Razer helps design Clearbot to clean up plastic in the ocean

Gaming brand Razer is teaming up with ecological start-up Clearbot, to get rid of plastic waste in the ocean. The self-sailing Clearbot is solar powered, driven by AI, and can pick up around 250 kilograms of plastic per cycle. Razer will help redesign the actual mini-boat, as well as help out with scaling Clearbot’s vision.

Clearbot’s own prototype had a dingy-like feel to it, but Razer revision seems slicker. The promotional material shows a futuristic looking, black boat, complete with bright Razer-green lighting. It’s not exactly a keyboard, but the maritime robot definitely smells like Razer spirit. Barring the giant light-up logo, the fully AI driven boat looks rather slick. 

It appears the lighting is purely green, though. Sticking Chroma RGB on this design might be a step too far for even Razer. Still, their mass-scale manufacturing expertise (and deep pockets) could help Clearbot get “out there” faster. 

The collaboration with Clearbot isn’t Razer’s first public stint in climate-friendly efforts. Under the #GoGreenWithRazer climate pledge, the brand tries to minimalize their own waste, and support ecological change through charitable collaborations. Just last year, Razer sold neck pillows and plushies of their “Sneki Snek” mascot, to raise money for Conservation International. The Sneki sales were good for the conservation of about 300.000 trees worldwide. 

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