Best Gaming Desks of 2021

They might not be fancy or high-tech, but every PC gamer needs a solid desk. If you’re in the market for some of the best gaming desks out there, we’ll get you started with some recommendations. No matter your desired shape, size, or budget — these top picks will get you browsing in the right direction.

How does furniture become great for gaming?

First things first. These pieces of furniture might call themselves “gaming desks”, but most of their features won’t immediately improve your game. It’s all about comfort, proper cable management, and a bit of style. Those factors aren’t exclusive to gaming oriented desks, however. Any regular desk can still make one hell of a “gaming desk”.

Promotional image of the Secretlab Magnus, considered to be one of the best gaming desks.

Our top picks will be sturdy enough for you to game on, but not all of them are necessarily targeted towards gamers. Lower budgets could benefit from cutting the gamer-centric marketing. You might lose some additional luxury with these, but they get you gaming, alright. 

With that being said, let’s get to listing some of the best gaming desks out there…

Arozzi Arena — Accessible cable management, giant mouse pad

Swedish gaming brand Arozzi was one of the first to target desks towards demanding gamers. The Arozzi Arena was introduced almost five years ago, but is still being made to this day. That’s not without reason, as the minimalist desk features some great ease-of-use for many gamers.

Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming Desk Office Desk - Black
  • The 160cm/5' 3 Inches width allows for three large monitors to envelop you in the game environment
  • The 80 cm/2' 7 ½ Inches depth gives you a huge field of play for your mouse, keyboard or other devices
  • Design of the custom mouse pad which has a microfiber cloth surface which is water-resistant. Desk Top Load Capacity : 176lb (evenly distributed)

For starters, the entire top surface of the desk is covered with a singular, giant mouse pad. This will be somewhat harder to keep clean from time to time. In exchange, you do get stable mousing performance, no matter where your hand flies off to. Three separate holes in the cloth (as well as the paneling under it) make sure you can still manage cables through it. 

In addition, Arozzi spans a hammock-like netting under the table, useful for managing cables with ease. All of your cords just fall and hang in the net, without any need to declutter them. It’s the laziest way of cable management, but it works wonders in a pinch.

The entire desk is sturdy and quite durable, which goes for the edge-stitched mouse pad as well. Years can go by, before you notice blemishes building up. The Arozzi Arena can house up to three monitors, with a curved shape placing you neatly in the center of the action. 

CubiCubi — Modular and minimalist desks

It’s not necessarily targeted towards gamers, but CubiCubi’s desks offer some accessible, modular furniture either way. Depending on what you’re looking for, these desks can be built into L-shapes, or feature different types of add-ons. The framing might look flimsy, but feels quite sturdy — granted you assembled it properly. 

CubiCubi L Shaped Desk, Computer Corner Gaming Desk with Large Monitor...
  • Large Desktop & Ample Leg Room:51.2" x 51.2" x 29.5"can offer plenty of space for your home or office or gaming; the high of the desk is 29.5",...
  • Monitor Stand & Storage Drawer: Movable monitor stand can be installed on both sides and also come with a drawer to give you more storage space
  • Durable & Sturdy Construction:This hard sturdy desk constructed from metal frame and high quality board,and we provide adjustable footpads for...

Colors can be changed, shelves are to be moved, and the desk can even hold handy hooks, for headsets or other gaming peripherals. If you’re all about customizing furniture, CubiCubi offers a great “skeleton” to get started with. Considering the reasonable pricing, these desks are rather budget-friendly as well.

Do note that these compact desks come with some limitations in size and weight. CubiCubi serves smaller set-ups in a pinch, but heavy-duty hardware and peripherals might put too much strain on the desk. Weighty monitors and desktops might bend the framework over time. 

IKEA Micke — Great for saving space (and money)

If we’re talking furniture, we’re talking IKEA. The Swedish furniture powerhouse might have some gaming oriented products, but the Micke series is where it’s at for us. The monochrome desk is affordable, simplistic, but still features some nice-to-have touches.

IKEA desk, White/
  • This product requires assembly
  • Material: Wood
  • Country of Origin: China

Not only does the table come with some neat drawers, there’s a hidden cable compartment in the back too. It’s big enough to house a whole power extension, if you feel like that. The compartment only features one hole on the top, but it will get smaller set-ups decluttered. If you’re on a single monitor, this amount of cable management should suffice.

If you’re looking for more storage, IKEA’s ecosystem has got you covered. The Micke range can be extended with drawer units. Alternatively, IKEA’s Alex series feature many desks with more surface area, without going crazy in terms of style or pricing.

BenQ Zowie Zone — Ease-of-use for demanding eSports

When the Zowie Zone was released, it wasn’t really intended for the consumer market. Being an eSports-centric brand, Zowie targeted their first desk directly towards top gaming athletes, teams and tournaments. If you’re into competitive gaming, you probably should be on the lookout for the Zowie Zone. 

Zowie’s Zone is part computer desk, part peripheral. It will house your computer, monitor, and peripherals, but also expands on them. Integrated control units help you elevate or lower the desk, but also tweak gaming volumes or switch monitor profiles — although native integration might vary. Additionally, the Zone comes with USB 3.0 hubs and its own audio interface. 

The desk might not be that big, but it’s just about everything an eSports athlete might be looking for. If you ever see a Zowie Zone in the wild, you might just want to make your move. 

Secretlab Magnus — Stylish luxury, with a myriad of add-ons

Secretlab’s Magnus was just recently announced, but proves to be quite the desk. The Magnus is mostly made out of metal components that can be added upon through magnetic, modular parts. These consist of giant mouse pads, headset hooks, cup holders, and RGB lighting solutions, to name a few.

Even though the Magnus doesn’t come with truly hidden compartments, cabling can be kept in place through magnetic clasps. It’s quite a brilliant solution. In addition, the back end of the desk features some neat gutters for extended cable routing.

The Magnus is meant as an all-in-one luxury item, which is reflected in the elevated price. In turn, you do get something truly unique. If Secretlab were to keep this one supported for years, the Magnus might grow into a fan favorite over time. If not, the ecosystem of magnetic add-ons might quickly fall apart. 

Lian-Li DK-05F — Building your PC into a desk

Is it a desk? Is it a PC case? Well, it’s both. Lian-Li’s DK-05F is hard to come by, but it’s quite a flex in your home or on LAN parties. You can be gaming on thick, tempered glass, whereunder your flashy rig is doing its thing. Lian-Li’s latest generation of these cases brings in better build quality, as well as electronic height adjustability. 

Sure, you’ll need to “assemble” the pricey desk yourself, but you’ll get tons of luxury in return. Not only is it one of the world’s most unique PC cases, it also makes for great cable management — as your desk is the PC. There’s enough room in the back for excess storage and other hardware to be connected, while control units and I/O hubs up front will benefit general ease-of-use.

The tempered glass is about 8 millimeters thick, holding loads up to 80 kilograms. Additionally, end users can swap out the fully transparent surface for an opaque replacement. No matter what you build into this — or how — desks like these are certainly an eyecatcher to most PC gamers.

All decked out on desks

That’s it for our recommendations on some of the best gaming desks of today. Some cheap, others extravagantly exclusive. We hope you spotted at least something that caught your eye, and get your browsing session going.

Did our top picks get you interior design senses tingling? Or do you feel we left out some great additions to the list? Don’t be shy, and let yourself be heard. Drop a comment to help out your fellow gamer, or to tip us on a great suggestion. 

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