Corsair Gaming MM200 Mousepad Review 2019

Corsair has a long history in the market of PC components and peripherals. Officially known as Corsair Components, Inc. this American-based component and accessory manufacturer has garnered a significant amount of fame, mostly due to the high quality of their products, especially with their line of RAM modules or other components. Among other items produced by this company, we can find power supplies, flash drives, fans and coolers, computer cases, and much more. The level of detail and care that goes into every single Corsair product has made this company, along with other big fish like Razer and Logitech, one of the greatest in the industry, often held in high regard by both hardcore gamers and enthusiasts of the trade alike.

When it comes to gaming mousepad, most users would dismiss these products as being a fad, or a trend of sorts; one that will basically die out in due time. However, contrary to what some may believe, these items can actually improve your performance in your favorite games, much like a gaming mouse, or gaming keyboard would. Granted, the performance boost is not direct; a mousepad will never be in the foreground, allowing you to instantly win every match just by its mere presence alone. To put it better, we can say that, if a gaming mouse enhances the player’s abilities, then a gaming mousepad can enhance the performance of any given mouse.

The MM200 is Corsair’s flagship mousepad and comes in a wide variety of sizes, from which the gamer can choose the one that adapts most to his or her play style. But despite its cool presentation and stylish looks; is the MM200 actually a good mousepad? Well, we’ll get to that shortly. But before we do, let’s briefly go over a few things first.

Why Do I Need A Gaming Mousepad?

Or mousepad, in general. The main difference between generic mats and those that are meant for gaming is that the latter usually features some sort of fabric or cloth which creates a smoother surface for your mouse to track upon. Nevertheless, both generic and gaming variants of mousepads offer a set of benefit which makes them hard to pass up.

For starters, any decent mousepad will offer a uniform tracking surface in which your mouse can easily detect movement, reducing the risk of interference or jittering to 0. Depending on your type of mouse sensor and type of desk, using a mousepad might not even be optional for you. For instance, most optical mice track poorly on reflective surfaces such as glass or polished wood. If this is your case, then using a mousepad is necessary in order to ensure proper tracking and performance.

However, those of you that have an MDF desk, like the ones sold at IKEA, could forgo the whole mousepad issue and track directly on your desk surface. That is, of course, if you don’t mind grime, dead skin, oil, and other undesirables clogging up the creases and feet of your mouse, and shortening its lifespan in the process. That’s right, most mice will be able to easily track directly on top of your desk, but without a mousepad, excess garbage and debris may quickly gather below your mice, and this can seriously compromise or even damage the Teflon feet or the mouse as a whole.

So, if not a gaming mousepad, a regular mat is usually well worth the hassle, as it can both ensure proper performance, as well as prolong the life of your trusty rodent.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mousepad

Unlike other peripherals such as gaming mice or headphones, choosing the right mousepad is a bit more straightforward. Whereas with other products you need to consider a bunch of factors in order to make the very best purchase, with mousepads you only need to think about the surface material, its size, its portability and, for those who like to look cool while killing the competition, the pad’s design.

The MM200 by Corsair comes in several presentations and sizes, so that the player may choose the one that most adapts to his or her requirements. We’ll get to the specifics shortly, but the most important thing you need to know about this mousepad is that it’s both effective, affordable, and definitely one of the best investments to make if you’re looking to complete your gaming setup.

Corsair MM200 Mousepad Product Overview

Before starting our Corsair Gaming MM200 review, let’s talk about presentation. Corsair really hit the nail on the head with this one. The mousepad is presented in a plastic cylinder. On the outside of the container, we can find a picture of the mat, alongside several facts such as description, features and, more importantly, the dimensions of the mousepad. On the Amazon publication of this article, we can find it in small, medium, and extended sizes. The latter can be used to set both your keyboard and mouse on top and leave plenty of space to move your rodent around.

After sliding your mouse out of the tube, you might need a couple of hours for it to lay completely flat on your desk. Some users report their mousepad having a strong, pungent odor after removing them from the box for the first time, but this smell would go away after a couple of days. We actually like the box this mat comes in; it’s small, barely takes up any space, and can be reused as many times as you want to transport your mousepad anywhere, ideal for gamers on the go.

The product itself can also come in different materials. Prospective buyers may choose between cloth surface, hard surface, anti-fray cloth surface, or a dual-sided hard surface. These generous amounts of options are built to cater to the most amount of gamers possible. Almost every one of these presentations come with a rubberized coating on the bottom, to prevent the pad from sliding and shuffling. The only exception to this is the dual-sided hard surface presentation, which includes only rubberized corners. This particular product also includes an aluminum core to provide a better glide to the user. You could say that the dual-sided version is the hardcore gamer’s best friends, while the others are for those who enjoy getting a performance boost, as well as having the portability to lug it around everywhere.

The surface of the cloth versions feels great. It manages to be both smooth and soft to the touch, but firm enough so that you don’t feel you’re sliding the mouse across a vat of old pudding. The cloth fabric allows for a smooth and frictionless glide, while also providing a great medium for those gaming mice that allow surface calibration options.

Corsair MM200 Mousepad Pros

  • Various presentations and different materials to cater to every type of gamer
  • Elegant and stylish full black design, with the Corsair logo on the bottom right corner
  • Great plastic container that can be reused to transport the mousepad anywhere

Corsair MM200 Mousepad Cons

  • Users report a pungent odor after taking the mousepad out of the container for the first time


In the world of gaming peripherals and accessories, there are literally hundreds of products available for purchase on the market which make choosing the ideal candidate a real challenge. Luckily, choosing a good mousepad is easier, as their benefits and drawbacks are usually more tangible than with headsets or gaming mice. That being said, the MM200 by Corsair is easily one of the best mousepads we’ve tested and, in our opinion, one of the best investments a gamer could make to complete their gaming setup. And for its very low price tag, it’s almost an irresistible investment to make!

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