Razer Goliathus Gaming Mouse Pad Review 2019

Ahh, Razer. I believe this company requires no introduction. But for the people new to the world of computer gaming, this California-based company is the manufacturer of some of the best gaming peripherals and accessories on the market. Most of their products are geared towards helping gamers, both amateurs and veterans alike, to enhance their performance in any given game, and allow them to outmatch their rivals on the battlefield. Among its catalog of products, Razer offers its customers items that range from top-quality gaming mice, headsets, and keyboards, to mechanical keypads, VOIP software and, as you may have surmised from the title of this article, gaming mousepads. Keep reading to see why it made it to the top of our best mousepad review.

And speaking of which, this last category is often overlooked by most people as an important accessory to complete any given gaming setup. And we don’t blame them, considering that most mousepads often look like a simple piece of cloth for your mouse to slide upon. Nevertheless, the fellas at Razer know the advantages that a good mouse mat can provide to the user, and have developed a whole line of said products, aimed to improve upon the player’s skills. Most of their mousepads fall into two distinct categories, the ones with speed-type surfaces, and the ones with control-type surfaces.

Speed-type surfaces: These are mousepads which feature smooth, flat, and almost frictionless surfaces which offer next to no resistance to the mouse that slides upon it. These types of mousepads are perfect for games which constantly require the player to execute swift movements and to hit multiple targets in motion, such as shooters like Overwatch or CS:GO.

Control-type surfaces: These are the direct opposite to the previous category, and feature mats with rough surfaces which provide a degree of friction to the movements of any mouse. The resulting friction helps to offset the force applied by the player in order to move slide the mouse across the pad, resulting in slower, yet more precise movements, ideal for slower-paced games such as MOBAs or MMORPGs.

The Goliathus falls into the former category and was created with a heavily textured fabric weave, which provides the smoothest possible surface for the user’s mouse to slide on with great speed and precision alike.

But before we get into our Razer Goliathus Review, let’s elaborate on a few topics that you should know before investing in a gaming mousepad.

Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mousepad

We mentioned above that these accessories are often overlooked as fads that don’t actually improve any of the player’s skills. And while this may be the case for many skeptic users, the reality is that a good mousepad offers a lot of tangible benefits as long as the user knows what to look for when buying one of these mats.

So, why should you invest an extra $10 to $20 on a good mousepad? Well, for starters, even the most basic mouse mats can help to greatly improve the life of your mouse, as it can prevent excess debris, grime, and other undesirables from gathering on its feet or in its many creases. The high-end mousepads, however, can definitely help to improve the player’s skills by providing an enhanced surface for the mouse to slide upon. Said surface can help the user to achieve his targets with great speed and precision by providing, depending on the type of material, a slick or rougher tracking surface. Additionally, some mousepads actually offer comfort in the form of a wrist rest, which can be used to prevent the onset of hand and wrist diseases due to long and frequent computer sessions, either when working or gaming. And, for those who already suffer from hand conditions, the wrist rest can help to alleviate the existing symptoms, turning the use of a computer into a bearable experience without excess discomfort.

In order to make the very best choice when purchasing a mousepad, you need to keep in mind aspects of your potential new mat. Specifically, we must take into consideration the size of the mat, the material it’s made from, the pad’s portability, and its aesthetic design. If your potential candidates checks out on all these aspects, then you could say you have a great product in your hands.

Razer Goliathus Product Overview

​The Goliathus was created solely with gamers in mind. For this reason, the guys at Razer designed this product with the very best materials and technology available, including their heavily textured cloth weave, no-slip rubberized bottom coating, and anti-fraying stitched frame, all of which are packed into a very elegant mat which can be rolled up and stored in its box for added portability.

​And speaking of the container, even the box this mousepad comes in exudes quality. It comes with an awesome design in shades of black and green, which are Razer’s flagship colors. On the front face of the box, we can see a picture of the product, as well as its name printed in big silver letters. We can also find several lines of text explaining the main defining features of the mousepad. On one side of the container, we can find pictures of the 3 sizes that this product comes in, the Goliathus (small), the Standard Goliathus (medium), and the Goliathus ɑ (large). On the opposite side, we can find testimonies from some of the world’s best cyber-athletes including Olga Pak, a member of the Mousesports Counter Strike 1.6 team. Like with most gaming accessories, we can find product specifications, as well as tons of relevant information on the back of the box, so there’s nothing new there.

​After taking the mousepad out from its cardboard container, we did just as the box instructed and “felt the difference”

This pad is smooth, real smooth. Sliding your hands across the fabric’s surface almost feels like silk, but without the inherent delicateness of this type of cloth. And, sure as it feels smooth on our hands, our mouse slides equally smoothly on top of the Goliathus. It doesn’t feel quite like sliding on air, as this pad’s description made it up to be, but it feels really slick, allowing us to quickly slide the mouse unimpeded, and react accordingly to any situation in the game at a second’s notice. After trying out the Goliathus, we can fully understand the distinction between Control-type and Speed-type surfaces described by Razer. As MMORPG gamers ourselves, we can’t help but wonder that if the Speed-type Goliathus manages to create such an excellent surface for quick movements, how good would the Control-type surfaces be for precise and thought-out actions? Perhaps we’ll review one of those later.

The hardcore gamers who like to look good both in and out of the battlefield will be pleased to know that this pad comes with an awesome design, featuring Razer’s logo in black on a background consisting of streaks of green paint.This motif is cool enough to show that you mean business in the game, but also elegant enough to be used in more formal environments, such as the workplace. The pad itself includes anti-fraying stitched edges, which help to extend its lifetime, making this mousepad one that you won’t be replacing anytime soon.

One last thing worth mentioning is this pad’s bottom. Specifically that it features a rubberized coating which keeps it secured in place, unmoving even through those moments when you need to perform fast and frantic hand maneuvers to outsmart your foes. This is simply one mousepad that stays in place, no matter what you do.

Razer Goliathus Pros

  • Unique textured fabric weave for unparalleled gliding smoothness​
  • Heavy-duty rubberized bottom coating for improved grip on any surface
  • Anti-fray edge stitching
  • Awesome and elegant design

Razer Goliathus Cons

  • A bit pricier than other similar models​


The Razer Goliathus in its speed edition is a great accessory for those gamers who want to enjoy a smooth glide without compromising on precision. This mousepad is a good addition for those looking to upgrade their current gaming setup, or that are building their very first gaming rig. And hey, if you’re gonna buy a good gaming mouse, you might as well give it a great surface to slide upon.

You won’t regret it.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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