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Top 5 Best Programming Mice of 2019 -
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Mice don't usually come up when talking about programming equipment. Most people focus on the keyboard (my favorite is the Kinesis), chair, or desk. But, a great mouse can not only save your wrists, but improve your productivity by allowing you to map common actions to the extra buttons.

You can map VI shortcuts (or EMacs for you heathens out there) and once you get over the learning curve of making your mouse part of your programming workflow, it can really change your life.

See our favorites below and boost your programming productivity:

Here are the Top 5 Best Programming Mice of 2019

1. Logitech G502 Hero - Best Programming Mouse 2019

As we mentioned above, one thing you have to consider when choosing your mouse is its sensitivity, which is powered by the hardware’s sensor. This mouse, in particular, is equipped with a proprietary Logitech Fusion Engine sensor, which provides the user with unparalleled precision on every move, meaning fewer misclicks, and increased efficiency at work. This sensor is also adjustable, up to a maximum of 4,000 CPI. Its design is sleek and provides plenty of eye candy to the user while remaining conservative enough to blend into a professional environment. All of its 8 buttons are programmable and can be mapped to perform specific functions at a whim.

Besides being the #1 gaming mouse, preferred by most cyber athletes in the world, the Razer DeathAdder has plenty of functionality for use in the workplace. This mouse is equipped with a 10,000 adjustable CPI optical sensor which, not unlike our previous entry, provides plenty of sensitivity and precision for even the most demanding users. The sensor is also completely capable of tracking on all types of surfaces, including glass tables. This piece of hardware comes with 5 customizable buttons to satisfy all your coding needs, and the mouse’s LEDs can be changed into more than 16 million color combinations on the fly.

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The VerticalMouse 4 by Evoluent came into existence for those who prefer comfort and ergonomics above anything else. As its name suggests, this mouse features a vertical design, with a grip that allows the user to easily control the input, without twisting their arms like so many other mice force you to. The way this mouse fits in the palm of the hand relieves the pressure from your wrist that would cause carpal tunnel syndrome in most cases. As you may have guessed, this entry is perfect for those that spend hours upon hours coding, and need special equipment to take care of their hands and wrists. This mouse is equipped with an adjustable sensor with a max CPI of 2,600, and 6 buttons that can be customized with a wide variety of functions.

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Logitech makes some of the best all-purpose mice in the market. Their G303 Daedalus is actually one of the most cost-effective and famous models currently available. This one, in particular, is part of their MX series of mice, designed for maximum comfort and efficiency at the workplace. Many people can have their reservations towards wireless mice; some avoid them due to their low battery life, while others simply don’t appreciate having to keep a USB dongle in place just to use their mouse. Logitech solves the first issue by creating a mouse that offers plenty of battery efficiency, and that can also be connected via USB to the PC when energy runs low so that you can keep working while your mouse recharges. The latter issue is resolved by creating a USB dongle that is so small, that you can plug it into the back of your computer and forget about it.

Besides being very efficient, this mouse also offers a solid amount of features. The Darkfield Tracking sensor allows you to use the mouse on any surface, including polished wood, granite, and glass, without a flaw. The sensor can be adjusted to a maximum of 1,500 CPI. The frictionless scroll wheel is perfect for those long walls of code, and for easily sifting through long emails and documents. All-around, this is a great mouse to have in the office.

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This is the big brother of our previous entry. For a slightly increased price tag, you will have access to a sizeable number of features. For starters, this mouse comes with a unique thumb wheel, for horizontal scrolling, and other advanced features. This mouse can be configured for up to 3 computers and can be switched between machines with a click of a button. Like its brother, this mouse can track on many surfaces, including glass, without the need of a mousepad. The onboard power management system can prolong battery life for up to 40 days of use and can be used for a whole day with just 4 minutes of charging.

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Best Programming Mouse Wrap Up

Mice for programmers is definitely a niche rarely explored by most manufacturers. There certainly exist lots of mice that offer features that would easily help programmers to better perform their tasks, but they are rarely advertised for this purpose. In that sense, the next time you’re in the market for a programmer’s mouse, be sure to keep in mind the tasks you perform the most on a daily basis. Look for features that may help you perform those task with ease, and suddenly the hours of coding will become more pleasant, and less taxing on your wrists and hands in the long run. Remember, when it comes to office equipment, always choose comfort over fashion, especially if you’re the type of person that may spend hours at a time in each coding session. Trust us, your hands will thank you for it.

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