be customized using Razer’s software. The scroll wheel features a rubberized texture, with several nubs jutting out, for ease of use. Its use is further complemented by the tilt feature, which makes scrolling through long documents or emails a breeze. While the amount of buttons is moderate at best, it’s still enough for most tasks and allows you to easily play most genres of games with success. Nevertheless, if you plan on purchasing a mouse exclusively to play hotkey-heavy games such as MMORPGs, you might be better off with other options, such as the Razer Naga, which features 17 buttons, 12 of which are arranged in a neat 4x3 grid on the side panel.

In terms of ergonomics, the Mamba is very similar to the DeathAdder. It features a big body which favors a palm grip but makes it difficult to hold the mouse in any other way. The main buttons are big and flared in titular Razer manner, and the mouse itself is shaped in a way that fits neatly in the palm of most gamers’ hands. You definitely won’t feel any sort of wrist strain with the Mamba, even after those long gaming sessions.

We mentioned that this mouse has a wireless variant, which goes for more than double the wired version’s price. The two versions are very similar, and the only thing that one has over the other is wireless capabilities. Other than that, they are both the same product.

Razer Mamba Pros

  • Powerful 16,000 CPI laser sensor that allows precise tracking on all surfaces​
  • 9 fully customizable buttons
  • Ergonomically optimized for use with a palm grip without causing any type of wrist strain
  • Chroma lighting capabilities allow the user to create interesting and unique color combinations

Razer Mamba Cons

  • Despite the improved sensor, the Mamba has little to offer over the DeathAdder​
  • The mouse’s ergonomics discourage the use of grips other than the palm variant


The Mamba is definitely one of the best products Razer has to offer, both in terms of form and function. It offers a good amount of features and customization capabilities, all wrapped up in a very elegant package. And while the design favors a specific type of grip over the others, we found that this was a minor issue, considering the amount of comfort provided by this product. In short, we recommend this mouse if you’re looking for a peripheral to suit all your gaming needs.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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