Gaming Chair F.A.Q.

How much does a proper gaming chair do for your health? What should you look for when buying one? And what if you’re a big boy or girl? The answer to your every question can be found in this gaming chair F.A.Q.

Do I really need a better
chair for my health?

It’s surprising how often we spend using a chair per day, regardless of gaming or not. Office workers, students, travelers and all manner of professions deal with constant sitting. Science has been recently talking about the negative effects and also been showing ergonomic chairs can greatly improve health while preventing muscle strain and trauma. So yes, you do need a good chair, and you’ll be glad down the road if you picked one up.

What is the best console
gaming chair?

We recommend picking up one of the two console gaming chair options if you tend to play a console with a low-to-ground setup. So a short entertainment center or perhaps a television that isn’t raised to average table height. Not only is is more comfortable, it’s easier to game when you aren’t towering above your television set from a bar height Steel Gesture chair. Console chairs are designed for those situations where your monitor or television is lower than usual. If you have a relatively raised console setup though, we’d comfortably recommend any of our gaming chairs as well.

What would be the best
chair for lumbar support for gaming?

You can’t beat the Herman Miller or Steel Gesture series for lumbar support. Simply put these chairs are very expensive and designed to give the most comfortable and healthy experience possible. It’s a lot of money to pick up an Aeron but may save you from medical bills and chiropractor visits later. For those unable to spend that much, we recommend the Omega Series. We feel it was the most comfortable gaming chair on the market and has additional lumbar support. In addition, make sure the size is correct for your needs as the Titan is often better for taller folks.

What is the best gaming
chair for the PS4?

I really like the XRocker Pro H3. For the other contenders, see our dedicated console gaming chair article.

What is the best gaming
chair for the Xbox One?

Check out the XRocker
Pro H3
. It is my favorite rocker chair and is built specifically for
console gaming.

What is the best gaming
chair for big guys?

All of the chairs we cover in this guide are built for people
under 350 pounds. If you need something a little bigger, I would check out
the DXRacer King or DXRacer Tank chairs. They
are wider and built for larger gamers.

If you are just a bit taller,
look for a chair with a high-back frame that is tall enough to support your
head. Most chairs have adjustable pillows, but if it isn’t tall enough to start
with, you don’t have an option.

What is the best gaming
chair for adults?

All of them! Seriously, all of the chairs in this guide are
great for gamers of all ages. If you are looking for something with a bit less
style and more function, check out our section on the best office style gaming
. They can be used for gaming and work.

What is the most
comfortable gaming chair?

If you are looking for comfortable as in “I want to take a
nap”, go with the Vertagear. It
reclines quite a bit and is made of high-quality material and foam.

If you are looking for comfortable as in “the best for my
back”, you should go with the Aeron. It is
made of ergonomic mesh that puts your back in the perfect position. It is also
priced very well considering the other options in the list.

Do gaming chairs help with

Used correctly, a gaming chair is
a great way to improve your posture in front of the computer. You’ll definitely
want to check whether or not you have an ergonomic gaming chair as that means
your chair has been designed with health in mind. These days, nearly all the
office style and racing style chairs you’ll find both provide adequate lumbar
support and many include additional lumbar pillows. But, the tools are only as
good as the user. You will still need to take an active role while in the chair
to improve your posture, none of that slouching or sinking into the chair that
is common. It’s also important to make sure it is the appropriate size and
weight class for your needs.

What is the most popular
gaming chair?

DXRacer is still the most popular gaming chair brand due to the advertising by streamers. That’s because it is seen in countless Twitch streams and used pretty often in the competitive gaming scene. They offer a wide variety of options and really nail the branding aspect of gaming chairs (sponsored teams and all).

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