Top 13 Best MMO Gaming Mice of 2021 | Buying Guide

When you play games with a keyboard and mouse, your mouse is half of your physical connection to the virtual world. When you’re playing MMOs (and the related MOBAs), this mouse-hand has a lot more things to manage than to simply “click heads” like in an FPS. To help you with all these very specific needs, we’ve created this list of the best MMO gaming mice you can buy today.

MMOs require you to manage a lot of things at once, so you need a mouse that has the necessary buttons and the necessary customization options to manage every complex macro you assign to it. We’ve combed through the many options and put together this list of the best MMO gaming mouse available right now. If you need some additional help deciding which mouse is right for you, scroll down to find our buyer’s guide.

Best Overall MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Lightspeed – Best MMO Gaming Mouse 2021

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero 25K Sensor,...
  • Selling Wireless Gaming Gear Brand - Based on independent sales data (FEB ‘19 - FEB’20) of Wireless Gaming Keyboard, Mice, and PC Headset in units...
  • PowerPlay wireless charging: Never worry about your battery life again. Add the power play wireless charging system to keep your G502 Lightspeed...
  • Light speed wireless gaming mouse: Exclusive Logitech G ultra-fast wireless technology used by Pro gamers in competitions worldwide


With a lot of people enjoying the G502 as much as they did, it only made sense for Logitech to make a wireless version of it. And when you take a closer look at it, you realize that it’s probably the best MMO gaming mouse out there. It has impeccable wireless performance, a great sensor, and plenty of buttons that you can program and adjust.

On the outside, the G502 Lightspeed isn’t too different to the regular G502. It comes with 11 programmable buttons that you can adjust using Logitech’s G Hub software, and assign in-game commands and macros. You can setup system commands as well, there is certainly no shortage of versatility. For MMO gaming, this is crucial, because you can make this mouse your own, and adjust it to your gamestyle.

In terms of the sensor, this is Logitech’s HERO 25K sensor, which is the one they use in all their flagship products. Not only do you get advanced and extremely accurate tracking, but you also have no smoothing or acceleration. This is one of the best sensors ever put in a mouse, and you’ll enjoy using every moment of it.

We should also mention that since this is a Lightspeed product, it gets Logitech’s extremely fast wireless connectivity. This is seriously every bit as fast as a wired mouse, and you won’t be able to find a difference. There is also the inclusion of PowerPlay charging, which lets you charge the mouse from a compatible PowerPlay mouse pad.

Last but not least, the G502 Lightspeed also has a tunable weights system, so you can have it set up just how you like it. Overall, it’s a brilliant mouse that’s absolutely deserving of the title of “best MMO gaming mouse”.

Best Budget MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 HERO – Best Budget MMO Gaming Mouse 2021

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor,...
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400-plus ips, and 100...
  • 11 customizable buttons and onboard memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready to play profiles directly to the mouse
  • Adjustable weight system: Arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning


When you think of MMO mice you might think of those with a 12-button grid on the side; just like when you think of MMO games you might think of World of Warcraft– which is the kind of game this button layout would be great for. But in reality, there are many different types of Massively Multiplayer Online games that may not work well with that grid system, and there are many MMO gamers who’s playstyle may not connect with it either. The grid is a major commitment!

We think the 11 programmable buttons of the G502 should be plenty for World of Warcraft and most MMO players in general. And we think that the amount of customization options, quality, and software you get for the price makes this MMO mouse the best overall. This is the newer, HERO version, which gets you an improved sensor over the original G502.

Mouse customization is crucial for MMO players, and the G502 is all about it. With the G502 you can customize all 11 buttons, the DPI, the current macro profile you’re using, the weight, and even the balance quickly and easily. The G502 fits solidly in the palm of most gamers’ hands, and is thus suitable for long raids or a marathon of DOTA 2 matches. While there aren’t numerous LEDs like you might see in other MMO mice, your money is instead spent on quality and durability from a reputable brand.

You’ll do all of your customizing in the included Logitech software. The software’s user interface is streamlined and fairly easy to use, and some of the button profiles you create can be stored onboard the mouse and alternated manually. Some reviewers complain about a few bugs in the software here and there, mostly in relation to intricate commands not lining up with their assigned buttons– but this kind of issues is something you’ll see crop up throughout all included peripheral software.

If you know you want to put most of your hours into World of Warcraft or similar MMOs, and you know you want a grid style button layout, you should check out the rest of our product list, and the mouse we specifically picked for WoW. But if you want a mouse that will last you many years, through many different MMOs and MOBAs– and could even work for some FPSs, RTSs, and general computing along the way– then this is the mouse to go with.

Other MMO Gaming Mice We Loved

1. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Chroma RGB...
  • High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming
  • Full Modular Customizability: 3 interchangeable side plates with 2, 7 and 12-button configurations
  • Up to 19 Programmable Buttons: Allows for button remapping and assignment of complex macro functions through Razer Synapse


The Razer Naga is extremely popular for MMORPGs. The Razer Hex is great for MOBAs

And the Razer DeathAdder is one of the best selling FPS mice on the market. This holy (or should I say “wholly”) trinity of Razer products brings you a huge amount of versatility for not much more price.

The quality of the Razer Trinity, as with many Razer products, is excellent in theory, but the company’s quality control is often lacking. You’ll see a lot of one-star reviews on many Razer products complaining of things like occasional mushy button clicks, buggy software, or even sudden failure of the device. This is fairly typical of heavily used electronics in general, but you might expect it to be a bit less typical of products in Razer’s “enthusiast” price point.

That being said, there are a lot of great high-end features packed into the Razer Naga Trinity. First and foremost, there’s an entire Razer Naga packed into the Trinity. If you were thinking of getting the Naga, just go with the cheaper Trinity instead and save the bonus side plates for when you might need them.

The Trinity’s sensor is also very high quality, as this mouse is also the company’s flagship FPS product in disguise. The Trinity has a sturdy feel (while a little on the small side), and features the sleek design aesthetics of most Razer products and the RGB illumination of most Razer products as well.

Reviewers complain that the software is not very user-friendly, but that it is fully capable of all your complex macro and customization needs. Any software from a large company with a good amount of money to spend on it should be fairly decent. And, if you own any other Razer products, the same software can be used to customize your entire fleet of glowing peripherals.

Let’s talk price, as Razer products have a reputation for being overpriced. Surprisingly, the Trinity is actually a relatively good deal if you feel the need to pay for all the versatility (and a little bit for the Razer’s look and branding). But if you don’t think you’ll use the additional side plates very often, then we’d recommend you save some money by purchasing more specifically.

2. Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB - MMO Gaming Mouse - 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor -...
  • Exclusive key slider macro button control system. Compatibility - A PC with a USB port , Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7
  • 12 optimized mechanical side buttons designed to pro player specifications for consistent tactile feedback and precise actuation. Textured side button...
  • The patent pending design provides 8 millimeter of key travel with secure lock to ensure every button is within reach. Surface calibration tuning...


Let’s start with the size, shape, and look of this mouse right from the start, since these features could be seen as beneficial or clunky, ugly or like a cool scimitar, depending on your opinion. Unlike the Venus or the M901 Perdition below, Corsair has chosen to hone their Scimitar Pro with the MMO gamer specifically in mind. The focus of this mouse is all about the easy, precise, interaction with the 12 grid side buttons over long gaming sessions. The curved bulge towards the back allows for your palm to rest comfortably over long gaming sessions. And the button grid features unique adjustability. The Scimitar should fit like a glove for most gamers.

The price is considerably higher than the M901 Perdition, but it certainly pays to go with a reputable manufacturer like Corsair in more ways than one. The included software is some of the best we’ve seen out of all the products on this list; it’s easy to use, yet allows for complex customization if you so desire. The Scimitar also feels sturdy and durable in the palm of your hand, and gives the feel of a handheld battlestation. This bulk won’t work as well for FPSs, RTSs, and wouldn’t be my first choice for MOBAs. However, if you’re planning on using the Scimitar to cut through hours of WoW, ESO, or Guild Wars 2 and the like, this blade could be your weapon of choice.

The Corsair Scimitar Eschews maximizing features and instead targets precise MMO gaming needs. Will this be a mouse for everyone? No. Will this be an excellent mouse for certain types of MMOs or certain types of MMO playstyles? Very much so.

Bonus note: the Corsair Scimitar is actually endorsed by professional World of Warcraft player Jackson ‘Bajheera’ Bliton! We have a different choice for the mouse we’d select for WoW, but that’s good to know!

3. Redragon M901 Perdition

Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse RGB Backlit MMO 19 Macro Programmable Buttons...
  • Wired PC Gaming Mouse with up to 12400 DPI via software, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration. The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy...
  • RGB Backlit Macro Programmable Gaming Mouse 19 programmable buttons 5 Memory Profiles each with distinct LED color option for quick identification....
  • Ergonomic Gamer Mouse; Ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand, reduces stress with superior productivity and efficiency. Give an extremely gaming...


For the relatively low price, the Redragon M901 is another undeniably great deal. This MMO mouse didn’t make the cut for our “budget” pick only because it doesn’t have quite as many features as the UtechSmart Venus above. However, some of the features it does contain, namely the included software, surpass the quality of the Venus.

We can’t help comparing the M901 Perdition with the UtechSmart venus because they’re at the same price point, and they’re a similar type of feature-packed budget product. The Perdition lacks the thumb rest of the Venus, along with LED sensitivity indicators, additional decorative LEDs, and small bonus touches like Teflon feet pads. The Perdition also lacks some of the lower DPI sensitivity options, which is less than ideal for gamers who seek the utmost cursor precision. The Perdition does have 16 million RGB color choices in its available LEDs, two different body color choices, and perhaps the biggest improvement over the Venus: better software.

The software that comes with the Perdition is certainly not miles beyond its competitors in this price point– you’ll have to spend a bit more for that. However the profile editing, macro building, and lighting customization are noted in the many reviews to be less buggy and cumbersome than similar MMO mice. Overall, the software is “pretty much what you would expect from a Chinese team on a limited budget. Brutally efficient and packed with typos.”

The same thing can be said for the mouse itself (except for the “typo” part). The M901 Perdition is efficiently filled with features and makes good use of every dollar you spend in that respect. However, the fact that it’s a budget mouse is still apparent– in some ways more than others.

The 3 Best Wireless MMO Gaming Mice

1. Logitech G604 – Best Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse 2021

Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with 15 programmable...
  • 15 programmable controls: include 6 thumb buttons; fully programmable with G hub software
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY: Toggle between convenient Bluetooth and ultra fast 1 mms LIGHTSPEED advanced wireless technology. Bluetooth report rate: 88 133 Hz...
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400-plus ips, and 100...


For many years, wireless mice (and wireless peripherals in general) have had a bad reputation. Wireless mice have commonly been seen as possessing one technically unnecessary benefit (the lack of a wire), in exchange for numerous important drawbacks: laggy gaming, frequent recharging, high price and more. Those days are gone, and the Logitech G604 is here to prove that.

The common pitfalls of wireless mice are absent in the case of the G604. The exact amount in milliseconds isn’t listed, because thanks to Lightspeed wireless technology, the mouse performs just like a wired one would. And you won’t have to worry about recharging the G604… because it’s not an option: it runs off of a single AA battery that will get you up to 240 hours of charge time. While some might consider this a downside, you’ll be hard pressed to get that much with a conventional battery. Oh, did we mention that goes up to 5.5 months if you use it via Bluetooth?

With all those potential pitfalls avoided, let’s talk about if this mouse has the features MMO gamers need. With 11 programmable buttons, the total number is not as high as some of the other MMO mice on this list. There are fewer total buttons because this mouse doesn’t feature the classic grid style layout near the thumb. Instead, there is a cluster of 6 buttons between the thumb and the palm and 2 between the palm and left-click. This layout should be perfect for those not wanting to commit to the full blown grid situation.

The quality of the software that comes with the G604 once again benefits from being developed by a large and reputable company. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it’s user-friendly and allows you to complete any and all of the customization you might need. The Logitech G604 is a great MMO mouse that should change the minds of any wireless naysayers.

2. Roccat Leadr


Roccat has been producing their unique take on multi-buttoned MMO mice for years. Their most popular mouse, the Tyon, has been a tried and true favorite for those looking for an ergonomic and intuitive plethora of buttons. The Leadr is basically the update to that stalwart favorite, with new features and wireless capability.

The Roccat Leadr is definitely one of the most stylish mice on this list. It’s sleek matte black finish and advanced RGB lighting effects create a gamer-gear aesthetic that’s slightly more elegant. But the real star of the show is its unique button arrangement.

The Leadr is a great choice for MMO gamers who want a lot of buttons, but not all in the same place. There are 2 buttons bordering either side of the left and right click on top, two on the side above the thumb, and then 3 paddle-type buttons on the top, side, and below the thumb that can each perform 2 individual actions. The paddle below the thumb is permanently assigned to a function called “Easy-Shift”, which allows all of the other buttons on the mouse to instantly acquire a second function. Easy-Shift is an ingenious solution for easily switching up entire macro profiles on-the-fly. The included software is on par with the other big name companies on this list, predictably buggy at times, and not quite as great overall as Corsair’s.

But, does the Roccat Leadr fall into some of the pitfalls that traditionally plague wireless gaming mice? Latency is not an issue, even with fast-paced FPS games. The “polling rate” (how often the mouse communicates with the PC), is high enough that any lag to be imperceptible.

What about battery life? The Leadr does have to be recharged every 20 hours since it contains a battery that cannot be removed. 20 hours is typically the maximum charge time you should expect from wireless mice. Recharging takes place on the included docking bay, that stands upright like a picture frame. It’s pretty cool, but it’s definitely been factored into the price; a price which, is a little on the high side as wireless mice are feared to be.

If you think you would enjoy the unique and arguably more “natural” button arrangement then this mouse would be a great choice. The layout does take some getting used to according to reviewers, who also frequently say that the learning curve is worth it in the end.

The Leadr definitely contains features and an overall style that you can’t get in other MMO mice; it’s up to you to decide if these special features are worth paying for.

3. Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Razer RZ01-01230100-R3U1 Naga Epic Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse - 19 Buttons -...
  • 19 MMO optimized programmable buttons for unlimited combos
  • Wireless gaming-grade technology for unbridled maneuverability
  • In-game MMO Configurator. System requirements:PC or Mac with a free USB port, Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Mac OS X (v10.8 - 10.11),in-game...


For many MMO gamers, the Razer Naga Epic Chroma would be the only suitable choice for a wireless MMO mouse. Not because of it’s clean lines accented by RGB glow, or the sturdy build quality and highly customizable software. The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is the only wireless mouse that features the classic 12-button grid on the side. If you know you can’t do without that grid layout, and you also want to stay wireless, this is your only (current) option right here.

Despite its price, and before the release of the Trinity, the Razer Naga was one of the most popular choices for MMO gamers. The Naga brought you everything a classic MMO mouse needed and nothing it didn’t, all within a sleek RGB accented package. This new Epic version of the Naga seeks to improve the design by adding wireless capability. All that epicness does come with a pretty hefty price increase though.

The Razer Naga Epic Chroma is a little on the small side, and many reviewers found it hard to comfortably rest their palm and also reach the buttons. Two factors that don’t benefit long gaming sessions. Additionally, the lack of clear tactile signals and/or the ability to adjust the grid (like the Corsair Scimitar) doesn’t help with macro accuracy.

The battery life is a decent 20 hours (maximum), and when depleted you can use the included charging dock or switch the Naga Epic to wired mode if you want to keep gaming. That, along with the fact that there is zero latency, debunks two traditional downsides to wireless peripherals. However, the cost issue still remains: the Razer Naga Epic Chroma comes with a price tag of yesteryear. This mouse is without a doubt a really great product but does epicness have to cost this much?

If you don’t absolutely need the combination of wireless and 12 button side-grid, you can find the same features and quality in much cheaper mice. If it’s worth it to you to pay extra for cool lighting effects like “spectrum cycling” through 16.8 color options, the Razer Naga Epic Chroma will certainly deliver that on top of a really quality product.

The 3 Best MMO Mice for Specific Games

1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate – Best MMORPG Mouse 2021

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Charging Dock:...
  • 25% Faster Than Competing Wireless Mice: Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology brings together extreme low-latency and interference reduction for true...
  • 3x Quicker Than Traditional Mechanical Switches: Razer Optical mouse switches uses light beam-based actuation, registering button presses at the speed...
  • Included Customizable Chroma Lighting & RGB Mouse Charging Dock: Features 16.8 million color combinations w, included preset profiles; provides 5...


We know what you’re thinking – shouldn’t a MMORPG mouse have more buttons than this? And while some might think so, it is actually the design of the mouse, and how well thought out it is, that made us forget about all of that. Of course, you still get a host of buttons, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate comes with their Focus+ optical sensor. It goes up to 20,000 DPI, and has a 99.6% resolution accuracy which makes it one of the most accurate sensors out there. It’s made with PixArt, and you probably know how good their sensors are. To add to that, the main buttons are Razer’s optical switches, which actuate extremely quickly and are a decent upgrade over conventional switches. The scroll wheel’s resistance can also be adjusted, and you can have it be as smooth, or as tactile as you want it.

So, about those buttons. While Razer only included 11 programmable buttons, laid out in a rather intuitive layout that makes all of them easy to reach, what we liked was the inclusion of the multi-function paddle. That paddle basically gives you another layer of buttons, because you can assign just about any button to have a different function while the paddle is being held. This is pretty neat, and will certainly come in handy when you’re playing MMORPG games.

Last but not least, we must mention Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless, which is on par with the fastest wireless technologies out there. There is zero latency, and you’ll feel like you were gaming with a wired mouse – it’s that good. Pair this with things like Chroma RGB lighting, and you’re looking at an excellent overall mouse that’s just perfect for MMORPG.

2. Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime – Best MOBA Gaming Mouse (League & Dota 2)

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • On the fly DPI switching
  • Metal spring left/right button tensioning system


The best doesn’t have to be the most expensive, and Logitech is back again to reminds us of that. The Daedalus Prime is endorsed by Team SoloMid, and was used by members of Cloud9. Sure it lacks some of the glitz and glamour of some other LED encrusted products out there, but it’d be hard to argue how any of that will help you go Mid.

The Daedalus Prime is not only used by pro MOBA players, it was designed by them too. The focus of this mouse is on quick mobility and accurate button access. It’s smaller size is ideal for fingertip or claw type grips, and thus would not be as well suited for the long raids of MMORPGs.

Despite its price and light weight, reviewers rave about the quality, feel, and durability of the Daedalus Prime. The included software can be used for total customization; from editing macros to adjusting the DPI anywhere from 240 to 4000.

For the speed, accuracy, and access to a few crucial macros that MOBAs require, the G302 Daedalus Prime has everything you need, nothing you don’t, and a price tag that most gamers can manage.

3. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor -...
  • Custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical 1-to-1 tracking esports sensor
  • Legendary SteelSeries Sensei ambidextrous design for claw and palm grip styles
  • Two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB illumination for customizable lighting. Save all your performance and lighting settings directly to the Sensei 310


Some MMOs require the most buttons possible, and some just need a few more than normal. For games like Destiny 2 or Fallout 76 that combine cooldowns, crosshair tracking, and could benefit from quick macro management, the SteelSeries Sensei is an excellent choice.

The SteelSeries Sensei has been used for years by both competitive FPS gamers and pro League of Legends teams alike. Team Invictus, one of the best LoL teams ever, has exclusively used this model of Steelseries mouse in the past. And with this newest version, this mouse is the best it has ever been.

With its lightweight, low profile design and quality sensor, the Sensei 310 will meet all of your aiming and tracking needs. The 7 programmable buttons will be perfect for MMOs with limited macro management, and the included software will enable you to make this mouse all your own.

If you play a lot of games that require both twitch-targeting as well as twitch item and spell usage, then the Sensei is a great choice for you.

MMO Mouse Buyer’s Guide

What makes a mouse better for MMOs?

When I would peruse the peripheral displays in my local big box electronics store as a kid, the MMO mice were always the coolest gadget in the aisles. Why? Because of all the buttons! MMO mice look like they’re ready to take on a really important job– like an airplane cockpit or a sound engineers booth. And with all those buttons backlit these days, MMO mice look cooler than ever.

As I found out a few years later when I started playing WoW, those buttons definitely aren’t just for show. MMOs are all about managing a lot of different gameplay functions, often all at once. So the ability to control a handful of these functions in a little palm-sized control center is crucial to enhancing your MMO experience.

The most important feature of an MMO mouse its number of programmable buttons. However, this doesn’t mean that all mice with a bunch of buttons slapped on them are created equal. Here are some important features that those magical buttons need to perform, and that the ideal MMO mouse needs to include.

Important Features


A macro in the world of MMOs is basically an in-game command. In WoW for example, this action could be to “use” something, “equip” something, “cast” a spell, and so on. There are a lot of things you can do in MMOs, and sometimes, like when a boss is about to wipe your raid, you want to do a lot of things really fast. That’s why it’s helpful to create macros and to have a mega-macro-pusher right in the palm of your hand.

You may be wondering how you create these macros. How do you let WoW know that you want to cast “Seed of Corruption” when you press right-click? A good MMO mouse has software that will help you accomplish this easily and effectively.

Button Layout

The classic layout of 12 buttons arranged like the number pad on a phone is what might first pop into your mind when you think of MMO mice. This grid is common, but it might not be best for all gamers or for all types of MMOs. Don’t overlook other button layouts that offer a hybrid of the traditional two-button mouse and the 12-button grid. You also have options that have differently organized button grids as well – they may even be better than a conventional 12-button grid.


The sensor is that underneath your mouse makes it more than just an RGB paperweight. The mouse’s sensor detects movement, and in modern mice will either be a “laser” or “optical” sensor. There are varying quality levels for each type of sensor; the high-quality ones allowing increased and adjustable sensitivity levels due to their ability to sense the surface below the mouse in a more nuanced way. You can go a lot deeper into the technicalities of what makes one sensor better than another, but it’s much more helpful for the purposes of this guide for us to tell you that all of the mice on this list have sensors that will perform excellently when it comes to the needs of MMOs.

Having an ultra-sensitive and exact sensor is not as important with MMO gaming as it might be with games like fast-paced twitch-shooters. What is perhaps more important to look out for is a sensor that’s adjustable– whether through the mouse’s software, or on-the-fly with a physical switch/button right on the mouse itself.

“CPI” or “DPI”?

In the world of gaming mouse terminology, CPI and DPI refer to the same thing; although technically they are actually different. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and technically refers to how many dots are contained in one inch of a digital image or a printed copy of a digital image. However, DPI is the term that most mouse manufacturers use to describe the sensitivity of a mouse’s sensor; where the higher the value means higher sensitivity.

CPI stands for Counts Per Inch, and it tells us how many instances of information a mouse sensor receives as it moves one inch. This measurement usually increases in increments of 250, and usually ranges from 250 to 4000. The higher the number, the less distance you need to move the mouse to send that cursor flying. For the purpose of this guide, we will use the term DPI to refer to mouse sensitivity because, while it is technically incorrect, this term is so widely used that it has become the industry standard nomenclature.

Higher isn’t necessarily better when it comes to DPI, although manufacturers would like you to think that it is. There are also in-game sensitivity options that affect how you mouse travels across the screen. Keep your gaming style, monitor size, and monitor resolution in mind when considering DPI range and how important it might be to you.

Included Software

In the software, you’ll want to look out for things like the ability to create and save different “profiles” that you can easily switch between. You might want the buttons on your mouse to control certain macros for your Warlock and totally different ones for your Rogue. Quality mouse software should also allow you to manually adjust settings like DPI, tracking speed, X/Y sensitivity, and so on. The software that controls your mouse should also be easy to use and– as the two usually go hand in hand– pretty to look at. You might be surprised at how often mouse software feels and runs like a slapped together afterthought, with apparently no intention of ever being used.

Weights? Ergonomic?

Different weights support different mouse movements styles across different games. Different mouse weights are yet another way to custom tailor your peripheral to your specific playstyle.

Some people prefer heavier mice for certain games, and some prefer lighter mice for the very same reasons. It really comes down to personal preference, and having a mouse with more versatility can be great for finding what exactly works best for you and your gaming needs.

The same goes for right/left handed, ambidextrous, and “ergonomic” mice. If you can, find a way to try these MMO mice out before you buy them. And if you really want to focus on finding a product that’s ergonomically beneficial, check out our thorough guide on the subject.

Wired vs. Wireless

The advantage of a wireless mouse is obvious: no unsightly cord cluttering your desk and get caught on every corner at the worst possible in-game moment. So why doesn’t everyone game with a wireless mouse? There are three trade-offs you may have to deal with when purchasing a wireless mouse (but not necessarily).

  1. Latency – “Lag” basically. Wireless mice have a varying degree of increased latency when transmitting information without the help of those annoying wires. With some wireless mice the amount of latency is practically imperceptible, and with others, it is enough to make some games “literally unplayable”.
  2. Price – Wireless mice tend to be more expensive compared to wired mice. This is not always the case, and you can often sacrifice some features (like the amount of buttons or RGB lighting) to even-out the cost increase.
  3. Need to Charge – Some wireless mice eventually become wired again because of their need to recharge their batteries. Being mindful of your mouse’s charge level is something that some gamers prefer to not have to think about.

Illumination – Not Entirely Superfluous

When it comes to MMO mice, RGB lighting might not be as superfluous as you might think.

The most important thing about MMO mice is the buttons, and how easily these buttons can be used as an extension of in-game commands

RGB lighting can help to organize buttons and macro profiles by color coding; allowing you to cast exactly the spell you want, and not consume the potion you don’t.

Polling Rate, FPS (in the mouse, not in game), Acceleration, Cursor Speed, “Avago” sensor??

When these terms are thrown around in the manufacturer’s product details, it’s a lot like the gold-plated USB connectors that are also thrown in as a selling point. These numbers can be interesting to know, but every other feature we’ve mentioned in this guide is far more important.

These measurements can technically make a difference, but for the purposes of MMO gaming, and when it comes to all of the mice in this guide, all of these products will be good enough. For example, the “polling rate” is a measure of how often a mouse communicates its position to the PC it’s connected to. If this rate was really low, yes that would be bad, and that’d be a product you’d want to avoid. However, all of the mice on this list will be totally sufficient when it comes to polling rate scores and the other nuanced measurements that beef up product descriptions– like the “Dynamic coefficient of friction”… Yeah, you can ignore that.

Final Thoughts

One thing we didn’t talk about in this guide is the “click”; the sound you’re bound to hear a lot of from any and all of the multitude of mouse buttons described above– is it crisp and firm, a bit soggy, or maybe high pitched and annoying? It’s a feature that’s a little hard to describe, and it’s pretty subjective to interpret, so be sure to check out the videos we’ve included. Hearing it for yourself is worth a thousand descriptors!

You can’t go wrong with any of the mice on this list, they’re all excellent picks and it’s a matter of choosing the one you find most suitable for you. And if you have any comments or questions, write them down in the section below and we’ll help you out!

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