Gaming Tablet F.A.Q.

There are a bunch of pretty good gaming tablets out there. It's smart to read up on things like operating system and specs before you end up buying the wrong one, though. Which is why we've created this handy Gaming Tablet FAQ. Got other questions? Ask, and we may answer!

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Does Resolution or a Retina display matter all that much?

Resolution is very important in making a game look great. Since tablets are often viewed very close to the face, a lower resolution like 720p is VERY noticeable. But once the resolution hits 1080p, most screens look crisp and sharp. A Retina display has increased visual quality beyond just the resolution. It honestly depends on what you think looks best but overall any Gaming Tablet that hits 1080p will look phenomenal when gaming. A Retina Display may be overkill but people obsessed with visual fidelity may want that or a 2K screen option.

How important is the OS on a gaming tablet?

It can’t be overstated how critical the OS is. Currently Windows and Android will allow you to play nearly any game available (For Android you need to use the Steam streaming app and a powerful enough device) but the iOS is a huge bottleneck because many AAA games are restricted from iOS. Still, the features that Apple devices offer may incentivise you to go with them. Just be aware that functionality will be widely reduced.

You have to answer the critical question, are you a PC gamer or a mobile gamer? A PC gamer can access mobile games with some work and an Android user can stream from a device using the Steam app (Which also means you can load in many games from outside sources as well) but iOS gamers are pretty much stuck with iOS.

Why a Tablet over a Laptop?

The biggest reason is usually the high-quality touch-screen. A Touch-Screen gives the user tons of unique ways to use and interact with technology. Tablets are fantastic for artists and other creatives because they can use a writing implement like a digital pen. They also are lightweight and portable. Some hybrid devices make you feel as if you have both a laptop and tablet, but a Tablet can fill a great niche. They also can be used in professional settings and remain as socially acceptable as using a paper notebook for note-taking.

What is the best tablet for emulators?

We like the Surface Pro 2. It is easy to install emulators for Andriod and iOS giving you the flexibility to do everything you want. It also happens to be our favorite overall gaming tablet so you can’t go wrong.

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