Promotional photo of an exhibit at Colorful's GPU History Museum.

Colorful opens world’s first GPU History Museum

The Chinese hardware brand Colorful unveiled a neat addition to their new office: the world’s first museum for graphical processing units. When moving over to Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park, Colorful developed a space to honor the legacy of graphics cards, called the GPU History Museum. It has yet to open publicly, but visitor registration will soon be open, according to Colorful.

The museum, officially called the Graphical Processing Unit History Museum, is filled with video cards of old — some dating back to 1980. Among the exhibitions, visitors can see “the birth of GeForce”, as well as a myriad of rare GPUs. These range from historical models from the likes of IBM and 3DLabs, to ATI’s renowned Rage Fury MAXX, also known as the “Dawn Goddess”. 

Promotional photo of an exhibit at Colorful's GPU History Museum.

Colorful also exhibits a wider array of their own work. The hardware brand came into the game in 1999, with their own Voodoo 2 cards. Since then, Colorful has also made motherboards, storage units, and many more types of hardware. It’s quite the past, filling its own display room in the museum. Newer cards have been “exploded” to view from unique angles. 

In addition to many pieces of hardware, visitors can also try out other experiences surrounding graphical hardware. Colorful’s GPU History Museum features extraordinary gaming set-ups, like a simulation cockpit with three 8K monitors, as well as an immersive VR rig.

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