Logitech M570 Review 2019

Every single peripheral that exists and that will ever exist is designed with certain groups of users in mind. And while said groups of users can sometimes be larger or smaller depending on the peripheral in question, the fact remains that there are still people that will use them as their preferred method of interfacing with the computer. The trackball may seem like an extinct type of peripheral at first glance -what with the proliferation of standard mice- but, for some users, the trackball is not only the best form of communicating with the computer but the only efficient way as well.

Logitech has ample experience in the design and manufacture of trackball mice. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, and with a standard model that has changed little since its inception (excluding the jump from ball sensors to their optical counterparts), the M570 now brings high-resolution and precise performance to the users that are lucky enough to own it. Furthermore, the use of a fine-gran trackball, top of the line optical sensors, and improved energy saving technologies, put the M570 in the same category as Logitech’s other high-end mice.

The M570 is the successor of a renowned trackball mouse called the Trackman Wheel. In its time, the Trackman offered a compact way of controlling the computer via a trackball mouse that fit neatly into the hand of the user and offered great precision and comfort, especially for those that need to spend hours at a time in front of the computer.

What We Looked For In The M570

Before jumping into our Logitech M570 review, let’s briefly go over the criteria we use to create the very best and unbiased content that allows our users to make an informed decision about their peripherals.

When it comes to gaming mice, we expect to find several features in place to help the player gain an edge over his rivals. However, for trackball mice such as the M570, the features should be focused towards other ends, such as ergonomics, precision, and overall comfort of use even through the longest sessions. In these aspects, the M570 excels with flying colors, providing a highly precise trackball experience with an unparalleled focus on ergonomics to prevent the onset of hand and wrist injuries. Furthermore, users that are already suffering from said conditions (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), can easily use this mouse to relieve the symptoms and eventually make a full recovery.

For the reasons mentioned above, the M570 is a working mouse, fit to perform all sorts of office tasks with ease and with nary a trace of side effects such as the fatigue generated by the use of standard mice.

M570 Product Overview

The M570 by Logitech is the pioneer of Trackball mice with laser sensor technology, also by including a trackball that doesn’t require any sort of rough texture or any sort of granulation on its surface in order to perform with precision. Instead, this mouse has a texture that is barely perceptible and that, in practice, feels like a completely smooth ball on the thumb. The ergonomics of the mouse have been optimized to make the trackball more accessible to the thumb. The only drawback about its form is that, similarly to other trackball mice, the M570 is designed exclusively for right-handed users. These adjustments in ergonomics and form make using this mouse a less traumatic experience for users who have never even touched a trackball mouse in the first place and allows them to easily grow accustomed to using it deftly.

One important aspect of this mouse is the implementation of 2 additional buttons which are located beside the left mouse button. These clickers are mapped by default to the “back” and “forward” functions of your browser. Meanwhile, the top of this mouse maintains the structure that is commonplace to most mice, with the usual tri-button setup (left, middle and right click), alongside a scroll wheel that emits a satisfying click each time it’s operated.

As is usual with most wireless mice, the M570 includes its own USB receiver. The main difference compared to other wireless peripherals is that Logitech uses some of the smallest wireless dongles in the market, in true Plug N’ Forget fashion. Furthermore, the unifying USB receiver used by the M570 facilitates a 2.4GHz wireless connection with over 10 meters of distance between the mouse and the USB dongle. And as if that wasn’t enough, Logitech really gives meaning to the word “unifying” used to refer to its receiver, as this nifty little piece of hardware allows you to synchronize up to 6 wireless peripherals to any given computer.

Since this is a wireless mouse made by one of the best companies in the industry, you can expect there to be certain features in place to maximize battery life. The M570 is designed with an energy-efficient sensor and electronics that squeeze every last drop of energy out of each battery, giving the user up to 18 months of life with a single AA battery. While this number is spectacular by itself, it is slowly becoming commonplace with modern peripherals to offer exorbitantly long battery life.

It’s worth mentioning that, even though the additional buttons are configured by default to perform certain functions, they can also be freely customized by using Logitech’s SetPoint software. By using this program, the user can adjust virtually every setting of the M570’s performance: from button mapping, like we mentioned above, battery saving options, and sensitivity settings, to managing user profiles, monitoring remaining battery life, and managing the peripherals that are connected via the unifying receiver.

M570 Pros And Cons

If you’ve been using a standard mouse your whole life (like us), then investing in a trackball mouse might seem like a leap of faith at first, especially if you’ve never actually heard about or tested one yourself. For this reason, we feel it’s relevant to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a trackball mouse so you can draw your own conclusions on whether the investment is worth it or not.

  • Space saving; trackball mice don’t have to be moved around like normal mice. Instead, they stay in one place at all times, which makes them great for use on desks with limited space
  • Good on all surfaces; if you don’t have a desk in the first place, such as when using a laptop while lying in bed, trackball mice can still be used without a hitch since the surface they’re on is irrelevant to their performance.
  • Great for injuries; a trackball mouse doesn’t require the same amount of movement to operate as a standard mouse does.
  • For this reason, these type of mice are good for use by those who have shoulder or arm injuries, and can’t quite move them very well.
  • Most trackball mice are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hands of any shape and size
  • Operating a trackball mouse has a steep learning curve, especially if you’re used to standard mouse controls​
  • Left-handed users are often out of luck if they want to use trackball mice since most of these peripherals are designed for use with the right hand

Final Verdict On The M570

This Trackball mouse offers us what its brothers have done in times past; a device that doesn’t need to be moved to operate the computer, with great precision to boot, and reasonably fast cursor speed, especially in an experienced user’s hands. This new model only adds the technological upgrades that are commonplace in mice of this generation, effectively creating an updated version for both professional and casual users alike. We hope our Logitech M570 Review helped you make an informed and confident decision about the purchase of your next mouse.

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Eugene says

I’ve been using this mouse for years now and wouldn’t trade it for any other mouse out there. The only time I switch to a regular mouse is when playing shooters, the trackball isn’t very good for quick and accurate back and forth movements… it’s not very good with any sort of quick and precise actions. Most of the time it’s not an issue, the only time it does become one is when playing shooters, the quick response these games require is not suitable for this sort of mouse.

My favorite thing about this mouse is that it has such a tiny footprint, the size of the mouse itself is all you need to accommodate for. Since there’s no need to give a few inches in each direction for mouse movement that space can be used for other stuff. When working on my machine or some other occasions when my table is completely covered with stuff and there’s no room for a mouse it’s not an issue, I can rest the mouse anywhere (usually my lap) and use it that way.

One, very tiny, nitpick I have found after all these years is that since the ball is up on top, and exposed from the top, all sorts of dust and dirt get inside. It’s not a major issue, I just occasionally (maybe 2 or 3 times a year) pop the ball out and give the inside chamber a nice wipe down with a piece of cloth making sure the optics and the rollers are clean, and it feels like new again.

    Matthieu says

    I’ve been using that mouse for everything. I’ll never go back to a normal mouse after i used the M570. I don,t understand your comment about shooters, though. I’ve been playing lots and lots of different games so far with this mouse and i never experienced anything you mentionned about shooters, quite the opposite, in fact. What you need is the Logitech SetPoint software. You can adjust everything with it, and trust me, after you adjust it for some faster movement, you’ll never go back to a traditionnal mouse.

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