Best MMO Blogs To Help Jumpstart 2017

The video game industry is currently at an all-time high, featuring thousands of games over hundreds of genres, and with no sign of slowing down. Even competitive games that have been around for almost a decade, such as World of Warcraft, are still going strong due to the intense fandom and competitive gaming crews supporting them. This well-deserved fame has caused a wide amount of multimedia content to emerge, taking the form of websites, blogs, video streaming sites, and other forms of communication-related to the amazing world of video games.

However, the proliferation of video game-related content has also caused a slew of independent blogs to emerge that cover these MMOs for their hardcore fans. These resources provide great information from authors that are very close to the game. You won’t be overwhelmed by advertising or marketing and will be able to dig into the real content from people who actually understand the games they play.

Here are our top picks for MMO blogs that you should follow. You can use them to stay updated on your favorite game or make connections with other people that share your common interest.

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Gaming Conversations

The blog of self-appointed gaming enthusiast, Braxwolf Stormchaser. He posts articles, videos, and other content related to his personal experience in the world of MMOs. He is also a co-host of the popular gaming podcast,’s Game On while hosting his very own Beyond Bossfights podcast.

Bio Break

The blog of MMO veteran and podcaster, Syp. His alias comes from a World of Warcraft Gnome Warlock he had back in the day. Today, this writer and pastor dedicates his time to creating relevant content, mostly revolving around MMORPGs, RPGs, and other types of games. He currently hosts two podcasts: Massively OP, and Battle Bards.

Aywren Sojourner

This is the blog of professional writer and full-time technical writer Aywren, AKA “Wren”. In her site, she regularly hosts content related to MMORPGs, particularly Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert Online, and Lord of the Ring Online in recent days. Wren also has a passion for drawing, as well as fiction writing, which can be observed in her “art”, and “writing” sections, respectively.

Shadowz Gaming Blog

With plenty of gaming time under her belt, gamer and blogger “Shadowz” has dedicated this space to talking about her adventures, preferences, and dislikes about the current state of the gaming industry. She has a noted preference for indie games, but also references some AAA titles such as The Witcher series, among others.

Soultamer Gaming

Soultamer Gaming

The blog of teen geek Sonja “SGM Soultamer” Marcus, who has dedicated her time to voicing her opinion about video games, particularly MMOs and indie games, and reflecting on how these forms of entertainment have affected her way of viewing the world while growing up. If you’re looking for a blog with an almost “too real” approach to all its content, then you should consider reading on what she has to say.


Fueled by an intense love of MMORPGs, Kaozz has created this blog as a way of sharing pictures and stories of all of her adventures in the world of online video games. Her content is mainly directed towards World of Warcraft, Rift, and Everquest, but she also addresses other similar games like SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, and many more.

Tome of the Ancient

This blog doesn’t get its name because it is a library book for World of Warcraft. Instead, Tome of the Ancient gets its name because its host is actually, according to her, quite literally an old gamer. This 50-something-year-old WoW player has dedicated this space to posting pictures and stories about her adventures in Azeroth, as well as, in true blog fashion, reflecting on how they relate to her personal life.

Green Bar Spec

This aptly named World of Warcraft blog was created as a means of explaining the plight of every healer ever in the world of MMOs. But besides blogging about his experience as a healer, our host Makakai also posts useful guides about how to heal dungeon and raid content in WoW’s newest expansion, Legion.

Shattered Beginnings

Yet another World of Warcraft blog, which really drives home the point about the quality of the game itself. This time around, Nicolas, the host and admin of the blog, dedicates this space to sharing his experiences and thoughts about the titular game, and commenting about his hopes, desires, and speculations about upcoming expansions.

The Warchief's Command Board

As you might have guessed from the name, this blog too is about Blizzard’s beloved MMORPG (and arguably the most famous MMO in the world). The blog itself was dedicated to sharing user experiences and stories that unfolded in the world of Azeroth, as well as commenting about guild drama and other controversial topics of the world of online games. In their new site, which heartily recommend visiting, you may also find interesting webcomics, as well as other content related to the game.

Nomadic Gamers

Nomadic gamers. Despite its name suggesting a constantly-shifting theme, the blog is actually focused around the author’s adventures in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, with a few escapades into Elder Scrolls Online. The content revolves mainly around the adventures of a gamer that doesn’t enjoy PvP or raiding but has to do so in order to acquire the best gear and equipment.

Amerence Love WoW

What better way to end a top list of blogs that are mainly focused on World of Warcraft, than with a blog about World of Warcraft? In Amerence Love WoW, AmerPriest, the author, encourages her readers to suggest topic ideas and shares her experiences on World of Warcraft community events. This gamer is also a moderator of Blog Azeroth and has another blog completely dedicated to writing about her raiding experience in the game.

There are obviously many more blogs about MMOs out there, which you can find if you have a keen eye for this topic. But if you follow the ones in this list, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay on top of the latest content on their respective games.

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