Mionix NAOS 7000 Review 2019

In our constant endeavor to get our hands on any gaming mice we can find to review them, today we have in our clutches the NAOS 7000 by Mionix. This one is a powerful right-handed mouse with an infrared LED sensor with a max sensitivity of 7,000 CPI, and customizable LED lighting capabilities.

Before we get started commenting on this product, let’s first shed a bit of light on this company’s reputation. Mionix is a company that understands that, in the past, peripherals such as mice and headphones prioritized function over form. Today, despite the contrary not being completely true, most manufacturers often emphasize form over function, creating peripherals that look great, but might not perform reliably. Mionix understands that the modern gamer likes to outmatch the competition and look good while doing so. In their very own words: “the modern consumer does not choose between function and fashion, but expects both.”

As you can expect from the description above, this is one company that tasks itself with creating gaming peripherals that feature a balance between form and function, and the NAOS 7000 is not an exception. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and performing very well, this is also one beast of a mouse, being more than an inch bigger than most mice. This mouse’s robust dimensions make it very wieldy and easy to use with a palm grip.

But before we get into more details about this product, let’s first briefly explain the criteria we use to review the peripherals that fall into our hands.

How We Review Our Gaming Mice

When a mouse is referred to as a “gaming” peripheral, we automatically expect it to provide certain features to enhance the user’s abilities. After all, what good is a gaming mouse if it doesn’t actually help the gamer to perform better? In that sense, mice like the NAOS 7000, or other gaming peripherals in general, are expected to provide things like additional programmable buttons, a powerful and precise sensor for accurate tracking in all situations, improved ergonomics to provide comfort even through the longest sessions, and an emphasis on stunning aesthetic design to appeal to a wider crowd of gamers.

In terms of looks, we can already say that we’re in love with this mouse. Most of us have big hands, so right off the bat, we can say that this clicker is perfect for us. Additionally, the minimalistic black design with Mionix’s logo on the back, coupled with its contoured shape to promote a healthy grip make this mouse a paradise for your hand.

But that’s just on the outside, let’s take a look under the hood and see what this mouse really has to offer.

Mionix NAOS 7000 Overview

Without even opening the box we can already tell that this is one big mouse. The box is meant to sit horizontally on our table instead of vertically, unlike other mice. Conversely, similar to other mice, we can still find the usual information printed on it, along with several pictures of the NAOS 7000. After removing the lid of the box we find the NAOS in all its glory, protected by a plastic case alongside the peripheral’s instruction booklet and a Mionix sticker.

After taking the mouse out of the box, our suspicions were proved right when we laid our hands on this huge mouse. We’re talking about 3.3” x 5.1” x 3.87” big, with a weight of 5.87 ounces, or approximately 147 grams. As we mentioned above, despite being big, this peripheral is very comfortable, albeit limited to right-handed use. This mouse’s size makes it optimal for use with a palm grip, though most users could get away with employing a claw grip as well. Mionix’s logo is stuck onto the back of the NAOS and will remain hidden beneath the user’s hand for the most part. The logo is also one of the zones that lights up when the mouse is connected, the other being the scroll wheel.

On the left side of this mouse, we can find the usual pair of buttons that are mapped by default to the back/forward functions of your browser. These buttons are easy to reach with your thumb without requiring adjusting your hand’s position. On the left side, we can find a contoured groove that serves as a rest for your ring and pinky fingers. The body of the mouse is coated with a rubbery texture to promote an improved grip. On the top of the mouse we can find the regular buttons; left, middle and right click, alongside a scroll wheel that emits a satisfying click with each turn. Behind the wheel, we can find the 2 buttons which are used both to toggle the sensitivity of the mouse. It’s important to mention that the functions of each of this product’s buttons can be customized using Mionix’s software; which brings us to our next point.

The Mionix software isn’t mandatory for this mouse to operate effectively, but its use is highly encouraged as it can be used to customize most aspects of the NAOS 7000. With this program, we can basically tweak everything, from the button mapping and sensor performance, to the color of the LEDs and macro creation. You can even contact support from this software if you’re having issues.

In terms of performance, we really can’t complain; this is just an awesome mouse through and through. The tracking device that powers this mouse is an optical infrared sensor with a maximum sensitivity setting of 7,000 CPI. Said sensor is part of the Avago series of sensors, specifically the ADNS 3010, which can track up to 215 inches per second without any semblance of mouse acceleration whatsoever. This feature makes the NAOS 7000 perfect for shooters or other types of games that require precision.

Last but not least, this mouse is built to last. The high-quality micro-switches coupled with a rugged rubberized finish and braided 2-meter cable bestow this peripheral with a lengthy lifetime.

Mionix NAOS 7000 Pros

  • Very precise infrared optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 7,000 CPI​
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • 16,8 million LED color possibilities mean that no two NAOS 7000 look alike
  • Intuitive and expansive which is easy to use
  • Ergonomic design

Mionix NAOS 7000 Cons

  • Meant for claw and palm grips; users that employ a fingertip grip might have to get used to this mouse’s dimensions before being able to properly operate it​


After a lengthy testing process, we can conclude that the Mionix NAOS 7000 is one of the most precise mice we have had the privilege of testing, thanks mostly to its Avago ADNS 3010 sensor. Its ergonomic design is perfect for those with big hands and can be easily used with a palm or claw grip. You can buy this mouse directly from Mionix’s website, though this is an expensive option since it’s much more pricey than on Amazon and ships from Sweden.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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