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When it comes to purchasing a gaming setup, no ingredient is more overlooked than the gaming chair. Despite being the object upon which most users will spend their time sitting on during their work or gaming sessions, the chair itself is often purchased as an afterthought, without actually considering the benefits that stem from carefully selecting an product for the situation at hand. The most common choices are those generic office chairs that can only turn on their pedestals, offer little back support, and can cause terrible back and shoulder pains after several hours of use, which is somewhat paradoxical, given that these products are supposed to ensure the user’s comfort throughout their working hours.

In years past, most people used rigid chairs with their desks, as most of the work revolved around physical labor, and there was little regard for occupational health for office workers anyway. However, as technology advanced, and as the jobs evolved from physical, into office work, the need to develop chairs that could ensure the user’s health, in the long run, was more present than ever. Hence the reason for the office chair’s invention.

​In short, an office chair is, as its name suggests, a type of chair that was mostly meant for use in offices or other work spaces in which most laborers would have to perform most of their activities while sitting behind a desk. These objects are well known for several key features: for starters, most of these chairs are on a swivel, and feature a set of wheels so that the user may turn and roll across their workstation without having to awkwardly bend their back, or have to constantly get up while performing the task at hand. Furthermore, the seat of the chair itself is often placed on a load-bearing pedestal, which is called a gas lift. Further down below, the pedestal usually splits into several feet, which are called casters, and which rest upon the aforementioned wheels. The first office chairs were created in the mid-19th century, which is when workers started spending most of their time sitting.

The gaming chair is basically an office chair cranked up to 11. They are created to enhance the experience of playing your favorite video games while providing the maximum amount of comfort. While office chairs are designed to provide comfort so the worker can focus on the task at hand, gaming chairs are meant to provide comfort - as well as other features - so that the user may relax and become completely immersed in their favorite games. They come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and are made out of a variety of different materials. Regardless, the goal is always the same: prevent an aching posterior after hours of gaming and provide features to assist the gamer during the session, such as cup holders, pockets for storing controllers, or even slots for mounting steering wheels or joysticks for the games that require them. Some products even go as far as providing a sound system within the chair itself in order to help the user get completely immersed in the action of their games or movies.

So, whether you’re a pro gamer or a casual Saturday afternoon gaming type of person, you can really benefit from the purchase of a gaming chair. The truth is today, more than ever, we’re spending more time sitting down to work than we were a few decades ago. In that sense, you will not only reap plenty of benefits from a comfortable seat, but your body will thank you as well, as you won’t have to deal with back pain in the long run.

The aim of this article is to help you, the reader, to find the very best gaming chair: one which adapts perfectly to your requirements and will help you to further enjoy the pleasures of gaming. But before we get into our list of best video game chairs, let’s first go over a few things you ought to consider when browsing the market.​

Best Gaming Chair 2017





AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office



DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NE



DXRacer FD101



DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NW



X Rocker Video Rocker



Akracing AK-5015



X Rocker 51259 Pro H3



X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair



Arozzi Torretta Series TORRETTA-GN



Vertagear S-Line SL2000



1. AKRacing Racing Style Desk Office Gaming Chair - Best Gaming Chair 2017

Let’s start strong with a product by AKRacing. This gaming chair uses a racing style to bring great comfort to the user during long gaming sessions. This chair is designed for heavy duty gaming. And by that we mean that it’s perfect for those that need to spend several hours at a time working on a computer, as well as for those that regularly partake in long gaming sessions.

The chair itself is made out of leather and has a tubular steel frame, which makes it sturdy and perfect for accommodating larger individuals. This fact is further complemented by the class 4 piston integrated into the pedestal, which can haul up to 330lbs of weight. In terms of comfort, this chair really delivers: the padding is made out of high-density cold cure foam, which can retain its form throughout the years. The cushioning is designed to prevent morphing from excessive use, so your chair will always feel like new even after years of use.

Other noteworthy features of this chair are that tilting and rocking function, which allows the user to gently sway back and forth for added comfort; the rocking can also help some individuals to focus on the task at hand. The backrest of the chair also functions as a recliner, with a maximum range of 170°.

In short, this chair is sporty, comfortable, and comes with a very elegant black and white design with the AKRacing logo embroidered onto the headrest. With the purchase of this chair, you will also receive a supplementary lumbar cushion, which you can use to prevent the onset of back pain, which is a common outcome of prolonged sitting.

2. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NE

Like we mentioned above, DXRacer is a strong contender in the market of racing chairs, and this model is not an exception. The RV001 Newedge Edition sports an awesome green and black design and, in true racing chair fashion, embraces the comfort of a true racecar seat. The very first thing that stands out in this chair is the DXRacing logo emblazoned on the headrest, which means that we’re in for a treat with this product.

Like our previous entry, this chair is made with synthetic leather, which is in turn filled with high-density cold cure foam. This blend of materials ensures that the chair won’t lose its form even throughout the longest work or gaming sessions. The frame of the F-Series of chairs is built larger and wider in order to accommodate bigger users. When a user is too tall, they may need to make certain accommodations in order to fit comfortably in any chair. This chair is perfect for said users, and its tubular steel frame also makes it very comfortable for the heavier individuals. The armrests of this product are completely adjustable in 4D and made out of soft padding, which complements perfectly the user’s posture and prevents back and shoulder pain derived from inadequate posture.

The casters are of particular note here, since they are made of sturdy plastic with a polyurethane coating to ensure a smooth glide across any surface. Like our previous entry, with the purchase of this product you will also receive a lumbar cushion which can be utilized as extra support for the user’s lower back.

3. DXRacer FD101

This model from DXRacer consists of a racing chair targeted towards the office instead of gaming. While it certainly provides the comfort you would expect from any gaming chair in this price range, the design was created to blend nicely into any workplace, with its neutral colors and conservative amount of features. Consequently, this chair is also one of the most affordable in DXRacer’s lineup.

This product also belongs to the Formula Series of gaming chairs, which offer bigger and wider seats and backrests for the bigger users. The chair itself is equipped with a tubular steel frame and the cushions are made out of soft fabric. The stuffing is made with high-density cold cure foam as well, which prevents it from morphing due to extended use. The armrests are completely adjustable and are made with soft padding, which guarantees comfort for users of any size and shape.

It’s worth noting that this product is the official chair for several professional gaming crews, such as compLexity, Team Dignitas, and Fnatic. An interesting feature that the manufacturer points out about this chair is that it can recline quite a long distance and, with the aid of the product’s angle adjuster, the user can engage in “power napping” during those long overtime sessions at night.

4. DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NW

This time around, DXRacer dazzles us once again, but now with a chair oriented towards users that are looking for luxury to go with their comfort. The DF73 Newedge Edition sports a very elegant design in tones of black and white, and is made with extra thick leather cushions to give it a professional kind of look. The extra padding itself makes this chair really comfortable and ideal for those that are looking for something akin to a second bed.

This chair belongs to the Drifting Series, which consists mostly of big, burly chairs, aimed towards the bigger users. This one is even large enough to sleep in, a fact which is complemented by its reclining and rocking features, which can lull even the most hardened insomniacs into sweet slumber after a night of gaming.

The armrests are wider than our last two entries, and can also be adjusted into various positions, safeguarding the user from slanting shoulders and other nasty conditions such as shoulder pains and kyphosis, as well as wrist fatigue from having to constantly adjust positions due to the armrests forcing the user’s hands into awkward positions in order to operate the mouse and keyboard.

5. X Rocker Video Rocker

With all the products mentioned above sporting pretty hefty price tags, the Video Rocker by X Rocker offers a welcome respite to your wallet. For only a fraction of what will cost you to acquire any of the products mentioned above, you may indulge in this admittedly simple yet very comfortable rocker style gaming chair. The product is as simple as it can be, consisting of an L-shaped rocker chair which goes directly on the floor, is equipped with a sturdy wooden frame and covered with of faux leather, which is stuffed with polyurethane foam.

As far as seating solutions go, you really can’t go much more simple than this one. But sometimes the answer lies in simplicity and, is this is the case for you, the Video Rocker is the chair for you. At the very least, your wallet will definitely thank you, and you’ll still receive a product which will last you for years without needing a replacement.

5. Akracing AK-5015

AKRacing makes a return with another racing chair. This time around the product is made from soft fabric instead of leather, and features a slightly larger form factor to accommodate taller individuals. Furthermore, the Class 4 gas cylinder incorporated into the pedestal can support up to 396lbs, so if you’re looking for a chair that can haul heavy loads, look no further than the AK-5015.

6. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3

The Pro H3 by X Rocker is a much more advanced version of the Video Rocker mentioned above. It's a rocker type gaming chair which is set directly on the floor and is made with soft fabric filled with lots of extra padding for maximum comfort. The chair is equipped with a 4.1 sound system which can be used with any device, console or computer, to provide truly immersive HD audio, which is complemented with vibration on the low frequencies. The Pro H3 is perfect for gaming, listening to music, or even watching a movie, as the sound it provides can help transport you to the center of the action.

The Pro H3 is also perfect for small apartments where space is an issue since both the gunstock arms and backrest can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

7. X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair

If you liked the X Rocker above but felt that it’s a bit too expensive for your budget, or that you simply prefer a leather finish instead of vinyl fabric, then this chair is just what you’re looking for. For around half of the price of the Pro H3, the Video Gaming Chair will also provide you with immersive audio, albeit with a 2.1 setup this time around.

8. Arozzi Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

If you felt that the racing chairs we listed above are a bit on the expensive side, then Arozzi’s got you covered with their Toretta Series of gaming chairs. This product sports a fabric finish and a design in black and bright green, though you can choose from various colors. The features offered by this one is not really different from the higher-end models mentioned above, though the quality of construction can seem a bit lacking in comparison. Nevertheless, this chair is a great alternative for those that absolutely will not settle for anything less than a racing chair, but don’t feel like spending too much on said product.

9. Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

This racing chair from Vertagear shines for its easy installation that consists of simple “slide-in” mechanisms which can be put together by one person in just a few minutes. Despite its simplicity, this chair does not shirk in sturdiness nor longevity, as it is also equipped with a durable steel frame, and the cushions are filled with a high-density resilience foam which guarantees it won’t morph or lose its original shape even after years of use. Despite looking deceptively thin and narrow, the base is actually reinforced with a heavy-duty alloy set in a 5-Star Base, which ensures maximum stability and no wobbling whatsoever.

Best Gaming Chairs Buying Guide

Alright, now that we know which companies offer the best gaming chairs, it’s time to delve into the elements you need to consider in order to purchase a gaming chair. It’s always easy to throw caution to the wind and simply purchase the most expensive chair money can buy. However, while this approach will most certainly net you a good product -and good for you if you’re well off enough to make these sort of purchases - there is much more to buying a gaming chair than just going for the most expensive one available, given that said product might not even be a good fit for your needs.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a good gaming chair, keep in mind the following elements:

Chair Style

Like we mentioned above, gaming chairs come in several different styles. You should give some thought to the type of style that will benefit you most during your gaming sessions. Will you be mostly sitting behind a TV playing on a console? Then you might want to invest in a rocker chair, as they will give you the most amount of comfort for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you need a chair that can be used for sitting at your desk, and also double up as a console chair, then you will benefit much more from a racing or pedestal chair. Racing chairs are good all-purpose products, while pedestal chairs offer stability, comfort, and sturdiness, with a tradeoff in being less mobile and usually heavier than their counterparts.


Gaming chairs are usually made out of leather, but they can also come in a wide variety of different materials. Those that are gaming in hot weathers might want to skip on leather chairs, as the heat can make your skin sweat and stick to the material, which is uncomfortable to say the least. If this is the case, then you might want to purchase a chair that uses felt or similar types of fabric, which won’t stick in the heat and can also help keep your warm in colder climes. The downside of felt and other softer fabrics is that they are usually harder to clean.


The position of the armrests can usually mean the difference between a good and a bad posture. If your arms are too high up, your shoulders will have to compensate for the height, which can lead to straining and shoulder pains if you keep the position for too long. On the hand, if the armrests are too low, you will find yourself constantly hunching forward while operating the computer. The presence of adjustable armrests can help circumvent this issue and help prevent the onset of any ailments that stem from bad posture.


Some chairs, like the ones from X Rocker or Brazen, feature onboard sound systems which can hook up to your computer or console and act as a playback device for these platforms. If you’re looking to purchase a chair that can provide immersive audio, remember to check beforehand if the devices you’re looking to hook it up to are compatible with the chair itself.

Space Requirements

Gaming chairs can sometimes be a bit bulky and take up a lot of space, especially for those that live in small apartments. Fortunately, some companies like X Rocker account for this by adding a foldable and lightweight design to some of their products. The result is a chair that can be easily stored when not in use and that is light enough so that anyone can lift it without assistance.


This is, by far, the least important factor in this guide. Remember that, when buying a gaming chair, you’re not only investing in comfort and immersion during your sessions, you’re also safeguarding your posture, as well as the overall health of your back. By purchasing a good gaming chair you’re also saving on potential medical bills that can stem from bad posture and uncomfortable positions that couldn’t otherwise be avoided with a generic office chair. If you’re a hardcore gamer or a person that spends most of their day sitting behind a computer, then a gaming chair is more than a luxury for you; it’s a necessity.

The Different Types Of Gaming Chairs

As we mentioned above, gaming chairs come in various designs as well as styles. The most common types of game chairs are the rockers, racing chairs, and pedestal gaming chairs. When browsing different catalogs of gaming chairs, you will notice that most - if not all - of the products will fall into these three categories.


These are chairs that don’t have a pedestal. Instead, these chairs usually feature an “L” shape and are set directly on the floor. The shape of the product allows the user to gently rock back and forth, enhancing the comfort of the chair itself. These chairs are very comfortable but are not recommended for seniors, as the process of sitting down and getting back up may cause great strain on their bodies.


Like the office chairs mentioned above, the pedestal gaming chairs are set on top of a load-bearing support. These products are designed to keep the user elevated a few inches in the air, while also providing the swivel capabilities that is common in so many office chairs. Some of them might be equipped with wheels, while others might use an extra large pedestal to provide further stability to the user. The advantage that pedestal chairs have over rockers is that the provide a direct view of the screen or monitor. Furthermore, some of these chairs may also allow the user to rock back and forth, as they can be used as a recliner of sorts.


These chairs are slender, long and, as their name suggests, are shaped like a racecar seat. These products are more akin to office chairs than actual gaming chairs, given that most of them only offer comfort, and little else, to the user. This is not to say that they’re inferior to the competition, but they usually lack the padding and extra features of other types of chairs. If comfort is your sole objective, then you might enjoy investing on a good racing chair.

The Different Brands Of The Best Gaming Chairs

By now it pretty much goes without saying that buying a gaming chair is a surefire way to increase the enjoyment obtained from playing your favorite video games. However, there are quite a few elements you’ll need to consider in order to make the very best purchase. After all, some products might be the wrong size for you or may have other features that you’re not interested in.

However, a few Google searches in will prove to you that choosing a good gaming chair for your needs can be a difficult challenge. As soon as you begin browsing the market, you’re instantly bombarded by all sorts of sales and offers from a wide variety of sellers, which can make you lose focus on what’s really important in this market; brand quality. When it comes to this particular decision, choosing a good gaming chair is just like choosing the components of your computer; the brand usually speaks volumes about the products themselves. Despite the wide variety of manufacturers and sellers, there are only a handful of companies which produce the best quality chairs. While other manufacturers may produce seemingly awesome gaming chairs, these products won’t usually stand the test of time, and your money will end up down the drain.

When you’re investing in a brand, you’re not only purchasing a chair with tons of features and all the bells and whistles which come with it, you’re also acquiring a product that will serve you faithfully for years to come. Said product will usually only need replacing years after the purchase, at which point it will have already provided more than its worth in all its years of service.

If you’re one of those people that frequently tunes into gaming streams, or are an avid follower of the latest gaming tournaments, you might already be familiar with more than a few brands of gaming chairs. These products are used by literally every e-athlete ever, and for good reason. However, as we mentioned above, there are tons of companies that focus their trade on the manufacture and sale of gaming chairs. So, if you’re looking for the very best, keep an eye out for the following brands:


As their name suggests, this company specializes in the manufacturing of racing chairs. Founded in 2006, DXRacer started out as a manufacturer of high-quality seats for actual racecars. By putting a lot of love, effort, and smart decision making into the mix, the company became a world leader in the production of OEM car accessories. Their innovative designs have allowed them to branch out into the gaming chair market and they have gone on to become an important brand in this market as well. Given that DXRacer is a company that produces seats for people who like to go fast, you can rest assured that the quality of their products is more than guaranteed.

It goes without saying that DXRacer focuses mainly on racing chairs so, if this is your style of preference, you might want to browse this company’s catalog; you’ll most likely find a product suited to your needs and preferences.

It’s worth noting that DXRacer is an official sponsor for some major gaming tournaments, and is the official backer of several professional gaming crews, such as Ninjas In Pyjamas, Denial eSports, Na’Vi, Team Complexity, FaZe Clan, and Copenhagen Wolves.


Like DXRacer mentioned above, this brand of gaming chair is focused on the manufacture of racing chairs. All their products are made using the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes in order to ensure their longevity and unerring quality throughout the years. The chairs of Maxnomic are equipped with a certain set of features which are meant to make them stand out among the rest:

  • For starters, Maxnomic chairs are equipped with patented 4D-Armrests, which allow them to be adjusted in 4 directions, which is particularly important, given that armrest position can often mean the difference between a good and bad posture.
  • These chairs are also equipped with a tilt mechanism which allows the backrest to be set in 5 different positions. The default setting of these chairs is set at a comfortable 11° tilt, which is easy on the back and can also allow comfortable viewing of the computer monitor without constantly having to perform awkward adjustments his or her position. The seat itself can be set to 0°, and reclined back a total of 49°, or lean forward 7°, which gives Maxnomic chairs a total of 56° of adjustability.
  • The adjustable lumbar support is present on all the Office-Comfort line of Maxnomic chairs. The support is controlled by a knob on the side of the chair.
  • All Maxnomic chairs come fitted with a large safety base. The feet span a 70-centimeter diameter and are built with high-quality aluminum. The size, coupled with the materials used, grant these chairs a sturdy support with plenty of longevity and no pesky wobbling.

Other features common with Maxnomic chairs are the use of class 4 gas lift cylinders, which provide durability and ease of use to the pedestal itself. The casters are coated with polyurethane, which provides a smooth slide through a wide variety of surfaces. Furthermore, every Maxnomic purchase comes with a free head & lumbar cushion which complements the comfort of the chair itself.

X Rocker

This company is a manufacturer of mostly rocker and pedestal gaming chairs, though they also have a few racing chairs, as well as regular office chairs in their catalog. This company is known for its big chairs, most of which feature lots of padding for extra comfort. Furthermore, X Rocker gaming chairs are equipped with several features to improve the playability of the user’s favorite games. For instance, their chairs are equipped with sound systems and are Bluetooth enabled, so that you can pair them with any compatible device such as tablets, smartphones, or even your computer. In this manner you can use the chair to playback audio from any of these devices. You may also follow the “wired” audio setup or use an HDMI converter to plug your favorite consoles into the chair, so that you can take full advantage of X Rocker’s audio and fully immerse yourself in the game.


Gaming chairs can go for a lot of money in most retailers or online stores. Arozzi is a good alternative for gamers that want to enjoy the benefits of a good gaming chair, but don’t have the money to purchase one from high-end brands. The chairs manufactured by Arozzi feature very reasonable price tags for the quality they offer. Though their catalog consists solely of racing chairs - as well as a few gaming desks and gaming eyewear - all include the features that are standard in this category of gaming chairs. They feature plenty of lumbar support and just the right amount of padding to feel comfortable even after the longest gaming sessions. Furthermore, their armrests are fully adjustable and feature big feet to provide the best stability for the gamer.

This isn’t to say that Arozzi doesn’t produce high-end and expensive gaming chairs because they have lots of those on their website. However, their inexpensive alternatives are also a welcome respite to any and all gamers that are operating on a tight budget.

GT Omega Racing

The name of this company certainly leaves little to the imagination when figuring in which type of chair it specializes. The GT Omega Racing brand was established in 2009 and, ever since its beginnings, has been solely focused on the manufacture of racing chairs which any user can use to fully enjoy the thrills and excitements of the racetrack from the comfort of their home. This company shines for its comfortable racing chairs as well as its top-notch aftercare customer support. Though this company is based in the UK, their products can be found in retailers around the globe.

AK Racing

The words ergonomics, design, and functionality are what AK Racing is all about. This manufacturer of high-quality racing chairs has been in business since 2014 and, while you may dismiss them as a wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn company, you will be delighted to know that all their products have years of research and development behind them. AK Racing develops comfortable seating solutions for both veteran and casual gamers, and their product lineup certainly reflects this, as they feature both colorful gaming chairs, as well as elegant chairs which would certainly look great in the workplace. This company is the official backer of Team Dignitas, a well-known professional gaming group, and is also the sponsor of one of Finland’s most talented Counter-Strike streamer, Joona “natu” Leppänen.

A great thing about AK Racing is that they don’t only sell you their gaming chairs; you can also find all sorts of replacement parts such as armrests, wheels, and hydraulic lift gas canisters in their store. That way if their product starts malfunctioning or is in need of a replacement, you will only need to purchase the damaged part, instead of the whole chair.


This is the first company in the list that specializes in both pedestal and rocker chairs. While they also have a couple of racing chairs on their website, Brazen products are focused on heavily-padded pedestal and rocker chairs, some of which feature 2.1 audio capabilities and can be used as a playback device for your computer’s audio. As an important selling point, Brazen notes that all their chairs are compliant with UK regulations, something which apparently is quite rare for most manufacturers in the region. If you checked out X Rocker’s lineup and were interested in their products then you might also want to check out Brazen’s catalog, as they are similar in shape, styles, and features.


This company offers a variety of gaming chairs in the racing and pedestal variant. However, their true area of expertise is in racing chair sets, which come with everything you might need to fully immerse yourself in your favorite racing games. Their kits include everything from steering wheel mounts, gear shift holders, slots for the pedals, and mounts for the TV or monitor. PlaySeat is the go-to manufacturer for racing game fans, as well as those who enjoy other type of vehicle sims, such as flight simulators. It is worth noting that several professional racers such as Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, and Sebastien Buemi are known to use PlaySeat chairs as part of their personal gaming setup.


Products from Vertagear are designed to take gaming to the next level. Their team of skilled engineers and designers are tasked with producing chairs that help ensure the comfort of the user whether gaming or working. Their seats are made with the most premium material and include several ergonomic features to safeguard the posture of the user while they play. But Vertagear’s aim doesn’t end with ergonomics, as their chairs also offer great adjustability so that anyone can find their preferred setting without too much effort. While this organization doesn’t have such an ample catalog, their products are noteworthy and warrant taking a look.

Keep in mind that while we won’t feature products from all of these brands on our list below, you can rest assured that, by investing in any of these companies, you will receive your money’s worth on a good gaming chair regardless of your choice.

Best Gaming Chairs Wrap Up

As you may have gleaned from this article, there is much more to choosing a good gaming chair than simply looks alone. There are a ton of different models, all made with different fabrics and fillings, which are meant to provide optimal seating solutions to a wide variety of users of different tastes and preferences. However, with the information present in this guide, you may now browse the market at your leisure and rest assured that you are making the best possible choice as suited your needs.

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