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A Guide To Building A New AMD Ryzen PC

For years, AMD was a non-factor when it came to PC’s. If you were looking for a desktop computer to use at home or the office, you’d almost always get one with an Intel processor. You weren’t preoccupied with choosing between AMD and Intel; instead, you’d be wondering if an i5 was enough or if […]

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The Best Wi-Fi Adapters (PCIe/USB) of 2021

Desktop gaming has long served as the best option for those who love graphics, speed, and precise customizability. But still, desktop systems have always lacked one major feature that laptops and consoles implement by default: wireless connectivity. The times are a changing though, as Wi-Fi adapters have greatly increased in availability, as well as quality. […]

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Best Gaming Glasses of 2021

No, your eyes don’t become squares when you sit in front of TVs and monitors a lot. They can, however, strain your eyes with harmful blue light. Many monitors offer their own ways of cutting back on blues, but if you want optimal eye performance everywhere, some proper glasses are where it’s at. Get your […]

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