DXRacer Vs Maxnomic Chairs - Which Chair to Buy?

The average American adult spends 9-10 hours a day sitting. Spending almost half of your day in an uncomfortable chair is not only a lousy experience, at worse it can cause health problems! Every aspect of gaming has some iteration or improvement that can make your experience a bit better. Enter Gaming Chairs.

Gaming Chairs are an eccentric addition to the gaming market and in recent years have gone from gimmicky uncomfortable devices to well-designed ergonomic chairs that keep you playing for hours on end. If you sit for several hours a day, it behooves you to do it in style and comfort.

Like all good products on the market, selecting one from the myriad of options can be a little overwhelming. We created this guide to walk you through some of the products on the market that DXracer and Maxnomic offer. In this guide you’ll find a walkthrough of the different products offered by these top-notch companies as well as some tips toward the end on selecting a chair that works for you. Read on to see why DXRacer and Maxnomic are well-known brands in the gaming chair market or skip on ahead to read our in-depth reviews!

DXRacer and Maxnomic (an intro)

Why DXRacer and Maxnomic when you can buy hundreds of chairs online from a variety of vendors? We believe you should stick with name brand if you are thinking about any gaming paraphernalia that will cost over $100. The support for problems and expected quality is worth the investment alone.

Since the introduction of Gaming Paraphernalia, an entire cottage industry has emerged that caters specifically to gamers with gaming branded items. Many of these companies produce fantastic items, such as Razer or Logitech. Other companies though take advantage of the newly formed niches within gaming and produce cheap products that break quickly and don’t live up to the promises they make. The worst offenders slap the word Gaming on a product and scream “Mountain Dew and Doritos!” in a tone-deaf manner that stereotypes millions of Gaming fans.

We did our research and landed on these two companies as having the highest level of quality and most customer satisfaction. Both are solid American companies that have businesses worldwide catering to the emerging E-Sports market and casual gamers as well. On the surface, both DXRacer and Maxnomic have as much similarity as Coke and Pepsi. They both have an individual identity and a few subtle differences, but they’re not entirely different in how they approach Gaming Chairs and other accessories. At the root of it all, a chair is still a chair.

What makes them stand out from competition though is the level of quality and care that they put into their products. The top-tier gear that they sell is good enough that any E-Sports team would feel comfortable endorsing. It’s clear they actually care about their audience.

Maxnomic vs. DXRacer at a Glance



Price Range (Similar Range)

$270-600 USD

$270-600 USD

What sets them apart?

DXRacer has numerous fabric options as well as a simple design for each tier (Office, Gaming, Ergonomic) with a KILLER Ergonomic Line. They also offer a wide-range of footrests, headrests, and other accessories.They also sell a custom frame designed for racing simulators. Simple and the highest quality overall.

Maxnomic has a far larger variety of chair styles and designs, all separated by size. Maxnomic Chairs are designed to function with a separate Seatquake sound-system. Seatquake adds a booming bass rumble to your Maxnomic chair to simulate action during games. Maxnomic is very high quality and really has some of the best chairs for larger folk (Such as the Titanus) and several classy leather designs that mimic an old sports car.

Chair Design

Pretty standard format per chair with three models (Office, Gaming, Ergonomic)

Many unique variations and color combinations in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large)

Size Range

Easy Custom Fitting for any body type. For users up to 6’ 7’’ and 450lbs. DXracer can handle the heaviest weight.

Four basic sizes for users up to 7Ft Tall, 375lbs. Maxnomic chairs are designed for the tallest users.

Fabric Options

Vinyl, PH-Leather, and Nylon


Best Product

The Office furniture for DXracer is insanely comfortable and looks fantastic

The Titanus is one of the best executive chairs you’ll find on the market today for gamers. It feels great for those who need something a little bigger.

Unique Patterns

DXracer has a variety of patterns that promote upcoming games and E-Sports teams

Maxnomic has a variety of patterns promoting E-Sports but also offers several excellent college sport themed chairs for sports buffs

What Type of Chairs do These Companies Offer?

Gaming Chair companies use many different systems to organize chairs and frankly they are a bit mystifying to the average person (How can you tell the difference between a Valkyrie model and a Tank Series Chair?).

When you remove all the labels and fancy colors though, Gaming Chairs are first divided by size (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large) and then divided by features (Padding, Armrests, colors).

Gaming Chairs are universally easy to customize and there could be hundreds of iterations within a Chair Size. Because of this we chose to focus on the basic foundational models of each size point. You can rest easy knowing that you have a bunch more customization beyond the average model though.

As a final note, the colors and design of Gaming Chairs can be a bit too much for some settings (Nothing beats looking like your in a seat on a space shuttle at the office.) So we tended to review the most universal black models. There are a variety of colors though for those who want a bit more glam in life.

Chair Materials

Most Gaming Chairs come with a synthetic leather coating and a foam cushion. They are comfortable, durable, and cleanable. The synthetic leather is especially nice because fabric often retains more smells and is harder to clean. A good gaming chair will keep the shape of the seat for a long time without warping or becoming disfigured.

DXracer offers nylon options as well. This is a huge perk as nylon is very breathable and keeps you gaming without feeling too warm or sweaty.

Best Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Maxnomic gaming chairs offer more design variety than that of the DXracer lines. Every size generally has a large range of colors, an ergonomic model, and a casual office model. They offer embroidery for a personalized touch, some accessories for comfort, and a proprietary rumbling device that sounds fun in theory but may be a bit uncomfortable. The chairs from Maxnomic come in many different form factors so we selected a few that we love.

The Maxnomic Classic Cas (Casual-Sport) - Our Favorite Small Model

The Maxnomic Classic Cas is designed to mimic a classic muscle car seat. It looks good in an office with sleek shiny metal and comes at an entry-level price for a Gaming Chair. Maxnomic actually offers MANY different forms of the Cas (Casual-Sports) Gaming Chair design. The Classic Cas is black and leathery but you can find a bunch of different Cas color schemes and sponsored E-Sports themes. There is a similar model as well known as the Thunderbolt that is usually a tad cheaper but primarily the same design.

What we like: We love that this chair looks really sharp. It has to be seen to understand how it looks similar to an office chair (No bright colors) but has a stylish touch of something more. The headrest has two large holes that seem superfluous until you realize how much they help vent out body heat during a long play session. The seat doesn’t have a huge amount of padding but it is still very comfortable and some might prefer the somewhat good mix between cushion and sturdiness.

The Maxnomic Dominator and Leader - Our Favorite Midsize Model

The Maxnomic Dominator and Leaders up the size to fit an average person and is one of the best options for an all-around useful chair. It could fit comfortably in an office setting (If you go with black) or be used at home for extended gaming sessions. This size is similar to what many pro-gamers get but bumping up one size is reasonable for an average person as well. The overall design of the chair doesn’t dramatically shift but as the size increases, the seat becomes wider and flatter with a larger cushion.

What we like: The Dominator and Leaders offer some unique features such as 4D arm-rests, an industry buzzword that simply means the arm-rests are highly adjustable. And also Lumbar support! We are big fans of the ability to lock this chair into 5 different positions that will make your back feel nice and cozy. Leaning back can feel awkward in most chairs because you have to maintain pressure to keep your seat in position. The locking feature changes this and has to be felt to truly appreciate how much of a game changer it is.

The Maxnomic Titanus - Our Favorite Large Model

The Titanus is a hallmark chair of Maxnomic and fits into the executive category. It is HUGE! The pad alone is thick enough to seat the largest of people comfortably and without losing the cushioning due to weight. It is expensive so be aware that this is a luxury executive item. They specially developed the star-base with stronger materials so that it could support the weight of a larger individual. At this size, the Titanus is a bit heavy and not meant for a small desk

What we like: The Maxnomic Titanus is one of the best XL chairs you’ll find on the market today. Despite the strange somewhat laughable name, the Titanus is insanely comfortable. You would rather sit in it than anywhere else (Imagine rushing to your desk after work, not to game, but to sit). The biggest advantage of this chair is that those really tall or heavy individuals finally have a chair that fits them. This chair is specifically designed to benefit individuals beyond 6’ 5’’ which is desperately needed in the Gaming Chair market.

What else does Maxnomic offer?

Maxnomic tends to offer numerous styles of the same chair. If you want different colors, folds, or even ergonomic designs than Maxnomic is a great option. We specifically recommend looking into the ergonomic models for those individuals with back pain or who need more lumbar support. The offer heavily padded backs that can feel great while gaming.

Best DXracer Gaming Chairs

Unlike Maxnomic that makes heavy alterations to each iteration of chair, DXracer Gaming chairs are fundamentally the same but come in different sizes and PU-Leather or Nylon options. They also offer a large range of office chairs, custom Chairs, and special edition chairs. The office chairs have huge differences in design and often are the most ergonomic as well. They don’t have easy to recall designations like Maxnomic either because the focus is less on specific size models and instead on a variety of important practical features. With DXracer you just go online and look for the size and material you want in a Gaming Chair. They have a lot more variety when it comes to office chairs but generally the design changes are focused on more comfortable options.

PU-Leather Chairs

DXRacer offers PU-Leather chairs like Maxnomic and they design them very well. They’re comfortable and come in fantastic color combinations. These are solid all-around gaming chairs that compete with Maxnomic on every level.

Our Favorite PU-Leather Chair: Any PU-Leather Chair

DXracer makes amazing chairs and in general the design doesn’t change from Gaming Chair to Gaming Chair, rather the size does. Any normal DXracer will come with fantastic support for your spine. An adjustable back. Good cushion. Great materials. Good movement and adjustable arm rests. They’re just great chairs.

Fabric Chairs

This is where DXracer starts to pull-ahead of Maxnomic. DXracer designs chairs for gamers who play competitive sports and despite being a sedentary action, gaming can get intense. Gamers regularly sweat and work up nerves while playing a hard match. We love the feel of Maxnomic but in a practical sense, nylon is the way to go. A cover that can be washed and doesn’t cause you to get a sweaty leather back (That feeling when air can’t go through the chair) is undeniably superior for competitive players or those in a hot climate.

Our Favorite Fabric Chair: The King Series OH/FD01/N

This chair doesn’t have many bells and whistles beyond the fantastic design that DXracer puts into all models but it is made from a beautiful mesh/nylon material that is easy to clean and breathable. It doesn’t have the glorious elegance of leather but you’ll feel amazing playing for hours on end with a chair like this.

Ergonomic and Office Chairs

DXracer offers a BUNCH of different designs for office chairs and ergonomic models. We particularly like some of the unique accessories that only DXracer offers (Foot-rests and more) because they make a chair suited for several different situations. Some perks of the office line include more lumbar support, headrests, footrests, and other pads for long-term work in both office and gaming settings.

Our Favorite Office Chair: OFFICE CHAIR OH/DF73/NC

Despite the immensely charming name, this office chair has a really sharp look. It’s a touch classier than many of the options out there. You can game for hours while still feeling comfortable leaving this in the office. This model is part of the DXracer drifting series and feels amazing as well!

What else does DXracer offer?

So Should I Buy from Maxnomic or DXracer?

Most of that will come down to opinion. Some prefer the feel of one brand over another due to comfort and simple chair design (hard to do online, but utilize a return policy). We have to side with DXracer as our favorite. We researched and tested the Gaming chairs offered by DXracer and Maxnomic and ultimately feel that Maxnomic offered a ton of surface variety but ultimately wasn’t that different in design (Just got bigger and added more wings). DXracer took a simple approach and instead of innovating on chair design offers a range of materials for Gaming Chairs and some really awesome practical features for office chairs. We have to reiterate that you’ll feel amazing in any chair by these two brands. They are awesome products from awesome companies. But DXracer seemed a little less gimmicky and more on the ball when it came to features that actually matter.

Some Tips on Picking your Dream Chair

Why Gaming Chairs Matter

Gaming chairs, or a solid office chair in general, matters for a few reasons that are quite important. The primary reason is health. A terrible chair can actually injure you, causing back strain and more. The second is durability. A Good Gaming chair will not only last for years but withstand the hundreds of pounds of force that sitting in a chair for hours on end exposes it to. And finally Comfort. Being comfortable is not always healthy, but a good chair will hopefully solve both those problems for you! There are other reasons to buy Gaming Chairs such as odd features (Onboard sound systems, cup-holders), but those are ultimately gimmicks if you end up with an uncomfortable chair that breaks and injures you!

How much can I expect to pay for a Gaming Chair?

Since Gaming Chairs are luxury items, name brand chairs range from around $270-$600. That being said, you can occasionally find a sale or purchase from a third party vendor but one of the benefits of buying from DXracer, Amazon, or Maxnomic directly is the support they offer to customers. This is especially useful if you need to fix the chair or aren’t satisfied with a purchase and a cheap third-party vendor might forego the warranty in order to sell at a lower price.

Buying a Chair that Rocks

Without setting foot into DXracer or Maxnomic, it’s near impossible to accurately judge how “Comfortable” a specific chair will feel for you. There are some ways you can easily find our what chair you want though!

Common Things to Consider

What is the purpose of the Chair?

You first off need to know if you want a chair that is designed for office use (High-backed, generally leather, often a bit more industrial looking) or specifically for Gaming (Flashier colors, usually a bit better with extended gaming sessions or made of more breathable fabric).

Weight and Size

After this, you need to know the size you want. Every company will vary but sizes generally relate to how tall the buyer will be AND weight. It’s very important to understand the weight limit of a specific chair model. Generally you’ll be fine but extra heavy individuals may find a chair unable to support them and very light individuals may find it hard to get the seat down!


Always consider your environment. Do you have room? Will a new chair need to be cleaned regularly? Is it hot or cold? Does it need to look sharp and professional or do I want it to accent my colorful gaming rig?


Chairs can come with detachable arms, numerous angle settings, and many other features to improve comfort. Both companies offer very customizable chairs. Whether it’s different components or the ability to change things around as a user.


How soft or hard is the padding? Will it feel really comfortable at first but leave your back aching hours later? This is usually up to the user as there isn’t really a universal preference.

The movement “Feel”

Some chairs are AWFUL to roll around in. A good chair will be a breeze to move and actually feel enjoyable to scoot across a room in. All of these chairs offer star-pattern legs so you’ll feel fantastic cruising across the room.


Chairs come in many different materials. Besides a variety of metals for the solid mechanical parts of the Chairs, they also have numerous materials that the seat back is made from. The various metals range from aluminum to steel and usually just affect the weight (If the metal durability is an issue, you might be too rough on your chair). Normally you’ll be getting a synthetic leather or nylon chair. If you overheat easily or sweat a lot, go with nylon!

Maxnomic vs. DXRacer F.A.Q.

What is Cold Cured Foam?

CCF Perks: Cold Cured Foam retains shape very well. Has a plush comfortable feel with the best balance between hardness and comfort. Long-lasting as a material and found in both Car Seats and Theater Seating. It’s the best option for retaining shape over a decade and doesn’t need to be flipped or managed.

CCF Drawbacks: There is a wide range of standards and designs that fall into CCF products so ordering from a non-name brand company could be very risky.

What is Polyurethane Leather (PU-Leather)?

Leather is expensive and hard to effectively mass produce. PU-Leather is an alternative that offers many of the positive characteristics of true leather (Look, feel, rather durable) while cutting the cost dramatically. PU-Leather is made by applying polyurethane to a thin layer of leather. The cheaper blends will be thinner and thinner while expensive PU-Leather will be pretty similar to real leather. Due to the chemical nature of design, animal free PU-Leather can be produced as well.

PU-Leather Perks: PU-leather is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It’s far cheaper to produce and thus less expensive. It’s easy to make PU-Leather in a variety of colors. Durable and looks fantastic. Can be synthetic and animal-friendly.

PU-Leather Downsides: It may trap in heat meaning a sweaty back. It is durable with correct care but if left in the sun can crack and fade. It’s a bit harder to fix than true leather and is more susceptible to damage from sharp objects.

What do they mean by ergonomic?

While it’s a buzzword around any sort of device, ergonomic peripherals are an amazing boon to health. Basically they are items designed to be health conscious and function by catering to the normal movements and motions of the human body. For instance, an ergonomic keyboard will be designed with health in mind and offer a design that combats common keyboard related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Lumbar support is key among other benefits that help the spine to remain in a comfortable natural position. If health is at all a concern, we recommend investing in an ergonomic model.

As outrageous sounding as it is, various experts have dubbed sitting as the new smoking. The average US adult sits for 9-10 hours a day and often times even more. This creates all manner of health issues, from sedentary lifestyle problems to back issues from extended sitting. While it may seem strange to connect Gaming Chairs and health, much can be said for taking a moment and considering the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and what's involved with that. A bad chair could cause numerous spinal issues over time and contribute to overall poor health. The good news is that both Maxnomic and DXracer notice this and take an aggressive stance on offering comfortable and health sensitive chairs for those of us who spend a long-time sitting. If you know you’ll be sitting 12-14 hours a day, perhaps consider going with an Ergonomic line. The adjustable backs on these models work wonders.

What do you mean by “Don’t fall for gimmicks?”

Although a Gaming Chair might have fancy racing stripes and claim to be comfortable, it may actually be more obnoxious than a normal chair. Gaming chairs are known for leathery backs that don’t breath when you sweat. Obnoxious colors that scream “I’m not an adult” to the wrong audience. Sometimes it seems as if the Gaming Chair is designed and presented by someone who has an idea of what a gamer is but doesn’t actually know. A chair doesn’t need to look like it belongs in an F1 Dragster to be a good chair.

That’s not to say awesome Gaming Chairs aren’t out there. We selected these chairs after lots of investigation and experience and believe that they are the best you’ll find, even if they look like a race car seat. We just warn you to be wise. Many off-brand chairs are just terrible chairs with a coat of paint.

Thanks for joining us!

Making an informed decision can be incredibly hard with all the different technology products out there. Gaming chairs are a newer item and it can be a bit overwhelming with the hundreds of options. We hope this guide clarified the difference between two of the largest chair makers in the industry and helped you find a few great chairs you can consider picking up! If you liked this guide, please take a moment to subscribe and share it with a friend! We love bringing you fantastic content on Gaming Peripherals and every share helps us add more to our library of articles. Good luck finding a chair and have fun!

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