Best Left-Handed Mice for Gaming 2018 -
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Choosing your next gaming mouse can be a very personal task. And a very challenging one at that. With the new developments in sensor technology, companies have access to better and cheaper components. As a result, there are a staggering amount of mice available on the market, which makes it hard for us users to pick a mouse that will be best suited to our requirements. This is especially true if you add ambidextrous or left handed mice to the equation, as most mainstream options are usually designed for right handed users.

But despite all the hardships, if you know what you’re looking for, you will find that there certainly are quite a few options available for lefties. And to make things simple for you, we have gathered information on the best left handed gaming mice in the market. You will find our list of top picks below.

Best Left-Handed Mice for Gaming 2018




CM Storm Recon - Ambidextrous 4000 DPI Gaming Mouse with Multicolor LEDs for Left and Right Handed Users (Black)



HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse, 2800 DPI, 3 LED Lights, 6 Buttons,Weight Tuning Set,Black (HV-MS733)



Razer Abyssus Optical PC Gaming Mouse



ROCCAT ROC-11-310-AM LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse, Black



Razer Naga Left-Handed - Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse with 12 Programmable Thumb Buttons - 8,200 Adjustible DPI



1. CM Storm Recon - Our Pick for Top Left Handed Mouse of 2018

CoolerMaster manufactures some of the best PC components in the market. Parts like towers, after-market coolers, power supply units, and gaming mice are just a few of the products featured in their catalog. The Storm Recon is this company’s proposal to the gaming industry. This mouse features an ambidextrous design and is equipped with an adjustable optical sensor that offers a maximum of 4,000 CPI. The 9 programmable buttons make this piece of hardware great for MMORPG and RTS games, where you need as many possible buttons for mapping to your spells and units as can be. With the mouse’s software you can customize a variety of options, including the lift-off distance, the LED colors, and many more.

For even more information, see our CM Storm Review.

The HV-MS733 by Havit is manufactured with a slim design, which makes it great for those who prefer using a fingertip grip. This mouse is equipped with an optical sensor, which can be adjusted to a maximum of 2,800 CPI for extra precision in every move. As a bonus, this mouse features a 6 piece adjustable weight system, allowing you to tweak its specifications on a whim. Each one of this gaming mouse’s 6 buttons can be customized to perform different actions which, similar to our previous entry, makes it an ideal choice for RTS, MOBA, and MMORPG games.

For even more information, see our dedicated Review of the Havit HV-MS733.

Razer is widely known as the manufacturer of some of the best gaming mice in the world. Their DeathAdder mouse is actually the #1 piece of hardware preferred by most cyber athletes. The Razer Abyssus is a versatile mouse that features a 3-button layout and ambidextrous design. As is expected from a product made by Razer, the sensor equipped in this mouse is of the highest quality, offering unparalleled precision at up to 3,500 CPI. Both the sensitivity and polling rate of this mouse can be adjusted with a click of a button, so you won’t miss a single step, even in the heat of battle.

For more, see our dedicated review of the razer abyssus.

4. ROCCAT LUA Tri-Button Gaming Mouse

Roccat is the manufacturer of some of the best gaming mice for gamers on a budget. Their products offer both build quality and durability, at a very affordable price. The LUA is equipped with an R2 Pro Optic sensor that can be adjusted at 7 levels, up to a maximum of 2,000 CPI. It’s 3-button layout and symmetrical design allows the user to operate it with either hand. The no-sweat side grips and ultra-precise 2D wheel bestow additional control over your machine in any kind of situation.

See the full Roccat LUA Review here.

A gaming mice list simply can’t be complete without at least one or two entries from Razer. When it comes to gaming hardware, the quality of products from this company is nearly unmatched, except for maybe a handful of cases. I’d daresay that, more often than not, you will find absolute quality when purchasing Razer hardware. For instance, the Naga Chroma is regarded as the be-all-end-all when it comes to MMORPG gaming. 

This mouse is equipped with a 4G laser sensor, which offers superior tracking on a wide variety of surfaces, including polished wood and glass. The sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted up to 8,200 CPI, for professional-grade precision in every move. And if the powerful sensor wasn’t enough, this mouse is also equipped with a 32 bit ARM processor, which as an onboard computer in charge of processing your every move, giving you an edge against the competition. We mentioned above that this mouse is great for playing MMORPG games, and this is because this mouse has a staggering total of 15 buttons, all of which can be configured and mapped to any function. With the Naga, you can focus on stacking victories, as all your skills are at the reach of your fingertips.

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As technology advances, it is expected that more pieces of hardware will make their way onto the market which, for better or worse, will add even more variety to the list of gaming mice available for purchase. For this reason, choosing the best option can be quite challenging. Keep in mind that these are but a few of the mice available on the internet. Granted, while they may be some of the best, there are still quite a few other models that may merit your attention, especially if you’re looking for something specific, such as best left-handed wireless gaming mice.

Nevertheless, for both general purpose and competitive gaming, you will definitely excel on the battlefield with any of the mice in this list.

​Good luck and happy gaming!

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