Top 12 Best Gaming Desks of 2020

Modern gaming desks have come a long way in the last few years. Desks shouldn’t be a necessary evil, they should have cable management solutions, space for storage, and keep you distraction free as you game. If you feel like your PC is on a flimsy platform or snuggly sinking into the carpet instead of being elevated, it’s probably time to upgrade and now that process can be a blast!


We’ve sifted through desk after desk to give you our curated list on the best gaming desks of 2020. These 12 desks are divided up by budget and desk type. There should be something for every room style and shape!If you don’t know where to start, jump to our buying guide. Or, pick your favorite from our list below and jump to our thoughts.

Here are the top 12 best gaming desks of 2020:

Now that you know all about the styles and features to look for in your next desk, I’ll walk you through my favorites by price so you can zero in on your favorite.

1. DX Racer Gaming Desk – Best Gaming Desk

Best Gaming Desk

DX Racer Gaming Desk

From a company known aroudn the world for their gaming chairs, the gaming desk is ergonomic and looks great whether you are streaming or by yourself.

  • check4 Color Options
  • checkErgonomic 10 degree slant
  • checkRated to 110 pounds
  • checkWire Management throughout
  • checkRaised edge so things stay on the desk
  • checkModest size (31.50’’ x 47.30’’ x 31.50’’)

DXRacer is normally known for providing colorful gaming chairs (Often seen in the background on twitch streams) but recently they’ve moved in the gaming desk space. The DXRacer Gaming Desk or D/1000/N is a neat combination of simplicity and understanding the needs of a PC Gamer. First they angled the front in such a way as to reduce the discomfort associated by playing for a long time and offer a good option for those who want relief from Carpal Tunnel symptoms but love to game. Second they put a lip on the back, this small change means that none of your priceless electronics are sliding off the back if the desk is bumped or you get too into it and move your mouse around like a madman. Another awesome feature is the use of grommets in a stealthy and precise manner, meaning all cords can be ran through the desk but it will still look sleek. Like the typical gaming chairs of DXRacer, this desk comes in some vibrant colors that initially might push someone away or be too goofy for your needs.

I’d recommend the black desk if colorful items are not your thing. Despite the neon lime green being the most visible, this desk is offered in a class black finish, black and white, and red and black.


  • checkErgonomic design is great for those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • checkItems won’t fall off the back
  • checkGreat cable management
  • checkWooden top for a great feel
  • checkVery sturdy


  • exclamation-triangleSome of the flashier colors might be a bit too much for a room
  • exclamation-triangleMight want a standing desk for this price range

2. The Alex – Best Budget Gaming Desk

Best Budget Gaming Desk

The Alex

Great option from IKEA if you are on a tight budget, but want something that will last.

  • checkGrey and White
  • checkMedium Size (51 5/8×23 5/8)
  • checkTwo Grommets

Ikea can sometimes get treated poorly due to the mass produced nature of the products they release, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally strike gold. The Alex is a popular desk among streamers due to it’s healthy amount of space, two grommets, and best of all tank like sturdiness. Coming in grey and white, this little desk is very affordable but feels like it will last a long time. It also has a nice looking front and simple design so that it would be fine in both a modern office setting and at home with two monitors nuzzled together on top. It does lack a dedicated space for a desktop tower so if that is a concern, that should be considered. Altogether though it a great sturdy little desk. As far as features go, this is a simple solution.


  • checkVery Sturdy
  • checkInexpensive
  • checkEasy Cable Management
  • checkEasy set-up (It’s Ikea after all!)


  • exclamation-triangleLimited Drawer Space
  • exclamation-triangleNo Under-Carriage

3. The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Runner-Up Budget Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Plenty of gamer-specific features such as cup holders and headphone trays. If there is enough room for your needs, this might be a great option.

  • checkUnique spots to hold headphones, gaming gear, and soda
  • checkElevated shelf for 32’ monitor
  • checkCharging station for phones
  • checkWire storage bin

Love it or hate it, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is targeted towards gamers and does a few things well while being confusing in some other ways. This desk is not the professional office desk for a classy room but on a budget, it is an excellent option for gaming.The Atlantic Gaming Desk has a bunch of unique convenient attachments. Strangely enough the focus seems more in line with console gaming than PC gaming (Who don’t traditionally game on desks). With a place to put drinks, holster your controller, store game cases, place a surge protector and more, the AGD caters to gamers in a unique way.That being said, having a holster for your soda isn’t a winning association. Some people are both business professional and gamer. This desk is cheap, fantastic for a small room, and caters to gamers but it can feel a bit tone deaf with how it is presented. The Atlantic has a spot for a surge protector, a nifty place to rest headphones, and a spot for speakers. These features are great, especially if you put an Xbox One X on it or another console. It probably wouldn’t be the best fit for a Desktop though, as it isn’t designed for a ton of weight and isn’t particularly wide. It will fit dual monitors if you remove the elevated monitor stand as well though.


  • checkConvenient features such as a mount for a surge protector
  • checkGood size for a small bedroom or dorm room
  • checkGreat for those who have a lot of gaming accessories
  • checkEasy to put together
  • checkWire management solutions
  • checkPower Strip Holder


  • exclamation-triangleFeels a little patronizing to the gamer community
  • exclamation-triangleSmall space means it is best for console gaming
  • exclamation-triangleNot overly robust

4. Bush Business Series A 72W Desk – Best Mid-Tier Gaming Desk

Best Budget Gaming Desk

Bush Business Series

Good cable management and a simple design makes this a great choice if you don’t want a desk that screams GAMER.

  • checkC-Shape Design for maximum leg room
  • check4 Grommets and door panels for cords
  • check7 Styles
  • checkModel with 6 feet
  • check98 Pounds

Many gaming desks today come in gaudy colors or are a bit unprofessional due to the audience they cater to. With space for 2 surge protectors, cable management solutions, and a simple design, the BB Series A 72W is an excellent fit for a traditional desk. It has a variety of color options but prioritizes nice wood colors and finishes. The open C-Shape design allows for good leg-room as well. This desk is not about extraneous fluff and simply gets the job done while remaining sturdy and well built.


  • checkAbsolute cable coverage
  • checkDedicated surge protector spot makes cable management easy
  • checkProfessional sleek design that would fit in school, an office, or a home
  • check4 Size options (6, 5, 4, and 3 foot options)
  • checkBuilt to last and has a 10 year warranty


  • exclamation-triangleA bit plain
  • exclamation-triangleMake sure you are happy with look of metal on the bottom
  • exclamation-triangleVery heavy

5. Realspace Broadstreet U-Shape Desk – Best U-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best U-Shaped Gaming Desk

Realspace Broadstreet

A ton of space if you have multiple monitors or even multiple PCs in a streaming setup.  Additional options include shelves and many other features to make it your own.


  • checkExtreme amounts of space
  • checkStorage options
  • checkCan add shelving and more
  • checkHub with ethernet, phone, and electric
  • checkOffice Style for professional feel

Realspace offers one of the more budget conscious U-Shaped desk options out there without sacrificing the features that make a U-Shaped desk great. Beyond feeling like a starship commander, U-shaped offer unparalleled space. If you have a sound-board, video recording devices, two desktops or other large scale items, realspace can accommodate them. This desk also has options to expand with a shelving unit and more, meaning that for a little extra cash you can add any feature you want.


  • checkModular with options to expand
  • checkSturdy construction
  • checkMore space than most people could need
  • checkGreat Price
  • checkBuilt in hub for easy ethernet and phone access


  • exclamation-trianglePartially particle board which is fragile
  • exclamation-triangleCable management isn’t as good as other desks

6. Series A U Shaped Corner Desk with Peninsula and Storage

Runner Up U-Shaped Gaming Desk

Series A

Over 300 pounds, this desk setup (actually two desks put together) has great durability.


  • checkModular Design (Two desks put together)
  • checkThermally Infused Laminate to extend life of the desk
  • checkHUGE (71.2 x 91.9 x 29.8 inches)
  • checkU-Shape allows maximum use of room
  • checkEnough space for streaming, editing, and art production

Bush has made a name for themselves with excellent examples of long-lasting heirloom quality desks. Guaranteed for over 10 years and modular enough to keep up with changing demands, Bush has made the king of U-Shaped desks. This desk is a bit misleading in that it is actually multiple desks stitched together in such a way as to create the ultimate U-Shaped desk. This means that you can actually add an entire storage portion to the desk if needed. Despite this, there isn’t an on-board under-carriage when you buy it so that is something to consider, especially when clocking in at near 300 pounds.


  • checkPremium design is built to last
  • checkOptions for multiple accessories (Additional drawers and more)
  • checkGreat cable management
  • checkA small drawer for storage
  • checkExtremely professional look


  • exclamation-triangleHigh Price
  • exclamation-triangleVery Heavy (249 Pounds)
  • exclamation-triangleUnder-Carriage is separate

7. Walker Edison Soreno – Best Budget L-Shaped Desk

Best Budget L-Shaped Gaming Desk


Often found under $100, the Soreno is great if you don’t have a lot of space or wallet room.


  • check51″ W x 20″ D x 29 ” H
  • checkSymmetrical shape
  • checkUnder-Carriage for PC Tower
  • checkCan be converted into two separate desks
  • checkSeveral color options
  • checkModular Design

This desk is one of the best options for an extremely budget conscious gamer who wants an aesthetically pleasing desk. Made up of metal and glass, this desk is often found under $100 while still managing to look sleek. One of the best features is the simply under-carriage for your PC tower. There is a lot of glass with this desk though so take caution and think about whether or not you would need something a little more damage resistant around. Despite being an L-Shaped desk it has enough of a footprint to allow multi-monitor set-ups, Waccom tablets, or a streaming set-up.


  • checkCan be converted into a much smaller desk
  • checkGreat for streaming on a budget
  • checkUnder-Carriage for your desktop tower
  • checkCorner piece can be removed to make two tiny desks
  • checkGlass


  • exclamation-triangleGlass (If you have a very active home with pets or other desk hazards)
  • exclamation-triangleFeels a bit flimsy at times
  • exclamation-triangleNot a ton of surface area compared to other options

8. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk – Best Mid-Tier L-Shaped Desk

Best Mid-Tier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Tribesigns Modern

With a built-in PC stand, this desk is great for gamers who want a more modern touch.


  • checkModern design
  • checkComes with a free PC Stand
  • checkBlack and Wood options
  • checkLarge (66.14“(Long Side) x 49.21″(D) x 29″(H))

Tribesigns has produced an L-Shaped desk perfect for an open room or running against a wall. The corner is lacking so that cords can be ran down the back end, bundled with Velcro Strips, and out of sight. This solution works great albeit if the desk isn’t snug against a wall, the cords are still visible. Another perk is that Tribesigns includes a free PC Stand so that you can have a little home for your desktop tower. Other than that, this desk is pretty simple. It looks sharp, bears a huge load, and is easy to put together.


  • checkSimple and professional
  • checkLots of room for a simple set-up
  • checkEasy to put together
  • checkHolds up to 450 Pounds
  • checkFree PC Stand!


  • exclamation-triangleCable management solution is still very visible
  • exclamation-triangleNo storage

9. Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk – Best High-End L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Best High End L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Tribesigns Modern

If you are into streaming, audio-mixing, or just have multiple monitors, this modern desk is stylish and has plenty of room.


  • checkCabinet for a desktop tower
  • check3 Drawers for storage
  • checkGrommets for cable management
  • checkSlide out Keyboard and Mouse platform

L-Shaped desks are fading out of style as more modern standing desks arrive. Still, it’s very nice to have multi-monitor set-ups and some side room if you work with audio mixing, streaming, or art. The Sauder Harbor View PC Desk hides cords and even a desktop PC Tower so that you are able to keep a good looking office set-up. It has more storage than most L-Shaped desks and despite being our high-end option it is not actually that expensive. It is a bit difficult to build and very heavy though so if you move often or have a mobile lifestyle take that into consideration.


  • checkAntique wood finish looks classy
  • checkDesktop computer cabinet for concealing PC Tower
  • checkDoubles as an office desk as it looks great and stores electronics well
  • checkDedicated drawer file storage
  • checkFits snug into a corner


  • exclamation-triangleVery heavy (179 pounds)
  • exclamation-triangleCabinet could overheat if you have poor PC fan set-up
  • exclamation-triangleDifficult to build

10. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Mid-Tier Standing Gaming Desk

Best Mid-Tier Standing Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena

If you are into streaming, audio-mixing, or just have multiple monitors, this modern desk is stylish and has plenty of room.


  • checkCable management underneath
  • checkMouse Pad built into the desk
  • checkMultiple color options and styles
  • checkAbility to raise and lower
  • checkHUGE (Around 5 feet long and 2 feet wide)
  • check85 Pounds

The Arozzi is a very humble option for gaming. Coming in both flashy colors and standard shades such as black, this gaming desk looks like little more than a table. The awesome part of the Arena Gaming Desk is in it’s features that target gamers. Made of a material that mimics a mouse pad and designed to lower and raise, the Arozzi is built for those who want a simple solution but need a little versatility. The microfiber mousepad covers the entire desk and detaches for cleaning. Weighing in at 7 pounds, the mousepad is a sturdy solution and makes this desk standout. The largest downside to this desk is that it doesn’t have an electric motor and for a little bit more, you can find some great electric standing desks. Still, if you plan on keeping the height that you game at consistent but want a little freedom, this is a fantastic buy.


  • checkThe mousepad cloth is great for E-sports and forearm style FPS play
  • checkCan be adjusted
  • checkCable management
  • checkEasy to set-up
  • checkEnough room for a multi-monitor set-up (Great for racing games and flight sims)


  • exclamation-triangleSimple
  • exclamation-triangleNo storage space or under-carriage
  • exclamation-triangleNo motor

11. EvoDesk – Best High-End Standing Gaming Desk

Best High-End Standing Gaming Desk


Used by major companies such as Dreamworks & EA, the EvoDesk has proven itself in the workforce and is worth a shot if you take your gaming seriously.


  • checkMaterial doubles as a mousepad
  • checkErgonomic design
  • checkExtreme customization
  • checkElectric Motor
  • checkRange of sizes

EVODesk touts over 8000 options for their gaming desks with a long list of unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. Companies such as AirBnB, Dreamworks, and EA have recently been raving about the Evo. They will go down as the company to make the most innovative high-end desk in recent memory.The EVODesk is built for gaming yet it looks simple and classy as well. With similar features as the Arozzi (Mousepad material on the surface, adjustable height, cable management), the EVO shines by adding an electric motor, incredible customizability, and ergonomic design for both health and style reasons. It’s fair to say you won’t be disappointed with the EVO.While they have handy representatives who will live chat with you and help you to come to a conclusion, the ordering process is still not easy to understand. The website makes it easy to add expensive pieces but isn’t that good at showing the lowest prices or barebones options. While touted at lower prices than our mid-tier desk, this high-end option can easily rise in price as well so those looking for a cheap desk will have a challenge finding it through EVO.


  • checkElectric Motor and hundreds of height settings make it easy to adjust
  • checkMade out of high-end material that doubles as a mousepad
  • checkErgo-Edge prevents carpal tunnel while looking sleek
  • checkAdditional option to add on-board audio, a different top, and several attachments


  • exclamation-triangleHigh Price
  • exclamation-triangleDifficult to navigate the purchase process through the website (Try chatting with a rep!)

12. Uplift Adaptor X

Perhaps you love your desk already but wish it could stand or are looking to save a bit of money but still have all the perks of a standing desk. This is where a desk converter is probably your best option. Buying a desk converter isn’t complicated but they are large items. Putting a monitor, keyboard, mouse on a converter and raising it can be a little nerve wracking for first time users. A desktop converter is best when secure and that’s why we love the UPLIFT Adaptor X. With a clamp that attaches to your desk set-up, you are able to guarantee the converter will be as secure as your original desk.Also since UPLIFT offers numerous accessories, you can modify the Adaptor X with special spots for laptops, monitors, and more. This means that a normal desk, or even table, can be used and still allow multi-monitor set-ups and more complicated uses.


  • checkBudget option for a standing desk
  • checkSaves room if you want a small standing desk set-up
  • checkEasy to modify


  • exclamation-triangleHarder to use a mouse without a special attachment
  • exclamation-triangleNot ideal if you have a poor desk/table set-up initially

Floating Desks

Floating desks are popular and usually quite aesthetically pleasing. While not commonly designed for a desktop setting, they can fit laptops and consoles easily. For those who want an ultra-modern look and won’t be putting a ton of weight on the desk, it’s always something to consider. A floating desk can be challenging for a desktop set-up though so keep that in mind!While we covered here the best desks for Gaming, there are a number of styles and forms that you might find interesting but are just not targeted toward those who game. For instance the floating desks of Formolly look classy, are a conversation piece, and fantastic for a laptop or monitor setup. Take sometime to look them over before you make a decision.

Gaming Desk Buying Guide

Why Not Just Use a Table?

There are a lot of reasons to consider upgrading your desk game. Sometimes a temporary set-up or old desk may be unstable and hard to game on or you may be cramped with limited mobility and unable to fit a chair under the desk. When a gaming desk is doing what it should, you don’t notice it at all, allowing you to put all your attention into that next Overwatch ranked game. When a desk is bad though, you feel uncomfortable and trapped and the result is less concentration and performance.

We’ll touch upon those throughout this article. Whether it’s a five hour gaming session or writing a paper, you probably spend more time at the computer per week than any other activity. If you are spending large amounts of time unsure if your monitor is going to fall on the ground, it’s time to consider making those long hours more convenient and enjoyable.

What is a Gaming Desk?

Really few desks cater specifically to gamers. And those that do are often tone-deaf and semi-insulting (Mountain Dew holder anyone?). This is because the gaming industry is still maturing and has some growing pains in areas like the furniture department. Recently though some neat options have been developed for the PC Gaming niche and you can see an industry starting to try and understand the desktop habits of the gamer.

Many of the best priced and most functional desks are not targeted towards gaming but rather Small Office and Home Office set-ups. So some of these desks won’t have “Gamer” specific features but that is because a typical office desk may do the trick. We’ve curated our list so that the amount of face-palm quality desks are minimal.

What to look for in a Gaming Desk

Since a gaming desk often involves several electronic components these neat features are specifically catered toward having space and organization solutions.


A Grommet is simply a hole that is lined with plastic or a similar material to protect cords and allow a cord to pass through. Grommets are probably the most critical factor in whether a desk is easy to set-up and functional for gaming. The best desks have grommets because it means no more sloppy cable configurations and makes set-up a breeze.

Air Flow

If you are a desktop computer user, when selecting a desk it is important to consider air flow. I.E. Some desks have compartments for a desktop case but when gaming all that air is trapped inside causing heating issues. Good ventilation, a lack of a back to the cupboard, or even fans are all something to consider.

In-Desk Power

Some desks allow you to plug the desk into the wall, and then directly plug into the desk. Bonus if a grommet is attached! This is a convenient feature because

Under Carriage

Some desks have a specific spot designed for stashing a desktop tower. It’s important to pick a desk that has enough room for a tower, otherwise it may end up resting gently on the floor instead.

Cable Management

Minimum desktop builds will most likely have two monitor cords, a desktop power cord, speaker cords, and usb cords. Additional accessories such as a printer will add even more wires to the situation. On top of having a grommet, the best desks offer some sort of cable management solutions such as a rollout area for the mouse and keyboard that allows a usb cord to be run from the back.

Mini-ATX Compatible?

Some desks are small and sized for a dorm or minimalist. This means a weighty desktop case wouldn’t fit with a monitor on top or would lose all opportunity to look decent. It’s possible this is intentional though. Some desks are built specifically with laptop and Mini-ATX gamers in mind. Even going so far as to have a drawer or solution for the Mini-ATX build as well.

Other Convenience Features

These are easily the most tone-deaf features, items such as a cup holder or a place to put your game cases may come off as insulting. Still, other features such as a place to put a surge protector can make the desk much nicer in cable management. Another feature is that of fans or onboard cooling for desktop cases.


Some desks allow you to change the height of the desk or change configurations. One of the most useful features is height adjustment and it has become a de facto standard for the Tech Startup crowds. Another useful feature is found in desks that allow specific changes in desk arrangement. They can be converted to different desk styles and made to fit better in certain set-ups.


Often desks are built with a specific place of use in mind. This means some may be tiny while others take up a whole office wall. One of the things to consider is how you want your playing area set-up. Whether it multi-monitor or a mouse and keyboard, every desk takes space. If you love CS:GO and competitive gaming, having enough room to move the mouse around is key and surprisingly many desks don’t even offer that simple touch.

Types of Gaming Desks

Desks come in many shapes and sizes. I recommend starting at the type of desk you want and going from there.

Traditional or Executive Desk

Sometimes called an executive desk, this desk is in the shape of a rectangle. Some are designed specifically for an office set-up involving a computer while others are designed for a more business oriented niche with large drawers and the space for books and an office phone. A traditional desk can be put snug against a wall and is a great option for houses with limited space. They are usually great with cord management and come in many minimalist designs.


  • checkCome in elaborate/elegant designs
  • checkSmall footprint
  • checkEasy to store and place


  • exclamation-triangleLimited surface area
  • exclamation-triangleOften not good for multi-monitor set-ups

L-Shaped or Corner Desks

L-shape desks are shaped like, you guessed it, an L. Basically the desk has a portion on the side that hooks around to create more surface area. Since the L-shape has a nice 90 degree angle in it, the desk will fit into a corner quite easily. A corner desk can be L-Shaped or may in fact be designed to maximize the footprint of a room and fit snug in a corner without side extensions. Once popular, modern good corner desks are often inferior to an L-Shaped desks but they can be a great asset for a cramped home. Some unique L-Shape/Corner desks have a space etched out below for a desktop computer. Ironically this under-carriage feature is great for making an eye-sore desktop case remain off the top of the desk.


  • checkHave more add-ons specifically for gamers
  • checkMay include drawers for PC towers
  • checkMaximizes space
  • checkSpace-efficient surface area


  • exclamation-triangleNo great side extensions
  • exclamation-triangleUsually don’t come with built-in storage

U-Shaped Desks

The average U-Shape desk is huge and almost has more in common with an office cubicle. Wrapping around in the shape of a U, they offer unparalleled space but won’t fit everyone. The U-shape is great for multi-monitor set-ups (Such as a streaming PC) or anything that requires a large amount of space. They also are large enough to encompass multiple needs such as those an artist has with space for a Wacom tablet, monitor, and more.One of the downsides to the U-Shaped desk is the size and shape. A U-shape is not for every set-up as it can easily dominate a small room.


  • checkMaximum amount of space
  • checkGreat for multiple monitors
  • checkUseful for a workstation or small office
  • checkGreat for a digital artist or video editor


  • exclamation-triangleHuge footprint​​​​
  • exclamation-triangleAwkward shape for some rooms

Standing Desks

The Silicon Valley movement of standing and typing has gone all the way to desktop gaming! While it isn’t for everyone, those who are health conscious may consider this as an option. Standing desks come in two forms, easily adjustable automatic ones with a motor and multiple settings and a manual desk that often takes a bit of work to move up and down. Standing desks often have a spot to attach cord management solutions such as a surge protector, an under-carriage for a tower case, and many other unique accessory items. One of our favorite brands is UPLIFT for the ergonomic design and high-quality standards they set.

While it may seem antithesis to gaming, standing is a fun and engaging way to game. Human Solution touches upon the health and nostalgia benefits. Despite it feeling a bit strange at first, it really is a return to those sepia days of gaming at an arcade cabinet.


  • checkGreat health benefits
  • checkMobility and freedom to move around
  • checkConverts to a normal desk height
  • checkNeat accessories like a walking treadmill


  • exclamation-triangleNormally has an added cost plus (more if electric)
  • exclamation-triangleMore elements can break
  • exclamation-triangleHave to pay extra for style

Desk Converter

While the name sounds a bit more intensive than it is, a desk converter is basically a little table that can be raised or lowered, that you can set upon a desk to convert it into a standing desktop. While a bit crude looking, these are a great budget option for those who don’t want to rearrange all the furniture or tear down an old desk. Some higher end Desk Converters come with clamps for stability and numerous accessories for adding everything from a swing out monitor to a Waccom tablet for drawing. We don’t include much about specific desk converters on our list but they are a great option for those who want a modern standing desk and also want to be frugal. If you are interested in a desk converter the bottom of this guide includes some premium desk makers that we believe would help you get started!

Gaming Desk FAQ

What brands are reputable?

Uplift Desks

Specifically designed with the gamer in mind and promoted be several eSports teams, Uplift Desks understands its base. They have the gaming community behind them (Even Twitch loves them). UPLIFT offers minimalist design with standing desks that offer in-desk power and numerous design options. That being said, don’t expect drawers or a traditional desk like look, these standing desks are very similar to tables in design.


Primarily an Etsy provider, these custom made floating desks are made of high quality materials and classy. If you want a unique talking piece that can support a monitor and a console, or perhaps love that steambox, Formolly has some sweet options. They don’t have much variety but everyone raves about the quality.


As covered earlier, EVODesk is positioning itself as a high-end provider of gaming desks and caters to a market that has money. That’s because everything they do is centered around quality. With easy electronic positioning, materials that can be read by a mouse (So no mouse pad), and custom fitting to make monitors float, the whole product line of EVODesk is designed for extreme gaming or workstations. From built in sound systems and power supplies to 250 adjustable height settings.

Bush Furniture

Bush Furniture is targeted towards those who want high-quality office equipment. These are the types of desks that last a decade and can put up with hard wear and tear. They are an excellent company and have been making great computer-friendly products for years. Two desks by them made this list but there are many more options by Bush as well.

How do I estimate the dimensions?

With a tape Measurer! It sounds stupid but DO NOT GUESS whether or not a desk can fit. It’s just an absolute headache to return an 85 pound object, not to mention you may find out it won’t fit after spending a large time attempting to put the desk together. Most desks actually come disassembled (Meaning it may be a bit of work for some models, make sure to research that!) and so getting them in through a doorway or into a house is quite easy. Still it’s hard to know how big a desk is if you can’t see it in person. Make sure to use a tape measurer on the space you intend to use, find out the dimensions, and read a review or two as well. Also remember to consider weight.

How much time does it take to set up a gaming desk?

When buying a desk, always consider the level of technical proficiency required to put the desk together. While this may seem like a no-brainer, nothing is worse than ordering a large desk only to find you need an extra person to put it together or lack the technical knowledge to do it easily. Most desks offer someone to help put it together for a fee or you can watch a youtube video before to see if you feel capable of taking on the project. Few desks will be so complex that you would find yourself unable to put them together but a large complex U-Shape desk might take a ton of time.

Wrap Up

We hope you feel confident enough now to pick out an awesome desk! Take a moment and look at where you are reading this article. If it’s on an uncomfortable set-up or you have thought a couple times that it would be nice to get a better desk, this is the time! It’s a simple purchase but might make the next DECADE feel more enjoyable. If you liked this guide or felt it helped you come to a conclusion, please share it and help those who are looking for an Epic Gaming Desk!

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