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Best Ergonomic Mouse 2017
Buying Guide and Reviews

In many cases, choosing an ideal mouse for yourself is a very personal decision. After all, each hand is different, and consequently, so will your personal preferences in mice. But while picking the perfect mouse is already an ordeal in itself, adding ergonomics to the mix makes it an even harder challenge.

Technology is a marvelous phenomenon. As it keeps advancing, their creations offer us more perks and benefits with each iteration. In the case of mice, the advances in tracking and sensor technology have bestowed us with top-of-the-line peripherals that can easily track on any type of surface, with no interference at all. Long gone are the days when the use of a mouse pad was mandatory, or else we would have had to deal with jittery movement, and nightmare-inducing interference. Mice today offer all sorts of features, such as adjustable CPI, multiple customizable buttons, kinetic scroll wheels, cutting-edge trackball technology, and the list goes on.

However, despite the boons that these gadgets may offer, they are all rendered moot if the mouse itself isn’t ergonomically optimized. As you may know by now, a computer mouse is one of the most widely used peripherals on Earth. The mouse is the quintessential element for controlling all the functions of your computer. Furthermore, as many people who indulge in gaming may suggest, an ergonomic mouse can mark the difference between an enjoyable computer session, or a tedious and painful one. You see, more than being comfortable and providing a good grip, these mice can actually provide relief or even prevent the onset of certain hand and wrist diseases when used properly.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a very real condition, which is common among people who frequently work on their computers. Said condition is caused by repeated pressure on the median nerve, which travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. It is believed that tasks which put pressure on this nerve -such as when holding a dis-ergonomic mouse without using a wrist rest- can adversely affect the user’s health, and promote the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some symptoms that commonly affect the victims of this condition include burning sensations, numbness and tingling of the thumb and other fingers. These sensations can often turn into dull, aching pains which can travel up to the forearm, causing a general sensation of discomfort to the person.

But as bad as this condition sounds, operating a mouse during extended work or gaming sessions doesn’t necessarily have to lead to hand diseases. The best method to protect your hands will always revolve around using ergonomic gear. And if your work involves using a computer for long periods of time, then an ergonomic mouse, paired with a good wrist rest is the way to go.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a list of mice that shine not only for their features but for being ergonomic and easy on your hands.

Best Ergonomic Mouse 2017





Logitech G502 Proteus
Core Tunable



Wireless Trackball M570

Logitech M570



Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led, 3200 DPI 6 Buttons Ergonomic CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse for PC

Redragon M601



Razer Abyssus Optical PC Gaming Mouse

Razer Abyssus



Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse - White

Razer Taipan



Logitech G700s 910-003584 Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G700s



Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Pro Gamer

Zelotes 5500 USB



MARVO Gaming Mouse, Fire Key 7 Button USB Ergonomic Wired computer Mouse and Mouse Pad 3-Color LED Light PC computer Mouse For PC/Laptops/Computer Mice, USB MOUSE,M315+G1

Marvo M-315



Gaming Mouse 4000DPI 7 Buttons Customized Weight Tunning Palm Rest Replaceable High Precision Optical Ergonomic Design Mice for Pro Gamer XSOUL RAPTOR XM3

DIY Laser Gaming



Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

Mad Catz R.A.T.5



1. Logitech G502 Proteus Core - Winner of Best Ergonomic Mouse 2017

A good sign that a mouse is good on your hands is that it offers the opportunity to tweak its specifications right out of the box. And the G502 Proteus Core does just that. Designed by Logitech, which is one of the biggest manufacturers of PC peripherals on the planet, the G502 is equipped with tons of features that make your computer sessions enjoyable ones.

For starters, this mouse is equipped with a weight and balance tuning set, which allows you to add or subtract weight from the hardware, as well as modify its center of mass via removable weights.

Mouse sensitivity is an important part of ergonomics, as more sensible mice will allow your cursor to span more screen space with lesser hand movements, putting less strain on the wrist. This G502 is equipped with a laser sensor which can be adjusted up to 12,000 which is, for lack of a better term, a really, really high level of sensitivity. This mouse also offers 11 programmable buttons, which can be customized to perform a wide variety of functions, saving you valuable time and effort in the workplace or in your gaming sessions.

Another noteworthy feature included in this mouse is the hyperfast scroll wheel. With the click of a button, your scroll wheel turns either into a precise aiming device, or a blazing fast scroller, for when you need to sift through those long-winded email conversations or memos.

Logitech G502 Full Review

2. Logitech M570

The M570 by Logitech is hands-down among the best ergonomic trackball mice in the world. Don’t let the simple design fool you; this mouse is all about getting the job done, without sacrificing the health of your hand in the process. This product is specifically modeled to allow your hand full access to all its features without having to adjust its position. The thumb trackball permits controlling the cursor without having to arch or flex your finger in uncomfortable positions, and its 5 buttons make every computer task an absolute breeze.

A common complaint with wireless mice such as this one is the need to constantly replace the batteries. But the M570 addresses this issue by creating an energy efficient piece of hardware which allows up to 18 months of without replacing the single AA battery. Now that’s a lot of battery life, compared to other wireless mice, whose batteries only last for a few days at best.

Full review of the Logitech M570 can be found here.

3. Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS

Whoever said a gaming mouse was only for gaming, clearly hadn’t witnessed the comfort that these mice offered to its users.

Redragon is a company that has built its fame on providing gaming mice modeled after the products from bigger peripheral manufacturers such as Razer or SteelSeries, but at a very affordable price.

The Centrophorus is a gaming mouse equipped with a 2,000 CPI optical sensor, that allows pinpoint precision in every move. For those who like to carefully tweak their mouse’s properties, this product’s weight can be tuned using the 8- piece weight tuning set included with your purchase. To ensure maximum comfort during your work or gaming sessions, this mouse is equipped with teflon feet pads, for smooth gliding movements across any surface, and less strain on the user’s hands. Last but not least, this mouse was built to last; its micro-switches were tested to a maximum of 20 million clicks, and the cable is braided, to avoid the damages that stem from daily use.

Redragon M601 Review

4. Razer Abyssus

When it comes to gaming mice, Razer is widely regarded as one of the biggest authorities in the market. Their products are the go-to choice for professional gamers worldwide, due to their high quality of build, and their vast amount of features.

The Abyssus is one of this company’s most conservative models, featuring a slick black, tri-button design that can easily fit into any work environment without drawing any unwanted attention. The symmetry of this mouse easily allows it to be used with both hands, for the ambidextrous users, and the 3,500 CPI optical sensor allows for precise tracking on most surfaces. There not much more to say about this mouse other than it’s a really comfortable piece of hardware, as expected from Razer products. And it is designed with a large back, for those who favor the palm grip above the other types of hand positions.

For more, see our full review of the razer abyssus.

5. Razer Taipan

Similar to the Abyssus, the Taipan is also an ambidextrous mouse. However, this time, the product offers several extra mouse buttons, and an improved 8,200 CPI laser sensor, for the most demanding users out there. The onboard ARM 32-bit processor featured in this mouse takes the input from your hand and translates it into the smoothest possible cursor movements, for extra precision.

One of the biggest improvements over the Abyssus, besides the improved ambidextrous ergonomics, is that this mouse is compatible with the Razer Synapse software, which allows you to tweak virtually every specification of your product. With the use of this software, you can modify everything from the CPI, the button mapping, the lift-off distance, and surface calibration settings, with the click of a button.

Razer Taipan Full Review

6. Logitech G700s

If the M570 we mentioned above is one of the best trackball mice in the world, then the G700s by Logitech is easily one of the best wireless mice available on the market. It’s designed so your hand can fit snugly into its many smooth seams, and still have access to all the buttons and features. This mouse is equipped with an 8,200 CPI sensor, which can be adjusted on a whim with the click of a button.

This mouse offers 13 customizable buttons, which can be freely mapped using the Logitech software included with your purchase. This software also allows you to create up to 5 profiles, for those situations when you need to quickly swap between button setups.

Similar to the M570, this mouse addresses the battery issue that affects all wireless mice by providing a way to charge it without having to switch the battery. Every time your mouse is running low on energy, you can charge by connecting it via USB cable to your PC, which essentially transforms your G700s into a wired version of itself. A great way to use this mouse is to keep it connected while using it at home and unplug it in those times when you need to travel and have to use your laptop on-the-go.

Read our full Logitech G700s Review.

7. Zelotes USB Wired Gaming Mouse

This one is your standard gaming mouse, that offers multiple CPI levels, up to a maximum of 5,500, as well as 7 buttons that offer increased functionality over standard mice. Nothing much to see, really. But where this mouse really shines is in both its price and design. For a low price tag, this mouse embodies the word ergonomic. It is modeled with 5 grooves where each of your fingers can rest easily, and still gain access to all its buttons.

For that feature alone we recommend this mouse for when you’re looking for maximum comfort, at a very affordable price.

Full Zelote 5500 Review

8. Marvo M-315

The M-315 by Marvo is equipped with a 2,400 CPI optical sensor that allows pixel-precise movements. It is ergonomically crafted, with a non-slip scroll wheel, and several grooves in which your fingers can fit comfortably, much like the Zelotes we mentioned above. Included with the purchase of this mouse is a free mouse pad, which is great and most mouse pads go for about $10 when purchased separately.

Marvo M-315 Full Review

9. DIY Laser Gaming Mouse PREDATOR XM8

The Predator XM8 is the budget version of professional level gaming mice. This product is equipped with interchangeable palm rests, that allows you to tweak the way the mouse fits in your hand. The purchase of this mouse grants you access to the XSOUL software, which allows you to further customize your product’s settings, such as custom CPI levels, and button mapping for all its 7 buttons. The laser sensor installed in this mouse can be adjusted up to 4,000 CPI, which is great for both working and gaming.

XSoul Predator Full Review

10. Mad Catz R.A.T.5

Mad Catz has long been regarded as one of the most excentric manufacturers of gaming peripherals, often creating unsightly gadgets that trade looks for sheer customization capabilities. The R.A.T.5, also known as the Rat, is not an exception to this premise. We have to admit that, for a gaming mouse, this product sure doesn’t look the part. But it doesn’t matter since its features more than make up for its confusing appearance. This mouse can be easily adapted to all shapes and sizes of hands by adjusting the product’s length and weight. The 5,600 CPI laser sensor installed in this piece of hardware bestows the user with all the precision he will ever need, a myriad of buttons ensures that you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Mad Catz R.A.T.5 Full Review


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, choosing an appropriate mouse for yourself is a personal decision. A decision which can be further complicated if you suffer from hand or wrists conditions and need to consider the comfort of your potential purchase. And while there certainly are a few number of ergonomic mice in the market, these can be few and far in between, since ergonomics is not a feature which is commonly sought out by the users.

Luckily, in this list, you will find some of the most comfortable mice available in the market. We hope that with this list, you will be able to find a mouse that is both functional, and easy on your hands.

Good luck!

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