GPU prices on eBay seem to be going down

It’s not exactly the end of the chip shortage just yet, but it’s something: the prices of resold graphics cards on eBay is in decline. Reddit user u/gregable gathered GPU prices on the mostly second hand oriented retail site, which have been going down ever so slightly since mid-May.

According to cryptocurrency miner, the first decline in GPU prices started around the 16th of May. This is roughly around the same time period where rumors surfaced that NVIDIA would be rolling out popular Ampere video cards with baked in limits on Ethereum mining. This was meant to scare crypto farmers away, slowly “reclaiming” the GeForce brand for gamers.

Because it’s hard to tell whether your graphics card is Lite Hash Rate or not, miners are met with newfound insecurity when buying GPUs. During the same time, Ethereum itself had been on the decline in market value too.

Graph on some popular GPU prices on eBay over roughly the first half of 2021.

The graph that seems to be circulating subreddits like r/EtherMining doesn’t show plain prices, though. Although prices themselves are going down too, the trajectory also depends on the Ethereum hash rate of these popular cards, according to If you take those numbers into consideration, it seems cards with higher hashing efficiency decline in price quicker. GPUs that prove less effective at hashing Ethereum, like the RTX 2060 Super, seem somewhat more stable in their second hand listings.

Some miners and gamers have noticed the GPU prices on the first-hand market going down too, although it doesn’t seem as definitive as eBay makes it seems. With more and more LHR cards flooding the market, it’s likely that the decline will stay around for a little bit. The listing might go up in price at some point too, depending on where Ethereum goes from here on out.

As gamers first and foremost, we cross our fingers for high-end GPUs to be somewhat affordable once again. After all, retail GPU prices were at an all-time high all over Europe and other places in the world, not too long ago.

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