AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution launches June 22th

AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s DLSS is finally in sight. FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) will launch the 22nd of June, for over 100 devices, including some NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. The technology is meant to help upscale your games to higher resolutions and ray tracing visuals, with less strain on your hardware.

AMD unveiled their FidelityFX Super Resolution during their Computex 2021 keynote. The upscaling had been long-awaited, with a recent surge in rumors foretelling the announcement. Ever since the announcement of their latest range of Radeon GPUs, AMD has been promising to with a smart upscaling tool like NVIDIA has had for years now.

While NVIDIA’s popular DLSS (2.0) is exclusive to GPUs from the Turing and Ampere architecture, AMD’s alternative is meant to be more widely available. The upscaling tool works with their last three generations of Radeon GPUs (including the RX Vega series), as well as any Ryzen processor with integrated Radeon graphics. In addition, FSR is available to popular GeForce graphics cards, that might not be able to run NVIDIA’s DLSS.

FidelityFX Super Resolution comes with four modes, each bringing in better framerates. Gamers can opt for Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced, and Performance. AMD boasts doubled framerates on average when FSR boosts to 4K, although this is based on Performance mode only.

Side-by-side of a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 running Godfall on 1440p, with and without the use of FidelityFX Super Resolution.

It’s also still unclear how many games will integrate FidelityFX Super Resolution. AMD said “over 10 studios and engines” have vouched support, but didn’t get into any names. The technology was demonstrated on Godfall, from Counterplay Games. Other titles that have been used in AMD demonstrations this generation were Borderlands 3 and Far Cry 6 — meaning they might be getting FSR support soon.

According to previous leaks, AMD’s upscaling should be rather easy to implement into development. It was also noted that the Super Resolution technology might work with many other devices. As the upscaling is built on DirectX 12, this could mean that the technology might be able to benefit the Xbox Series X/S, too.

As the 22nd of June is approaching, AMD is already taking suggestions on what games should support in the future. You can “wish list” any games you would want to see Super Resolution with, over at AMD’s FSR survey.

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