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Like with so many computer peripherals, choosing a good set of ‘phones to complete your PC build -or for use with your PS4 or Xbox One- can be a real challenge. There are hundreds, if not thousands of products on the market, all offering similar advantages, at different prices than their competitors. This mostly applies to standard wired headphones. However, when it comes to wireless cans, the selection is considerably reduced to a more manageable number.

Regardless, I personally believe that the difficulty of choosing the right headset for yourself doesn’t actually stem from the appraisal of the product itself, but rather because of the user’s lack of knowledge, myself included. For instance, it’s easy to pick a gaming mouse; if you’re going to be playing MMORPGs, you should pick one with a decent-level CPI and lots of additional buttons. On the other hand, FPS players may want to choose a gaming mouse with a good sensor that can be adjusted to high CPI levels, for those moments where accuracy is essential. But this is only the case with gaming mice. When it comes to gaming headsets, picking a good product is not so straightforward.

Coming back to our gaming mice analogy, it’s simple to understand that more buttons lead to increased functionality. While more CPI equals increased sensitivity and smoothness. However, most headsets are advertised with terms that are seemingly alien (I mean, what is “40mm neodymium magnet driver”, or “aptX technology” supposed to mean?), and harder to understand at a glance, which obviously complicate matters when you want to purchase a decent pair.

If we don’t understand what we’ll be receiving with our purchases, we would have to rely solely on customer feedback and subjective opinions to determine which product is best for us. For this reason, we have built this article to help you choose the wireless headset to suit your needs. The idea of this list is to save you from having to sift through tons of products in order to find the one that adapts to your requirements. Keep in mind that we based our selection on certain criteria, which includes comfort, battery life, wireless quality, range, and microphone quality. We are not taking into consideration the price of the entries, considering that most decent wireless headsets are seldom cheap. Consequently, some of these entries may well exceed the $100 price range.

In any case, you can rest assured that, whichever your choice may be, you will receive a quality product that will grant you hours upon hours of gaming satisfaction.

Below you will find our top picks for best wireless gaming headsets.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2018f





Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

20 hours

Closed back

Plantronics Audio 995 USB Multimedia Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone - Compatible with PC and Mac

18 hours

Closed back

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset with OLED Transmitter and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

20 hours

Closed back

ASTRO Gaming A50 PS4 - Black (2014 model)

8 hours

Closed back

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR Entertainment Headset With Bluetooth Mobile Wireless for PC/MAC/PS4

8 hours

Closed back

Turtle Beach - i60 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound - Mac, PC

10 hours

Closed back

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Wireless Headphones with Microphone

10 hours

Closed back

Corsair Gaming H2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset (CA-9011127-NA)

10 hours

Closed back

1. Razer Adaro - Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2018

As you may already know, Razer is widely regarded as one of the best companies dedicated to producing top-quality computer and gaming peripherals. They are famous for designing and selling the most famous gaming mouse of all time, preferred by professional gamers around the globe; the Razer DeathAdder. This company is always on the forefront of technology and strives to provide its customers with the very best products, albeit at a somewhat higher price than the competition. But hey, with a company like Razer, you definitely get what you pay for.

As you may already know, Razer is widely regarded as one of the best companies dedicated to producing top-quality computer and gaming peripherals. They are famous for designing and selling the most famous gaming mouse of all time, preferred by professional gamers around the globe; the Razer DeathAdder. This company is always on the forefront of technology and strives to provide its customers with the very best products, albeit at a somewhat higher price than the competition. But hey, with a company like Razer, you definitely get what you pay for.

The Razer Adaro isn’t an exception to this statement. Granted, this specific product isn’t a headset since it doesn’t include a microphone. But it is one of the cheapest models in this list, which hopefully leaves some room in your budget to fit a cheap microphone, so you can communicate with your team in the heat of battle. This pair of headphones is equipped with both custom-tuned 40mm neodymium magnet drivers and aptX pairing technology (remember what we mentioned above?) which provides crystal clear and crisp highs and lows at all volume levels, with the lowest possible power consumption. These headphones can pair easily with any Bluetooth device, including your laptop, or PC if you have a Bluetooth dongle. The battery is strong enough to last for up to 20 hours of use, or over 300 hours in standby, while only requiring around 2 hours to obtain a full charge.

As is expected from Razer products, this product is fully adjustable and can be adapted to any head with maximum comfort. This makes it ideal for prolonged use, such as during those long dungeon crawling sessions, or simply when walking around town listening to your favorite tunes.

The Audio 995 by Plantronics made this list because of two factors.

First, its price. I know that we mentioned we wouldn’t be factoring in price tags when choosing our entries for this article. However, the Audio 995 comes at a low price, which is accessible even by wireless headset standards. And second, because of its high-quality of sound and ease of use. This headset is equipped with 40mm speakers which offer a great quality of audio in full stereo. Additionally, its plug n’ play nature allows you to use activate your headset simply by connecting the USB dongle to the computer, and sliding them on your head; simple as that.

A great feature that can’t be understated about the Audio 995 is its range, which is tested to a maximum of 40 feet; more than enough for when you want to step into the next room without cutting your conversation short. Furthermore, this headset has several on-ear controls that can be used to adjust the volume, and control multimedia software such as iTunes and Windows Media Player. Another nifty feature is the noise-cancelling microphone which auto-mutes when the boom is raised, which isn’t the be-all-end-all of features, but it’s still nice to have around when you need to quickly mute your input.

SteelSeries is, along with Razer and others, one of the biggest manufacturers of computer peripherals. From gaming mice to mouse pads, headsets, and computer components, Corsair has something to appeal to all needs and preferences.

The Siberia 800 is equipped with SteelSeries’ very own proprietary speaker technology, which boosts low ends while providing clear highs for an all-around great hearing experience. The closed-back form of this headset ensures a great soundstage for any type of audio tracks, from music, to the footsteps of your enemies in any FPS game. This headset is also equipped to provide a 7.1 true surround sound experience, for complete user immersion. The retractable microphone allows you to communicate clearly with your friends, while also being able to be safely tucked away when not in use. Similar to the above entry, the Siberia 800 has onboard sound controls on the ear cup, which allows you to tweak your listening experience on the go.

With the Siberia 800, battery life is never an issue, as it includes 2 sets of swappable Li-Ion batteries which can be recharged at any moment and last for a total of 20 hours before needing to be replaced.

In terms of comfort, one glance at the Siberia 800 is all it takes to know that these will be one of the most comfortable headsets you will use. The earpads and headband are cushioned with memory foam for a truly pleasant usage, even in the longest gaming sessions.

The A50 by Astro Gaming are widely regarded as the end-game (no pun intended) when it comes to console gaming headsets; and it well should be, considering its price tag. Those who invest in these headphones will definitely get their money’s worth in quality. This headset is equipped with cutting-edge Kleernet 5.8 GHz technology, which translates into a flawless pairing, with no interference at all, even when keeping other wireless peripherals nearby.

The onboard drivers of the A50 allow the user to switch between the EQ settings, so you can adapt the sound to best suit the game you are playing. The unidirectional microphone installed in this headset delivers premium voice-chat capabilities by isolating any and all ambient noise from your voice. Last but not least, we can’t fail to mentions the comfort provided by this product. Its lightweight and easily adjustable frame ensures the best fit, without causing strain on your ears, even through the longest gaming sessions.

I honestly have to confess that, before setting out to write this article, I had no idea what the state of Creative was like currently. But if I had to take a guess, I would say that producing high-quality headsets was one of the most plausible outcomes for this company. I still remember when, back in the mid 90’s, Sound Blaster was everywhere. In fact, the sound drivers developed by this company were some of the best at the time and were used by most old-school games. This was back in the time where MS-DOS was the most popular operating. That just goes to show you the longevity of Creative, and the quality behind each and every one of its products.

But I digress; the Evo ZxR immediately stands out among the rest for two factors: its big 50mm speakers, and simple yet effective design. This is one headset that doesn’t kid around; it’s big speakers provide a powerful sound at all levels of volume, without breaking up or showing any kind of artifacts. Just like other models we have featured on this list, the ZxR has onboard ear pad controls which allow you to control your multimedia software, adjust volume, and switch on/off the headset.

The SBX Studio Pro Technology used with this product confers certain features to the user, such as a battery life indicator, profile management, headphone tester, mixer, and volume adjustment, among others. Additionally, the NFC Pairing Technology included in the ZxR allows easy pairing with most devices by simply tapping them against the ear cups.

With the vast number of headsets available on the market, it’s quite difficult to settle for a top 5. Nevertheless, the headsets mentioned are among the best you will find on the internet. However, there are other models that, for one reason or another, warrant a mention on this list.

6. Turtle Beach i60 Premium

Turtle Beach is somewhat of an underdog in the peripheral industry. Nevertheless, the i60 is its proposal to the most demanding users out there. Through its DTS Headphone:X 7.1 technology, this product provides a true surround sound experience, with groundbreaking spatial accuracy. Another cool feature is that this microphone is completely concealed within the unit, so you won’t have to be constantly readjusting its position in the middle of gameplay.

If anything, this headset provides a decent hearing, but it didn’t make the list because we thought it was a bit pricey, considering the number of features.

The G930 headset is equipped with 40mm speakers that can provide 7.1 surround sound which, for a low price, definitely earns a spot in our honorable mentions. The ear cups of this headset are designed to fit snugly over the ear of the user, creating a true feeling of isolation that is rare on other wireless cans of this price range. The onboard volume and multimedia controls included in the left ear cup is also a nice addition to an already decent product.

Corsair had an interesting idea with the H2100, creating a headset with big 50mm speakers which would allow it to provide a powerful 7.1 surround sound with great spatial accuracy. However, despite all the benefits offered by this product, it still falls behind because of its meager 2.4GHz wireless capabilities, which may result in cumbersome interference. We sure as heck were expecting much more from this headset. Nevertheless, the design is great, and the headset itself is really comfortable. If you don’t mind possible interference issues, then, by all means, feel free to purchase this pair of cans.


As we mentioned at the very start of this article, choosing a headset that provides all the necessary features for both gaming and regular usage can be quite a challenging. More so if you are looking for wireless variants, considering that the cheaper models tend to provide faulty service. On the other hand, the expensive wireless headsets can definitely live up to our expectations, but we’ll always end up thinking whether the product was worth the price.

This list was made to guide you, the user, towards finding the right headset for all your activities. Just remember that, when it comes to wireless headphones, expensive is almost always better.

Good luck!

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