Logitech G600 Review 2019

The company known as Logitech was originally founded in Switzerland, in the year 1981. In its beginnings, this group was dedicated to the research and development of OEM mice, as well as slowly spreading towards the manufacturing of peripherals for personal computers. Little by little, this organization managed to secure a spot on every home computer, mostly due to the quality of its products, as well as their cheap price tag. However, Logitech’s big push towards the peripheral industry didn’t come until the release of the company’s “G” series of gaming mice, which offered an enormous leap in quality from the series of mice that were previously released by them, securing a spot in most professional gamers’ setups. Today, we have come to talk about one of such Logitech peripherals that are exclusively designed for gaming. Specifically, we will be giving our honest review of the Logitech G600, a peripheral designed exclusively for MMO games.

The main feature of this mouse, which sets it apart from most other gaming mice, is the inclusion of a mechanical grid of 12 buttons located on the thumb rest, providing the user with ample means to remap a wide variety of actions to them and keeping said actions at thumb’s reach. Furthermore, this mouse has an excellent configuration software that allows the user to customize virtually every aspect of the mouse’s performance, as well as its behavior.

But before we hop into our Logitech G600 review, let’s first talk briefly about the criteria we use to review all the gaming mice that come into our hands:​

What We Looked For In The Logitech G600

Gaming mice are designed to provide their users with advantages over others that don’t use these types of peripherals. These types of mice are set apart from their generic office counterparts by facilitating a certain set of amenities, all of which are designed to enhance the player’s skills, and help them outmatch the competition. The aforementioned features often come in the form of additional programmable buttons, a high quality and adjustable sensor, an appropriately designed form factor to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, and an awesome aesthetic design to complement all of the mouse’s features.

In the case of the G600, we’re in the presence of a mouse with a laser sensor that can be adjusted to a sensitivity of up to 8200 CPI, and that offers a maximum acceleration of 30G, as well as a polling rate of 1000 Hz. By considering only these 3 features, we can already tell that the G600 is an extremely precise mouse, which is expected in a wired peripheral in this price range. Furthermore, as we mentioned above, this mouse is equipped with a 12-button thumb grid which is located on the thumb rest which, when combined with all the other buttons littered across the peripheral, adds up to a grand total of 20 buttons. All of these features are complemented by an awesome aesthetic design, so the user can look awesome both on and off the battlefield. However, despite its many strengths, we found that this mouse felt a bit uncomfortable to use, especially for those with small hands, which is a bit of a step down from the quality we experienced in other areas, but not enough so to consider it a deal-breaker.

Logitech G600 Product Overview

In terms of presentation, the Logitech G600 comes packed in a soft green cardboard box, as is usual with the company’s G-series of gaming peripherals. On the frontal face of the box, there is a big picture of the titular mouse, upon which we can also witness its main feature: the 12-button thumb grid. On the opposite face of the box, we can find 5 images depicting the main features of the mouse, including the aforementioned grid, the total number of buttons available to the user, the customization capabilities of the G600, the G-Shift and CPI-Shift features, and the durability of the mouse itself. On one side of the box are several lines of information elaborating on the mouse’s technical specifications, in list format. Meanwhile, on the other side, is text explaining the benefits you will enjoy when using the G600.

The frontal face of the box opens like a book cover, and below this layer you can sneak a peek of the G600, resting neatly inside its plastic protective cover. On the back of the lid is the manufacturer’s description of the mouse’s thumb grid, as well as several images that showcase the various colors in which it can be set.

Upon opening the box, we’re first presented with a white cardboard envelope containing the mouse’s safety tips, as well as the installation guide; pretty standard stuff. Upon removing the G600 from its plastic mold, we are able to admire it in all is splendor. By simply holding the peripheral in our hands, we can definitely tell that this is one sturdy mouse, as is expected from most Logitech products. The mouse comes in full black color, with the exception of Logitech’s logo, which is located on the “butt” of the peripheral and stands out due to its white color. The 4G mouse wheel scrolls in all directions (up, down, left and right), and is made completely out of plastic. However, despite the type of material it’s made out of, it still proves pleasant to the touch and rarely causes our fingers to slip, even during heated matches.

The mouse itself is somewhat wide and weighs around 130 grams, which makes it perfect for a palm grip and resting our hands squarely on the body of the mouse. As we mentioned above, the size of the G600 might complicate its operation if the user has small hands, especially when it comes to reaching the right mouse button, as well as the entirety of the thumb grid simultaneously. Nevertheless, with some effort, the user will get accustomed fairly easily to the mouse’s dimensions and will be able to access all of its buttons without having to contort their hands in awkward positions.

As we mentioned above, this mouse has a total of 20 programmable buttons, which are meant to be used mostly in MMORPGs, allowing the player to map most spells and skills available, and have them readily accessible at thumb’s reach. The fact that the player can have quick access to most of their actions ensure that they have all the means to surpass every obstacle thrown at him at his fingertips. The only drawback about the mechanical thumb grid (which is the place where most of the G600’s buttons are located), is that it has a slight learning curve in order to properly land every button press with ease, especially if the user is new to these types of mouse. Other than that, the generous amount of buttons provided by this mouse has proven to be an absolute joy, not only during gaming, but for general use as well, considering that they can also be configured to perform several Windows functions, such as Copy, Paste, and launching specific software, among others.

One of the features about the G600 worth mentioning is the G-Shift, which is activated by holding down the third mouse button for several seconds. Upon activation, the mouse quickly switches to a secondary set of functions, effectively doubling the amount of actions it can perform on a single user profile. This aspect is handy in those RTS games where the amount of commands that the user can perform are as numerous as those in MMORPGs.

All of the features mentioned thus far would be useless if the G600 had a mediocre mouse sensor. Luckily, the folks at Logitech have made sure that the tracking capabilities of this mouse are on par with the rest of its features, and have equipped it with a powerful laser sensor which can provide utmost precision at up to 8600 CPI. The fact that it’s a laser sensor also means that the G600 can be easily used on virtually any surface, including those that would cause interference for optical mice, such glass tables, polished wood desks, or other reflective surfaces. The sensor can be adjusted at up to 4 levels of sensitivity, all of which can be freely customized using Logitech’s software.

Speaking of which, Logitech’s Gaming Software is easily one of the best features of any gaming peripheral manufactured by this company. With the use of this program, the player can easily and quickly tweak various aspects of the mouse’s behavior, including but not limited to adjusting the different CPI levels, remapping the actions assigned to every single button, modifying the properties of the scroll wheel, increasing or decreasing the sensor’s polling rate, adjusting the mouse’s liftoff distance, and much more. And if that wasn’t enough, the user can also personalize the lighting schemes of the mouse’s LED lights in over 16 million color combinations.​

Logitech G600 Pros And Cons


  • Powerful laser sensor
  • A plethora of customization options
  • 4G scroll wheel that’s comfortable and pleasant to use
  • Great build quality
  • Very affordable price tag


  • A bit big, especially for users with small hands
  • Getting used to the thumb grid may take a while

Final Verdict On The Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 is an excellent piece of hardware, with a build quality that is seldom surpassed by any other peripheral in the same price range. You really can’t go wrong with Logitech, and this mouse only serves to further prove that point. If we could choose to improve something about this mouse, it would be the possibility to add illumination to the top of the mouse, instead of reserving it exclusively for the thumb grid. Still, this is just a minor pet peeve, and in no way does it affect the mouse’s performance. That being said, the G600 earns our personal recommendation as a gaming peripheral that certainly won’t fail to impress any of its users.

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