Best Gaming Wrist Rests of 2021

If your hands get cramped when typing or gaming, a wrist rest can alleviate tension in and around your fingers. Wrist rests provide quick ergonomic support, resulting in smoother performance. Some keyboards come with proprietary add-ons for your wrists, but many don’t. If you’re looking for aftermarket wrist support, check out our recommendations on the best gaming wrist rests of today.

When is a wrist rest important?

Separately sold wrist rests aren’t always a necessity. You can, after all, just use your keyboard without one. That is perfectly fine for some, but it often lacks ergonomic posture, possibly resulting in cramps. A lack of support will put strain on your body, which rarely benefits your gaming performance or typing efficiency. 

Close-up of the Vaydeer wooden wrist rest, which can be considered one of the best gaming wrist rests.

So, if you’re looking for optimal ergonomics, getting a decent wrist rest is a great way to start. They usually don’t cost all that much, but can heavily improve your keyboard experience. Additionally, some manufacturers offer wrist rests for your mouse too. Seeing these are far less popular, we will be focussing mostly on keyboard oriented wrist rests today.

Why these slabs are considered the best gaming wrist rests

When looking for the best gaming wrist rests, we prefer simple efficiency. These wrist rests should improve the ergonomics of your set-up in a pinch. Some might be flashier than others, but the main factor should be straight-up comfort. If they look and feel especially stellar, that will definitely get the wrist rest some bonus points.

Depending on your preference, not every recommendation will be the best gaming wrist rest for you, personally. We tend to cover every kind, from soft-touch to hardened, but not all wrists are equal. If possible, always try and test wrist rests in person, to get a feel of what types you prefer. 

Without further ado, let’s get to listing some of the best gaming wrist rests…

Glorious Stealth Wrist Rest — The stealthy slabs of comfort

Glorious is no stranger to aftermarket accessories to gamers. They have solid mouse pads, bungees, and of course, wrist rests. Their Stealth range is one of the stronger ones, that comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s a sleek, black slab, with a coat of lycra-esque fabric. Nothing about it seems too “gamer-y”, either. 

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest - Black - Mechanical Keyboards, Stitched...
  • Dimension: 17.5x4 inches | 1in thick (25mm) - Fits FULL SIZE (100%) mechanical keyboards
  • Dual Lock Anti-Fraying stitched frame - Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of gaming wrist pad
  • Nonskid rubber base - Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of gaming wristrest

The padding inside the Stealth range is quite firm. It’s soft to the touch, but won’t budge easily. Depending on warmth and perhaps some sweat, that might change though. To stop the fabric from fraying, the edge are neatly stitched to the anti-slip bottom layer.

The Stealth is available in sizes matching full-size, tenkeyless, and 60% keyboards. Height-wise, the regular version comes in at 25 mm, with the slim size shortening it to 17 mm. Alternatively, the non-Stealth version features a more noticeable version of the Glorious logo.

Cooler Master WR530 — A solid soft-touch pick on a budget

Cooler Master reigns among the lower budgets. Their “MasterAccessory” WR530 underlines that legacy, with a highly affordable, yet decent wrist rest. The WR530 consists of one 0.71 inch thick slab of memory foam, with a low-friction layer of fabric on top. 

Cooler Master MasterAccessory Large Wrist Rest with Low-Friction Surface,...
  • 17.28 x 3.74 x 0.71 inch, Extreme Comfort - Reduce physical fatigue with soft foam pillow to evenly redistribute weight for comfort
  • Water-Resistant Coating - Prevents unpleasant smells over time due to sweat and other liquids
  • Long-Term Stability - Rubberized base provides anti-slip protection during the longest battles

The WR530 is comfortable enough in a pinch, but might lack some sturdiness. The anti-slip bottom doesn’t fixate all that well, and the surface fabric can easily fray over time. It will get you gaming alright, but it most likely won’t be long before wear and tear starts to show. In turn, you do get amazing comfort with most full-sized keyboards, at an affordable price.

Style-wise, it’s all minimalist, apart from a compact, glow-in-the-dark logo in the corner. Cooler Master also produces a smaller version of the MasterAccessory wrist rest. This variation is just as thick, but matches better with tenkeyless keyboards.

Wooting wrist rest — Sturdy silicones

Not into hard or soft surfaces? Wooting has something in between. The Wooting wrist rest is a slab of pure silicone, proving both sturdy and comfortable. It won’t give in much, but it’s softer to the touch than wood or hard plastic. It’s also cooler than most foams and cloth surfaces.

The Wooting wrist rest is quite durable as well. The entire slab can be bended, slapped around or washed with water, without breaking a sweat. Gritty bits might carve into the surface though, should you grind them there. Rinsing them with water or cleaning them with a damp cloth help keep te sillicones pristine.

Wooting offers their wrist rest in both full-sized and tenkeyless options, just like their keyboards. Color-wise, it comes in black, blue or grey — although the brand is often taking suggestions for new variations on social media. 

Vaydeer Walnut Wrist Rest — The carpenter’s comfort

If you’re into minimalist or natural styles, a wooden wrist rest might be more up to your speed. Vaydeer makes a decent one of those, with their walnut wooden wrist rest. Other than two rubberized feet, this is all just a solid slab of wood. 

Walnut Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest Vaydeer Ergonomic Gaming Desk Wrist Pad...
  • 【Original Wood Quality】Log cutting, hand-polished, no odor, fading and deformation after a long time use
  • 【Standard Size】17*3*0.7inch/44cm*8cm*1.8cm,Suitable for standard 104-key mechanical keyboard ergonomic,the edge has the lowest slope 0.55inch*/...
  • 【Non-slip Design】 The bottom silicone pad enhances the grip on the surface of the table, even during intense typing, it does not move, so that the...

The all-natural wrist rest is of course hardened, but will easily improve posture with most mechanical keyboards. As it’s wood, the wrist rest will “live on” with your use, possibly slightly changing over time. To keep it pristine and feeling less dried out, you can always sand it down and oil it back up. This sort of upkeep and customizing can be quite fun, making the wrist rest feel truly personal.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the natural feel and hands-on upkeep can come across as quite sophisticated. Let’s say it’s an acquired taste. 

HyperX HX-WR — Soft, with neatly stitched edges

Consider this HyperX’s take on the Stealth range from Glorious. The HX-WR is a 22 mm thick bar of memory foam — infused with cooling gel — which is topped off with a edge-stitched lycra-like coat. Under all that we find an anti-slip rubber surface, that will keep the 317 grams of support in place.

HyperX Wrist Rest - Cooling Gel - memory Foam - Anti-Slip - Ergonomic -...
  • Cool gel memory foam
  • Stable, anti-slip grip
  • Durable construction with anti-fray stitching

HyperX tailors yet again mostly to competitive gamers. The cooling gel ensures the wrist rest doesn’t get too sweaty, which is great for long-lasting matches. The stitchwork — done in HyperX’s red — makes sure the bar will stick with you for many years. It’s a simple one-and-done for your gaming ergonomics.

Style-wise, the wrist rest is quite minimal, which is typical for HyperX. It does however only come in one size, that fits in snug with most full-sized mechanical keyboards. HyperX has yet to release compact models, for those of us on tenkeyless (or smaller) models. 

Glorious Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest — Wooden luxury in legion

Although many carpenters offer a simple, wooden wrist rest, Glorious is looking to step up their game. The Glorious Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest is also built up from plain wood (and rubberized feet), but features more of its own finesse. Glorious brings in more meticular sanding, as well as richer top coating. 

Glorious Gaming Wooden Wrist Rest - Full Standard Size - Onyx/Black -...
  • Dimension: 17.5x4in | 19mm thick - Fits FULLSIZE mechanical keyboards
  • Color: Onyx (Black / Dark Brown)
  • Made with USA-Grade White Ash hard wood and anti-slip rubber base.

Don’t let the names mistake you: “Onyx” and “Golden Oak” are actually both American White Ash wood, which has been dyed and oiled to look warmer and darker. In turn, the top coat does feel slightly more luxurious than untreated wood. This also renders Glorious’s wrist rest more resistant to sweat and spilling.

Glorious’s wooden wrist rests come in two colors, both with three sizes. All of them are 19 mm in height, but there’s options for full-sized, tenkeyless, and “compact” keyboards. 

Let’s get my wrists some rest

That’s all for our recommendations on the best gaming wrist rests. Whether you’re into soft surfaces or sturdy material, these top picks will get your hands gaming comfortably. We hope you found something you would want to rest your wrists on.

Is there anything you would like more advise on? Or perhaps you have a suggestion on what you think is best gaming wrist rest. Either way: feel free to chime in with your take, through the comment section below.

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