Logitech G602 Review 2019

I always get excited when I get to review a product created by Logitech. I feel that, despite offering a great deal of quality products, this company always get relegated to the sidelines by other organizations that are dedicated exclusively to manufacturing gaming peripherals. And I guess it can be expected, considering that Logitech also develops general purpose products as well, such as office equipment, computer chairs, and generic mice. Nevertheless, Logitech’s line of gaming peripherals is definitely one of the strongest options currently available on the market. If you’re looking for great gaming gear (and I’m pretty sure you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), then you’d do well to browse Logitech’s catalog before settling on a gaming mouse.

As you may know already, choosing a gaming mouse is a very personal experience. Every person’s hands are different; to the point that even your left hand is markedly different from your right hand (go ahead, compare them, we’ll wait). In that sense, it is expected that some mice may not work for you. It is not uncommon that some users might shy away from the popular models such as the DeathAdder by Razer because of comfort issues, or that simply the ergonomics of the mouse don’t agree with the user’s hand. For this reason, many companies strive to create the perfect mouse; one that many users can hold comfortably without causing any sort of wrist strain or hand injuries due to prolonged disergonomic use.

The above is one of the biggest selling points of the Logitech G602 gaming mouse. Logitech is not a company that is known for its creative and quirky designs; most of their products feature conservative color palettes and standard button layouts. However, when it comes to ergonomics, Logitech is among the best companies in the industry. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Before diving into our review of the Logitech G602, let’s take a few moments to elaborate on our judgement criteria for one of our choices for best cheap gaming mouse.

Things To Consider In A Gaming Mouse

For general purpose gaming mice such as the G602, we need to take into consideration various features when writing our reviews. In order to give an honest, unbiased opinion, we examine every characteristic of the product in question. In this case, we like to examine the mouse’s sensor quality, the amount of additional buttons, the general design and layout, the customization capabilities and, less importantly, the general aesthetics. We don’t really mind if the mouse is somewhat unsightly; as long as it gets the job done and our hand feels good while using it, then it’s a winner in our books. For wireless mice such as the G602, we also need to factor in the power usage and battery life, given that these 2 traits are almost always the bane of every wireless mouse ever; even more so than latency or lag issues.

Logitech G602 Product Overview

Right off the bat, we can definitely tell that we’re in for a treat when testing the G602. This mouse is equipped with a 2,500 CPI optical sensor, supplemented with Logitech’s proprietary Delta Zero sensor technology. The result is a mouse that tracks with unparalleled accuracy on a wide variety of surfaces, while the Delta Zero technology helps to provide higher fidelity than the competition by removing any type of mouse acceleration, ensuring that your hand’s movements are properly translated into the computer. The biggest drawback about this mouse’s sensor immediately sticks out like a sore thumb; the 2,500 CPI sensitivity limit is much lower than what the great majority of gaming mice offer nowadays. This may not affect some users that constantly play certain genre of games like MOBAs or MMORPGs. But users that competitively play fast-paced FPS games might have to look for another gaming mouse that meets their requirements in CPI adjustability. This shortcoming is so evident that, on this product’s Amazon page, the sensor specifications require a bit of digging into to find the maximum CPI setting, which suggests that Logitech was trying its best to hide that fact.

In terms of ergonomics, Logitech doesn’t kid around. This is hands-down one of the most comfortable mice you will ever use. This really doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that this company is always designing products that are comfortable to use, even through the longest work or gaming sessions. At first glance, you might notice that this mouse shirked any form of symmetry to favor user comfort. On the left side of the mouse a thumb rest juts out from its body, which provides much-needed support to the finger, as well as easy access to the generous amount of additional buttons this mouse has to offer. The body itself is covered in many places by a rubberized texture, which improves the user’s grip on the product.

This mouse is equipped with a total of 11 buttons, all of which are fully customizable through Logitech’s software. The repertoire of button includes the 3 standard buttons (left, right, and middle click), as a well as 6 buttons on the thumb, and 2 additional buttons which protrude from the front left of the mouse. The fact that this mouse has so many buttons serves to further drive the point that it is meant to be used for MMORPGs, as the skills of the player’s character can be mapped to each and every one of these buttons, for easy access.

Battery life and power usage is a common complaint with wireless mice like the G602, often leading to their commercial failure. After all, no one wants to buy a product that requires switching batteries every week. This mouse addresses this issue by providing 2 modes of operation, both of which offer a generous amount of operational time. The most energy-intensive mode is the Performance variant, which boasts up to 250 hours of usage on a single pair of AA batteries. The other mode, called Endurance, can go up to 1440 hours of usage without having to replace the batteries. Both modes are identified with different lights on top of the mouse; blue for the former, and green for the latter. The only difference in terms of performance between these two modes is that mouse input and tracking precision tends to be more tight on performance mode. Regardless, switching to endurance is a great idea whenever you’re using the mouse for, say, web browsing instead of gaming.

This mouse is definitely one of the best options on the market. It is also one of the cheapest wireless gaming mice currently available. In a nutshell, we can observe this mouse’s greatest features in the following list:

  • Max CPI of 2,500​
  • Optical sensor complemented with Delta Zero technology for improved tracking
  • up to 1,440 hours of battery life using endurance mode
  • 11 fully customizable buttons
  • A great focus on ergonomics means that this mouse will fit into your hand like a glove, with zero wrist strain or risk of injury from prolonged use
  • A durable product which is tested effective for up to 20 million clicks on each of its buttons


The G602 is a great mouse for all purpose use. For gaming, this product’s vast amount of buttons makes it tailored towards certain genres, such as MOBA and MMORPG games like League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and so on. Although we have to admit that the lackluster CPI settings can put certain people off from buying this mouse, and for good reason. If you need more sensitivity for other games, then you’re really better off looking for a better alternative. We really can’t come up with a better alternative for reliable wireless gaming mice.

In other words, you can’t go wrong with the G602.

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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