Best Mid-Tower Case in 2021

Building a new system is actually more complicated than ever – you’ve got a massive variety of parts, and many of them just aren’t compatible with each other. But one thing’s for sure: picking the best mid-tower case will give you a big chance of being able to fit regular-sized components that you actually like.

The thing with a mid-tower case is that even “mid-tower” comes in many shapes and sizes. You have conventional rectangular ones, you have compact mid-tower cases, big mid-tower cases, and don’t get us started on the internal layouts. This makes it complicated to choose the best mid-tower case, and many people aren’t sure whether they’ve got the right one before it actually gets to their home.

So, to make things a bit easier, we’ve got a list of the best mid-tower case models from various manufacturers – let’s go. If you aren’t a fan of mini-ITX cases, and none of the cases on our list of best PC cases caught your eye, read on.

Picture of the Fractal Design Meshify 2, one of the best mid-tower cases as of now.

What to look for in a mid-tower case?

Before we get into the cases themselves, let’s take a look at some of the things you should be considering when you’re picking your new case. These will help you make the right choice based on what you expect from your build.

Silence, airflow, or middle ground? This is the first thing you’ll need to consider, do you want your system to be quiet, or cool? Or maybe somewhere in between? Silent cases don’t have a lot of mesh panels and room for fans, but they do sometimes come with noise insulation panels.

On the other hand, airflow cases come with mesh panels at the front, and sometimes the top. This significantly increases the amount of air that can travel through the case and cool your components. And then you have the middle ground, which are cases with decent airflow, but low noise levels.

Aside from this, you should consider the size, which varies on a per-case basis, as well as any extra features. Things like modularity, built-in RGB (and/or RGB controllers), and any additional extras are all nice-to-haves, but shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. What should be a deal-breaker is cable management – get a case where it’s as simplified as possible. Many of our top picks offer accessible ways of tying down cables, neatly out of sight.

Last but not least, you do want to consider whether you’ll be going for windowed side panel, though, because it will allow you to showcase the internals of your system, which is a nice thing. If you do opt for a window, make sure it’s tempered glass, and not some flimsy plexiglass.

These are some of the best mid-tower cases of 2021

NZXT H710i

NZXT’s H710i is one of the brands’ best selling cases, and for plenty of reasons. This is a rather large mid-tower case, one that can house a large motherboard like an EATX model. It also comes with all the bells and whistles of a premium case, and a really nice, minimalist design.

NZXT H710i - CA-H710 i-W1 - ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case - Front I/O USB...
  • NEW FEATURES: Front I/O USB Type-C Port, Vertical GPU Mount, Tempered glass side panel with single screw installation, and upgraded Smart Device V2
  • SMART DEVICE V2: Includes a faster microprocessor for NZXT CAM-powered control of two RGB lighting channels and three fan channels that support either...
  • VERTICAL GPU MOUNTING: Show off your graphic card with a built-in mounting bracket for installing your GPU vertically *PCIe riser card not included

At the side is a tempered glass side panel and you get air intakes on both sides, along the edges. You can have three 120mm fans at the front, two at the top, and one at the rear, so there’s plenty of air to be moved.

You can mount your GPU vertically if you want as well, and the Smart Device V2 is an added extra. It lets you control RGB lights (you have some preinstalled) and all your fans, which is neat. Overall, this is the best mid-tower case for minimalists.

Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

A case that rose to fame rather quickly, the PC-O11 Dynamic is a builder’s favorite for many reasons. Both the front and the side have tempered glass side panels, which showcases your entire build, and there is plenty of airflow, too.

Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 DYNAMIC Tempered glass on the front Chassis body SECC...
  • Country of origin : China
  • Front: Tempered Glass+Aluminum
  • Internal: 2x 3.5" HDD, 4x 2.5" SSD

The right side of the case has room for three fans, and there’s a mesh-like panel. This means plenty of air will get into the case, and you have room for fans at the top and bottom, too. Airflow will not be an issue.

What’s really neat about the PC-O11 Dynamic is that it makes really good use of the available space. You won’t see the power supply, since it’s hidden at the back, and there is plenty of room inside. There’s even a distro plate by EKWB if you want to go for a custom loop, which makes things rather easy.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

Moving on to a case that is very obviously optimized for airflow, we have Cooler Master’s MasterCase H500P. This case doesn’t only look nice, but it has the potential to move a surprising amount of air across your case, which makes it great for components that are difficult to cool.

Cooler Master MCM-H500P-WGNN-S00 MasterCase Mesh White ATX Mid-Tower w/...
  • A PSU shroud, CPU cut out cover and additional cable covers for clean cable management
  • Two additional PCI slots at the rear for vertical graphics card mounting
  • Light grey tinted tempered glass side panel and plastic top/front covers for a clear view inside

The case comes with a mesh front panel and two preinstalled 200mm RGB fans. These fans by themselves will pull a surprising amount of cold air inside, but you could add more at the top, too. There’s a mesh panel at the top as well, but we’d suggest you use that as an exhaust.

Aside from this, you have plenty of room for your components and a large PSU. Cable management is also pretty good, and the case comes with room to add RGB lights. There’s even a controller included. One of the best mid-tower case models for airflow.

NZXT H510 Elite

A slightly more compact option than the H710i we spoke about earlier, the H510 Elite by NZXT is a beautiful case. It comes with tempered glass at the front and side, but it’s a tinted glass that mutes the colors inside.

NZXT H510 Elite - CA-H510E-B1 - Premium Mid-Tower ATX Case PC Gaming Case -...
  • More modern: USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector on the front panel makes it easier than ever to connect smartphones, high-speed external...
  • Smart device v2: Includes 2 HUE 2 RGB lighting channels, and 3 fan channels that support 0dB modes for voltage-regulated or PWM fans
  • Extraordinarily beautiful: The clean, modern design, iconic cable management bar, and uninterrupted tempered-glass panels all showcase your stunning...

The case will showcase your build really nice, and it comes with two AER RGB fans at the front, as well as the Smart Device V2. You can add RGB rather easily, and it will certainly look stunning. There isn’t too much room for fans here, though, so you have two intakes at the front, an exhaust up top, and exhaust at the rear. Should be enough airflow.

While this case is certainly not cheap, it is also one of the best-looking compact mid-tower cases. If that’s something you appreciate, by all means, go for it – you’re going to love it.

Fractal Design Define 7

If white and silver is your cup of tea, Fractal Design’s Define 7 should be right up your alley. This case comes with a minimalist, yet very versatile design. The front panel is brushed aluminum, which looks nice and premium. There are air intakes along the front edge and a tempered glass panel at the side.

Fractal Design Define 7 Compact White Brushed Aluminum/Steel ATX Compact...
  • Compact yet spacious interior accommodates ATX, mATX and mITX motherboards
  • Room for GPUs up to 360 mm with a 240 mm radiator in the top, or up to 360/280 mm front radiators with GPUs under 305 mm
  • Support for two 2.5”/3.5” drives plus up to four 2.5” drives (two 2.5” brackets included)

There is plenty of room for fans at the front and top, and you can easily fit a 240mm radiator if you want to. The case is all-white, which is a bit different than most cases we see. The common solution is black internals, but we like that Fractal went for a different approach.

Overall, the Define 7 is a great choice, and you can pick between a solid side panel and tempered glass. The top panel can be swapped out to a filtered mesh one, too, which only adds versatility.


When it comes to the best mid-tower case with a premium design and feel, the LANCOOL II Mesh by Lian Li is a strong contender. This all-black, tinted glass case checks all the boxes in terms of design, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve in terms of functionality, too.

LIAN LI LANCOOL II MESH RGB Black LAN2MRX Tempered Glass ATX Case -Black...
  • Lancool Ii Mesh Rgb Features A Mesh Front Panel And Mesh Bottom Left Shroud Panel
  • Honeycomb Vent Design And Built-In Rgb Fans
  • Ensuring Bountiful Airflow Delivered To Your High-Performance Components While Adorning The System With An Rgb Touch

First things first, this case has tempered glass on both sides, with hinges on the panels. This means you’ll be able to showcase your cable management skills, too. The bottom parts open up on hinges, too, so displacing the panels is pretty much impossible.

There is plenty of room for your components on the inside, and the mesh at the front means airflow will not be an issue. There are three included RGB fans for the front, and you can add more fans at the rear and top, too.

Fractal Design Meshify 2

Fractal Design’s freshly released Meshify 2 is the best mid-tower case when it comes to airflow. Well, if you’re looking for a compact case, that is. The mesh front not only looks nice but can house up to a 360mm radiator. Or you could add a 420mm radiator at the top if you want.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 White ATX Flexible Tempered Glass Window Mid Tower...
  • Iconic angular mesh designed for filtered airflow and bold aesthetic
  • Innovative case design opens up to fully expose interior on three sides
  • Adaptable dual-layout interior fits up to and including 285 mm E-ATX

The case is modular, and it can house up to 11 hard drives and four SSDs. Remove those cages, though, and you have unobstructed airflow to all your components. The mesh front is hinged and has a removable filter to keep dust out of your case, which is great.

And the best thing of all is that the Meshify 2 looks really nice. It has a minimalist, yet modern design, and a tempered glass side panel to showcase your components. If price isn’t a problem, and a compact case is what you want, by all means, go for it.

Corsair iCUE 5000X

There’s no denying the iCUE 5000X is a really expensive case. But it’s also one of the best-looking ones out there, and comes with all the bells and whistles of a great case. The tempered glass at the front showcases the three included RGB fans. The tempered glass at the side, on the other hand, showcases your components.

Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Smart Case - Black
  • The 5000X RGB makes a stunning, showpiece-worthy PC easy to build and easier to keep cool with the space and flexibility to mount multiple 360mm...
  • House your system behind four stunning tool-free tempered glass panels that highlight your components and RGB lighting.
  • The CORSAIR RapidRoute cable management system makes it simple and fast to route your major cables through a single hidden channel, with a roomy 25mm...

The RapidRoute cable management system might sound like a marketing thing, but it’s one of the best cable management systems we’ve ever seen – and that speaks volumes. You can hide all your cables behind the motherboard thanks to the massive room you have there.

Included is an iCUE Lighting Node CORE, which controls all fans’ RGB lights, as well as any extra compatible lights you might be adding. Overall, this is the best mid-tower case if the price is no object.

be quiet! Silent Base 802

The name says it all – the Silent Base 802 is made to be as quiet as possible. Every single aspect of this case is silence-optimized, from the sound dampening panels that are extra silent, to the lack of mesh panels at the front. In its default configuration, that is.

be quiet! Silent Base 802 Window Black, Mid-Tower ATX, 3 pre-installed Pure...
  • Interchangeable top cover and front panel for either maximum airflow or silent operation
  • Three Pure Wings 2 140mm fans
  • Extra thick insulation mats for improved noise reduction

If you want to, the “silence” panels at the front and rear can be swapped out for mesh ones. This significantly improves airflow but adds a lot of noise to your system. It’s up to you, but it’s nice to see be quiet! have included both for versatility.

Cable management is great, and there’s one thing we have yet to see anywhere else – a fan controller on the front panel I/O. This is a neat inclusion, and overall, the Silent Base 802 more than justifies the price.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A

Our last option is a great case by Phanteks, the Eclipse P500A. This is an airflow-optimized case that comes in a black and white color scheme and looks really nice. The front and top are mesh panels for maximum airflow, and Phanteks includes three RGB fans and a controller.

Phanteks (PH-EC500ATG_DWT01) Eclipse P500A high Airflow Full-Metal mesh...
  • Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh Front Panel For The Best Optimal Cooling Performance; Tempered Glass Side Panel To Showcase Your Build
  • Spacious Open Interior: Supports Dual System (With Ph-Itxkt_R01), Vertical Gpu Mounting Support (With Ph-Vgpukt_02), Up To 420Mm Front/280Mm Top...
  • Easy Accessibility To I/O Featuring Usb-C Gen2, 2X Usb 3.0, Microphone/Headphone, Power Button, D-Rgb Mode Button, D-Rgb Color Button

The P500A has room for quite a lot of drives – 10 hard drives and 3 SSDs, which is quite a lot. There is also room for even a dual system configuration with an optional accessory. You can have up to a 420mm radiator at the front, or a 280mm one at the top. A lot of versatility, if you ask us.

Add to this things like a hinged tempered glass side panel, RGB controls at the front panel I/O, and excellent cable management options at the rear, and it’s easy to justify the price of the P500A. It’s definitely one of the overall best mid-tower case models.

And with that, our list of recommended mid-towers comes to and end. We hoped you enjoyed our top picks, or maybe even found something that could suit your next build.

If you’re ever in need of more guides, handy lists or hardware recommendations, be sure to check out some of our other articles. For example, we have a handy list with all hardware components to fill up your new tower, or can help you find a new competitively minded monitor.

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