Left Handed Gaming Mice FAQ

If you're planning on buying a left handed gaming mouse, you might have a few questions. For example: can I be just as good as my right handed friends? Can I use a "normal" mouse and just change the orientation of the buttons? The answer to these and more questions can be found in this FAQ. 

Will an ambidextrous gaming mouse actually work?

A cursory glance would show you that ambidextrous options are far more abundant then left-handed mice. Even the best left handed mouse lacks the features of top-tier ambidextrous mice. This is the unfortunate reality of the market. An ambidextrous mouse can feel very comfortable and natural though for a left-handed gamer after using Gaming mouse software to change it up.

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The biggest disadvantage is that many companies tone down the quality and buttons of products for the ambi-crowd. So those sweet MMORPG Gaming mice with loads of buttons are hard to find in that form factor. Still, many left-handed gamers feel immense freedom after converting to an ambidextrous mouse because it is really such an improvement over unnatural mouse design. It will help you feel far better than a right-handed mouse will and can offer almost similar feeling with the right product. There are numerous amazing ambidextrous mice as well that just blow near any mouse out of the water. In fact, the best left handed wireless gaming mouse in the world is ambidextrous.

How much does the mouse orientation affect performance?

This will obviously depend on the person and some have trained themselves to use a non-dominant hand like a pro. The challenge is that so many aspects of using technology feel unnatural without long periods of intentional practice. You don’t realize how many buttons are placed in specific spots for right-handed users until you switch over.

The best left handed mmo mouse generally feels useless until you adjust to all those extra buttons you’ve been unable to use before. The benefit is that left-handed gamers may be blown away by the way the setups can feel so much better. Playing with a right-handed mouse as a leftie on the right or left is just terrible. It feels wrong and you can’t be near as accurate. The orientation of the mouse has a huge effect that can’t fully be appreciated until converting over.

Can I switch up my mouse button without special software?

Yes! Most operating systems already have this as an easy convenient option. For instance, on Windows 10 you simply go to settings-devices-mouse and you’ll find a simple pull-down option to change mouse orientation. This is useful if you find yourself wanting to test out a new orientation before going all in on a nice new G903.

How do I change mouse orientation around effectively? (I.E. Keyboard on the right side)

It seems a little counterintuitive at first. Especially because the right side of the keyboard is used SO much in gaming. It’s like anything though. Give it a few hours and you’ll be forever annoyed it took this long to feel the way you do. A left-handed mouse just feels fantastic for those who are left-handed. Gaming with the mouse on the left makes your dominant hand the leader in games. After all, pressed WASD isn’t nearly as intensive as attempting to headshot someone on Mirage. It will blow you away!

So how do I get used to the switch? The first thing you should do is look up a keybinding guide and start training yourself to use a keyboard with your right hand. It’ll feel slow and unnatural at first but you’ll warm up quick! There are a bunch of gamer guides online that teach you what keys work for them. Left-handed gamers have long had to deal with the problem of living in a right-handed world and have tons of solutions that just work. They make sense. And help you feel like the problem when you lose a match isn’t your mouse, or being left-handed, it’s just that you need to play better. That’s a refreshing feeling for those who’ve always felt held back.

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